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What to expect from Ayurvedic Massage Session

December 4, 2017

Ayurvedic Massage Services To Compose Your Body And Mind!What to expect from Ayurvedic Massage in chennai Session?

Ayurveda is a holistic practice which deals with your body and mind at the same time. The comprehensive well-being of individuals is the ultimate aim of Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurveda, having its roots in India has become increasingly popular among foreigners as well. Ayurvedic massage services in South India are widely sought for and people from all around the world drop in here just to experience the magic of this treatment. Luxury spas in Chennai provide Ayurvedic massage as a signature service of theirs. If you have never been to an Ayurvedic massage session before, then it is quite natural to have concerns about the same. This write-up aims to resolve your worries!

Let us have an overview about Ayurvedic treatments in general before moving onto the massage session details.

Ayurveda- How does it work?
According to Ayurveda, every individual’s body is composed of three elements, Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. These three elements are referred to as ‘doshas’ in Ayurveda. The imbalance between the doshas is what leads to all types of ailments in humans. Ayurvedic treatments aim at establishing a balance between these elements thereby making you healthy and hale. Massage using medicinal oils is an important Ayurvedic treatment used to cure various illnesses and also to provide general wellness. The oils would be chosen based on each individual’s doshas.

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What To Expect When You Choose An Ayurvedic Massage In Chennai?

An Ayurvedic massage therapy can be broadly classified into the following sections. Read on to know what happens in each of them!

  • Pre-massage consultation – In any massage centre or spa, you will have a consultation session before the massage. An expert practitioner would be enquiring about your general health, lifestyle, food habits, physical status of your body, etc. He/she may also check with you about the type of your skin, whether you have an allergic reaction to any particular oil or herbs, etc. If you are seeking relief from some pain or ailments, you should also tell the same to your therapist. This session enables a therapist to choose the right massage treatment for you.
  • If you have any concerns regarding removing your clothes and exposing your body parts, you can convey the same to your therapist during this session. A good massage spa in Chennai gives topmost priority to the comfort of their customers; so mostly, they would let you wear something which exposes only those body parts which you wish to get massaged. But remember, the process involves applying a lot of oil and so make sure whatever you wear is disposable.
  • Massage session – The massage session involves you lying down on a table specially designed for massage purpose and the therapist applying oils on you and massaging your body in a series of movements. Oil would be applied throughout your body including your head and hair. If you do not want it applied on your head, you can tell it to the therapist. The herbal oils used and the massage techniques followed would be customised as per your body and skin type and your special requirements. The duration of the massage session may also vary depending on the type of treatment chosen.
  • After the massage – After the massage, you can lie down and relax peacefully for some time. Then take a languid shower to wash the oil away. Drink some water for hydration and enjoy the wonderful effect the massage has brought about on your body and mind. Your therapist may also give you food and exercise tips to follow in the coming days so as to get the best result.

Enjoy The Best Results By Choosing The Best Spa In Chennai!

Upon reading the details about Ayurvedic massage in Chennai, you would have understood the role of the therapist in the whole procedure. Yes! The results of an Ayurvedic massage depends greatly on the practitioner you choose for it. Every massage may not suit your body type; hence you must not choose a massage service randomly. Just spend some time exploring and analysing the options you have and choose the best from your list. Once you have chosen the right spa, you are all set; go ahead and enjoy the bliss of Ayurveda!

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