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Reawaken your Love for your Partner with Best Couple’s Massage in Chennai

If you are in a relationship there are a myriad of things you want to do together. Have you ever tried going for a couple massages with your partner? If not then River day spa offers couple massages for couples to spend a relaxing time together with in an aromatic environment where you can enjoy the togetherness and gain on health as well. If you are sprinting across the city and rarely get time to spend time with your loved one then it is time you should visit the River day spa with your partner and catch up on the lost time as you also take the benefit of getting a massage from the well-trained hands of our therapists. The couple massage is not just for lovers and couples, it can be a family member with whom you rarely get a chance to catch up due to a heavy schedule on a week day. The comfortable environment of our spa will help you to detox with a smile on your lips and happiness in your heart. The couple receiving the massage shares the same room and two different therapists give massage to couple. 


The privacy of the room is good for sharing thoughts and lost moments while the body gets its needed hydration through the massage. Post the massage the couples can move to the steam room and share a drink later. A date to a romantic restaurant is not unheard of.

Romantic dates and outings are very common these days. However, a wellness program with a romantic partner is not only new but a fun thing to do these days. A couple going for a massage with the therapists working on the wellness quotient of both the partners is showing love and care in a new and different style all together. Best Couple massages in Chennai has been a rising trend these days.

Sometimes it is difficult to disconnect with the world so usually partners tend to get neglected. At our Best spa in Chennai, we find many couples, partners and family members scheduling a couple at our outlet to rediscover the sweetness of their relationship and bondage by spending time together and give each other undistracted attention to bring sweetness in their relationship.

Spend Time Together with Your Partner, Bind your Mind and Soul

Take time advantage of two therapists for a couple massages and relax with each other and enjoy a soothing experience with your partner.

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Relish blissful stress relief and experience the healing of a massage together. You can either choose the same massage type for both of you or choose one of the several massage types offered depending on your choice, and prices vary according to the type of massage liked. You can also schedule for a couple’s massage with your friend, mom, sister and catch up on each other’s lives as you relax simultaneously. At now check out our exclusive spa deals.

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