Medical Massage Vs Spa Massage

By definition, a Medical Massage or a therapeutic massage is the application of a specific treatment targeted to a specific problem in a patient. This therapy is administered by a medical massage therapist after conducting an assessment on the patient. In other words, a medical or a clinical massage is outcome-based or has a defined purpose in mind. It is planned out with a specific goal and has a proper treatment plan based on the patient’s health needs and goals.

While a massage is a massage a massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai differs from a Medical Massage.

1. A Massage at the Best Massage and Spa Center in T. Nagar primarily aims at alleviating stress and promoting relaxation. It is generally performed as part of a self-care routine or as a ‘feel-good’ therapy.
A medical massage is done to address a medical issue or acute or a chronic problem. Besides the general benefits like reduced pain and inflammation, improved circulation and reduced stress a medical massage also helps to treat a specific ailment. A medical massage can thus be used to treat
a. Migraines and cluster headaches
b. Radiating pain
c. Frozen Shoulder
d. Joint and Muscle Disorder
e. Low Back Pain
f. Sciatica
g. Fibromyalgia

2. A massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Porur begins with an appointment. When you reach the centre you have to discuss with the therapist if you have any specific medical conditions. Then you will be taken to a massage centre where you will be asked to undress according to your comfort level. Then you will lie down on a massage table facing down and will be draped with a cloth. The therapist will use lotions and essential oils and will use general techniques and gentle strokes to manipulate and knead your muscles. The therapist will give you a whole-body experience from face and scalp to feet. You will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and distressed after the massage.

On the other hand, a medical massage is performed by a trained therapist who will discuss with you your specific medical concerns. The therapist will assess your condition and will then tailor the massage to your needs depending on the pain areas. The therapist will use tools like hot pack, ice pack, cupping, specific creams, lotions and gels and also use specialized techniques like myofascial, lymphatic drainage for the therapy. While the therapist will devote much of his time to address your areas of concerns using techniques like long strokes, vibration and rolling, he will also work on the other muscle groups to give you a more holistic outcome. A medical massage thus produces tangible benefits.

3. A medical massage is usually referred to by a physician for a certain treatment. Some of the visits to the Medical Massage Center may also be covered by the insurance company. You go to the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai to get various kinds of massages like Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy to relax and relieve your stress.

4. A Swedish massage is the most common type of massage given in a Spa and Massage Center in Chennai.

A medical therapist uses more complex techniques like Myofascial Therapy or Trigger Point Therapy or any other focused massage technique that will reduce pain, heal specific medical concerns and make you move and function with more ease.

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Stress and Massage: The connection

In today’s fast-paced life all of us are exposed to stress. Stress at home, stress at the workplace, stress while commuting; all these have become an everyday phenomenon. All this stress can lead to exhaustion, tension and can also have implications on your physical health. Chronic stress can lead to high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, tension headaches, clogged arteries, problems in the heart and breathing issues. High-stress levels also release the hormone cortisol which is associated with the fight or flight response. You might experience palpitations, high blood pressure and headache. Massage therapy at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai is one of the most effective ways to decrease stress.

How does Massage Reduce Stress?

A massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Egmore reduces stress by

a. Lowering the Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

A massage increases the body temperature and causes the body to relax. A massage helps the body transition from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system. They relax the body. When the body relaxes it lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. This relaxes the body and relieves stress.

b. Relaxing muscles and soft tissues in the body

A smooth at the Best Massage Center in T. Nagar increases the temperature in the body due to the friction against the skin. This improves the circulation of blood in the body. Improved blood circulation delivers more blood to the muscles which remove the waste products and relieves tension in the muscles. This, in turn, reduces the stress levels.

c. Releasing Endorphins

A massage stimulates the release of ‘feel-good hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals released in the brain that help to cope with pain and stress and make you feel good. These hormones reduce stress, anxiety, depression, discomfort and increase feelings of pleasure and well-being. This uplifts the mood and reduces stress.

d. Inducing Sleep

Massage reduces cortisol levels and lowers the heart rate. This helps people fall asleep earlier and also have longer long periods of deep sleep. A pleasing nap relaxes the body and reduces put destruction.

Which Massages are good for Decreasing Stress?

The following types of massages help to relieve stress

a. Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage at the Best Massage and Spa in Egmore involves soft, long kneading strokes and rhythmic tapping strokes on the body which relieve muscle tension and relax the body. This helps to reduce stress.

b. Deep Tissue Massage

In a deep tissue massage, the therapist applies pressure to treat tight muscles caused by stress. Slow strokes and deep finger pressure are applied by the therapist at the Best Massage and Spa Center in T. Nagar to relieve tight muscles and reduce stress and anxiety.

c. Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage is a Japanese type of massage which relieves stress, pain and tension. They help you feel calm and relaxed. Applying rhythmic pressure on certain points on the body the energy blockages are removed and the body gets relaxed.

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When Should You get a Deep Tisue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a kind of massage that targets deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. By relaxing the deep tissue, a deep tissue massage can be helpful for chronic aches, pains and stiffness like stiff neck, low back pain, sore shoulders and leg muscle tightness. The best Massage Centre in Chennai offers Full Body Massage and Deep Tissue Massage to treat body pain and help you relax.

How does Deep Tissue Massage Differ from Other Massages?

Massages like Swedish massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage focus on the superficial body regions. The best Massage Centre in Chennai offers Swedish massage, full body massage and other massages to get relief from stress and pain.

Deep Tissue Massage, on the other hand, targets the deep areas of the muscle. The massage therapist uses his fingertips, hands, elbows and forearms to apply light and then deep pressure during a deep tissue massage. As more pressure is applied one might experience pain and discomfort during the massage. It is better to speak to the therapist and tell him if the pain is severe. It is important to drink a lot of water after getting a deep tissue massage to flush out all the lactic acid in the tissues. Also, you might be sore the next day.

When there is an injury or chronic muscle pain there are group or bands of painful and rigid tissue in the muscle, tendon and ligaments. These adhesions block the circulation of blood in a particular area and cause pain and inflammation. In a deep tissue massage, the therapist applies slow and deep pressure and concentrates on the areas of tension and pain in order to reach the deep layers of muscles and fascia. Check out the Deep Tissue Massage at the best Massage Center in Egmore for relief from back pain and neck pain.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage is specifically useful for healing and rehabilitation in the following conditions
a. Chronic Pain
b. Lower back pain
c. Recovery From Injuries like Sports Injury or a Fall
d. Postural Problems
e. Osteoarthritis pain
f. Muscle Tension or Spasm
g. After a Workout
h. Postural Problems
i. Tennis Elbow

Other benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Include
a. Better Range of Motion

A deep tissue massage relieves the stress in the muscles and helps them relax. This will make your muscles more flexible and increase their range of motion. You will be able to work out better, burn more calories and get a more toned body.

b. Eliminates Pain

Deep tissue massage removes the knots from stressed and overworked muscles and fascia. This increases blood flow in the muscles and reduces pain and inflammation from the muscles.

c. Relaxes Mind, Aids in Better Sleep

By aiding in reducing the pain, a deep tissue massage provides relaxation to the mind. You will also be able to sleep better after taking a massage at the best couple spa in porur

d. Improves Overall Health

By decreasing blood pressure, improving lung function and health of muscles and tissues, a deep tissue massage at the Best Massage Center in Porur can improve your overall health.

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Effects of Massage on Different Body Systems

You have booked an appointment at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai. You know what to expect in the region of your first agree. You will be asked to undress to your comfort level and lie on the massage table. The therapist will massage your body with essential oils and apply pressure and perform various strokes like kneading, rubbing and gliding. These actions promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. But what exactly happens inside the body during a massage?
You will be surprised to know that a good Massage at the Best Massage Center in T.Nagar can have a positive effect on all the 37 trillion cells in the body. Massage also affects all the 11 major body systems of the body in the body. The following blog provides details about how major body systems are influenced by massage
a. Integumentary System

1. Massaging the skin stimulates the nerve endings which signal the brain to release endorphins and dopamine which are ‘feel good’ hormones. These relieve stress and make you relax.
2. The oils used in massage help to remove dead cells and nourish the skin.
3. Massage stimulates sebaceous glands which produce sweat and oil which improves skin texture, elasticity and tone.
4. Massage opens up the pores and helps to eliminate wastes
5. Massage improves circulation to the skin which nourishes it and promotes cell regeneration.

The Best Massage and salon and spa at Porur  provides the best skin care treatment for removing visible signs of ageing and getting a glowing skin

b. Circulatory System

1. Massage increases flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.
2. Fresh oxygen and nutrients and delivered to the tissues due to the massage and parallelly a massage hastens the removal of remove waste products, toxins through the venous system.
3. Dilation of capillaries occurs which decreases blood pressure and heart rate.
4. Reduces edema and bruising
Get a Full Body Massage at the best Massage Center in Egmore and relieve stress and tension by increasing blood circulation and oxygen flow.

c. Digestive System

1. A good massage at the Massage Center in Egmore can release tension in the abdominal and intestinal muscles and provide relief from constipation, bloating, indigestion, cramps and gas accumulation.
2. Massage improves digestion by stimulating peristalsis and helping in the release of digestive enzymes.
3. Massage assists in waste elimination by stimulating the kidneys and liver.

d. Muscular System

1. By improving the flow of blood to the muscles, a deep tissue massage at the Best Massage Center in T. Nagar can loosen the tight muscles, decrease fibrous adhesion caused by muscle injuries, improves the range of motion and flexibility in the muscles and finally helping you relax.
2. Massage provides relief from muscle knots, muscle pain and tension, stiffness, spasms and soreness.

e. Skeletal System

1. Massage helps to improve joint mobility and restore range of movement in stiff joints.
2. Massage improves posture and facilitates body alignment,
3. Massage can help in faster healing after an injury.

f. Nervous System

1. A massage at the best couple spa in Egmore stimulates the nerve endings which sends signal to the spinal cord and brain. The body activity is slowed down which lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. All these help you relax.
2. Massage stimulates the release of endorphins which improve the mood and relieve stress.

Hair Dressing Treatments in Chennai An Overview

Hair damage is quite a common occurrence. From dryness and brittleness to split ends and breakage, almost everyone has some kind of hair damage. Chemical treatments, environmental exposure, grooming habits and overprocessing are the common reasons for hair damage. In order to treat damaged hair, it is necessary to know the cause and type of damage.

The main question here is can you get back your smooth, shiny hair once it is damaged? While the truth remains that hair damage is permanent, it is also possible to get back the glossy look and feel of the hair with proper and targeted treatment. Book an appointment at the best Spa in Chennai. You can get the best treatment for repairing damaged hair and stimulating hair regrowth.

Treatment of damaged hair begins with assessing the extent of the damage both internal and surface. Our team of experts at the Spa in Chennai have a detailed guide on assessing your hair texture, elasticity and porosity. We will also assess your hair type, needs and damage level. After the assessment, a hair maintenance customized plan using our unique and proprietary products is chalked out for you.

The following are the hair treatments at the Best Spa in Chennai to repair damaged hair
a. Treatment for Split Ends

Split ends happen surrounded by the ends of your hair become ascetic, brittle and frayed. The hair loses its texture and feels matted. At the best Spa in Chennai, our team is trained to help you fix this problem efficiently. Our Repair and Split End Treatment is specifically designed to repair your hair from within.

b. Hair Colour Treatment

Hair colouring has become more common than ever before as people are more concerned about their looks today. At the Best Spa in Chennai we offer the best Treatment for taking care of your coloured hair that restores the shine and gloss of your hair and maintains the vibrancy of your hair colour.

c. Treatment for Dry Damaged Hair

Does your hair feel very dry and lacking moisture? At the massage in Chennai, we offer the best treatment for dry and wavy hair. This will also fix the split ends and any damage caused by outside heat. Your hair will feel softer and smoother after this treatment.

d. Treatment for Silky, Smooth Hair

Are you yearning for that soft, shiny and silky hair? All you need to do is call us at the best Spa in Chennai. Our treatment will mend the split ends in your hair, treat the hair affected by hair damage and restore its vitality and freshness.

There is no secret to having healthy hair. It however takes effort to get shiny and healthier looking hair. We at the best Spa in Chennai recommend adding our customized shampoo and conditioner to your hair care routine. Our products will treat your damaged, dry, weakened or lacklustre hair .

Book an appointment at Riverday the body massage in Chennai to treat damaged hair.

What is Reflexology? How do they Benefit Overall Health and Wellness?

Reflexology is to enjoy massage on particular reflex points on your feet, head and hands.

When it is about benefiting the most from a trip to a hotel spa nearby or resort spa nearby book for the best massage at the spa. Take a long way to assess the different massages in the spa menu and make sure you choose the best therapy at the spa and return from your holiday with complete relaxation and no pain. Welcome good health and energy on your arrival massage in Chennai

Reflexology is usually misconceived and overlooked spa therapy in which the therapist performs on the reflex points on your foot, hand and ear that are said to be connected with certain organs and glands in your body. When you stimulate these points with the pressure using fingers, massage therapist says it helps in promoting the health and circulation in those organs and glands through the flow of energy in the body’s pathways.

When performed by expert practitioners, reflexology is a highly relaxing therapy with the effect being felt in all parts of your body. The therapist will use a different type of techniques such as holding, pressure from the finger, kneading, rotating and rubbing so be all set for an intimate experience when you book for reflexology at a spa in hotel or spa nearby.

Not Just a Foot Massage: Complete Body Rejuvenation

The expert therapist who practices reflexology include hands and feet in their treatment session and you will be able to feel the circulation improving in your complete body after the reflexology is completed. In case the therapist is not trained or inadequately skilled you still have no reasons to get disappointed because you will have a feel of long foot massage.

There is proof that people from Egypt and China have practised certain hand and foot therapy around 4000 years back. Now the recent rediscovery is a type of systematized foot treatment found by William Fitzgerald a doctor who named it as Zone Therapy. His findings were highlighted among the public in an article published in 1915 “To Stop that toothache, Squeeze your Toe.” Published in Everybody’s Magazine.

Eunice Ingham called as the pioneer of modern reflexology developed this finding by painstaking relating the connection between food and all the other organs and glands in the human body. From this, Ingham created a system of therapies that may help the therapist to get a connection with reflexes in the highly effective and economical way. This system is also called as Original Ingham Method and though this technique was again refined, her legacy is known to be the base of modern reflexology.

What are the Benefits of Reflexology?

Booking a reflexology appointment at a spa nearby with a trained massage therapist who is expertise in reflexology can be truly advantageous particularly for someone who has pains related to those organs and health issues in the related body parts and glands.

The main foundation of reflexology, zonal therapy depends on the theory that the body is categorized into ten zones from head to toe longitudinally with five on either side of the body. Practitioners assume that pressure on the foot or hand reflex points will give health benefits for the organs on the same zone.

In recent times, reflexology practitioners have started to include the acupressure tactics of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( T.C.M) in their therapies. However, reflexology is from the theory of zones rather than TCM theory of meridians or energy routes both therapies are created from the principle that performing/pressurizing on a particular point can give therapeutic effect to the different parts of your body.

Reflexology is comparatively a fast massage therapy that concentrates only on foot, hands, ears and head. This is what makes it distinct particularly who look to keep on their dress while taking a massage at the spa and for those who don’t want to spend time cleaning up after treatment at the spa.

How to Book a Reflexology Appointment at Spa nearby?

Generally, the best spas in hotels usually have a therapist who has expertise in reflexology. So ask the therapist if they are certified or have a particular training done in reflexology before you book for reflexology at the spa.

Any therapist performing massage or esthetician who is licensed to perform on the body is legally authorized to perform reflexology although they may not have much training in it. It is recommended to get reflexology from a person who has got an expert training in reflexology and is certified for doing the therapy as this individual is more likely to know the best remedy for the pain and issues you are facing in your body.

A reflexology appointment must not take above 30 minutes of your time from the time your therapist begins performing. So it’s quick treatment at a hotel spa or day spa in Chennai. As all practitioners are not well versed in this treatment, it’s always better to double-check at spa whether the therapist is certified to perform reflexology and has knowledge about the pressure points.

Why choose Anti-Aging Facials at Spa?

There are numerous benefits when you get a facial at the spa. The anti-aging facials and treatments help in fighting against wrinkles, gives a glow to your skin and give a youthful appearance. Anti-aging facials are now topping the spa menu list across Tamil Nadu in Spa in Chennai, Spa in Trichy and Spa in Coimbatore. It is one of the best choices to enhance your complexion and fade away the wrinkles. Let’s get a closer view of the benefits of anti-aging facials and treatments at the spa-

In-Depth Skin Exfoliation

Although facials, in general, come with a regular exfoliation using a scrub, the anti-aging facial comes with an additional in-depth cleansing along with a facial buffing tool, a facial scrubbing therapy or microdermabrasion treatment. Exfoliation helps in sloughing away the dead cells in your skin to get a fresh and youthful look with new cells grown underneath. This therapy helps in raising the circulation of the skin’s surface which in turn affects the renewal of cells in the skin spa and massage centre in Chennai

Moisturizing Dehydrated Skin

Most of the people facing skin aging issues have quite a dry texture in the skin that also appears notable flaky with rough patches. You may notice this dullness in the cheeks, on the jawline and over the forehead. Certain anti-aging facials come with the usage of hyaluronic acids and emollient filled moisturizers which aids in the increase of moist level in your skin. The facials are designed with the inclusion Galvanic device which aids in regularizing the moisture to maintain the moisture content in the surface of the skin and also helps in absorption of the tropic ingredients in-depth through the pores massage spa in Chennai

Enhances the Texture and Skin tone of your face

Anti-Aging facials can enhance the texture and skin ton of your face by improving the skin surface‘s circulation and changes your skin into smoother and softer skin. Gentle massage and the slight soft pressure on different facial points helps in contouring, shaping and defining the facial features and also give a better-sculpted look to your face.

Fades away the Aging look

Are you disturbed with the fine lines and wrinkles popping below your eyes, nose and lips? An anti-Aging facial is your simple solution to keep these worries aside. Anti-aging facials come with glycolic acid therapies, collagen-mixed serums and hyaluronic acids which helps in restoring the tightness in your skin and decrease the line and wrinkles appearing on your facial skin. When you book and visit the spa nearby for anti-aging facials it will help you in keeping up a fresh look with a supple, smooth and young skin.

Decreases the Age Spots or Broken Capillaries

In case the anti-aging therapy you are taking come with light therapy treatment, it is your right solution for age spots and broken capillaries. Light therapy treatments help in getting back a healthy skin at a deeper surface level and it also aids in rejuvenating and strengthening your skin from within. You may have to book a regular spa treatment at a nearby spa for seeing evident results but effective results are promised within a few weeks of an anti-aging therapy at one of the best spas in Chennai.

Gives a young-looking skin

You need not wait for wrinkles to emerge for getting this facial done. Even if you have no wrinkles, these anti-aging facials still can benefit you with a young look and youthful appearance and may help you avoid various signs of premature aging. Book an appointment at a spa nearby at least once in every month to get the best anti-aging effect in your skin.

Final word

Book a regular anti-aging facial at a spa nearby in Trichy, Chennai or Coimbatore for getting a youthful look with all aging marks, wrinkles and spots to fade away gently. The serums, ingredients and scrubs used in the facial penetrate deep with your skin and increase your blood circulation and help in the development of fresh new cells for a rejuvenating look.
Anti-aging facial at the spa for an anticipated new look in you!!

Etiquettes at Spa- Stripping to Tipping

Spa etiquette must be an exciting topic if you are a first time spa going person. The basic tips to known about spa before going are interesting. Check out few basic rules regarding spa etiquette which will give you an idea of what to expect and what to do at spa.

Switch Off Your Mobile Phone

Generally spas don’t permit you to carry your mobile phone to the spa. Your relaxation time will not be completely satisfactory if you keep answering the calls, replying to emails and texting for messages at spa. It will also disturb the person getting the service along with you. At times it is fine to text or reply emails when you are getting your pedicure done however it is recommended to refrain from talking over calls.

Reach on Time

How advance you have to reach before the appointment is based on the type of spa you are visiting. It also depends on whether you have already visited the spa in chennai and what kind of timing they maintain. Ten or fifteen minutes must be apt for a normal day spa with no much amenities such as locker rooms, robes, steam and sauna. You might require few minutes for getting the form filled if you are visiting that spa for the first time.

You may not have to reach there too early if all you have to be doing is to undress yourself in the treatment room. Just take your time and reach exactly at appointment schedule. There is nothing worse than getting a quick and hurried massage. It is recommended to reach in advance and relax than to reach late and get your treatment half-done.

Reach there may be 20 to 30 minutes in advance if it’s a bigger well known day spa, a hotel spa, a resort spa or a destination spa like spa in Coimbatore. There may be bookings done prior to you and you must get the form filled, get a tour of the amenities in the spa, change your dress and relax using the facilities such as steam room or hot tub.

Enquire about the facilities when you book your appointment and plan on what amenities you would like to use. It is time to begin relaxing in the steam room or hut tub. It will aid in better relaxation before beginning your massage. A swim or bath in the spa’s pool prior to changing your dress and slippers is a good start. Exercise class will relax your muscles before a striking massage in chennai. So based on the services offered in spa your preferences change. If you arrive at the spa ten minutes before your appointment, you will have enough time change into robe, plan your therapy and discuss with therapist.

If shower facility is available in the locker room, it is recommended to use before the therapy. It will help you in refreshing before the treatment. This is essential if you been in the hot tub or pool for a long time which is filled with chlorinated water. You need to get rid of those chemicals before the massage for a good after effect.

Talk About What You Need

Who book for a massage appointment, the front office staff will usually enquire whether you prefer a male or female massage therapist. If you aren’t particular about whom you prefer you may be offered a male therapist as there is always a demand for female therapist. Therapists in spa are trained on how to protect your privacy and they are trained professionally on draping techniques so our privacy is under sheets at all times.

At the time of massage, talk about what you prefer and what you don’t like – deep pressure, low pressure, silent tunes, a blanket if you feel cold , turning off the table warmer and many more. Your comfort is the highly necessary and the therapist is there to offer you convenient service.

The Nudity Question

Massage is generally performed when you are nude but you are draped in a sheet throughout the session in all spas. Only the body part where the massage is performed is exposed. You may choose to wear your inner garments however it may stop the therapist from massaging the muscles that may be important.

If you are a first time spa goer and have anxiety issues regarding massage done by a stranger on your skin then you may choose to go for reflexology treatments in which you can stay in your clothes. Facials also will be good choice if you don’t want to undress. Thai massage in chennai is a clothed therapy however few stretches may be a bit advanced if you are a first time spa person.

If you have booked for two therapies together then go for a massage prior to your facial. A body scrub in chennai treatment is recommended prior to a massage.

Speaking During Treatments

You may speak up at the time of treatment or remain still,it’s your choice. The therapist must be hinted about your choice. If you want to relax in silence and the therapist keeps talking you may hint like “I prefer to remain quiet and relax for some time”. This will give a clue to the therapist about your preference. Try to use a spa voice that is quiet tone so that you don’t disturb anyone around you in the spa.

After the treatment is completed the therapist would offer robe and keep it across your table. Raise up relaxed and refreshed after the session. The therapist would await for you outside the room with a glass of water and will guide you towards the lounge to relax.


This differs from spa to spa. In day spas 15-20% of tipping is casual. Various resort spas include a service fee, however all of this doesn’t go for the therapist. If you choose to offer them something extra for their satisfying service and wonderful care you may go ahead and pay. If you a spa membership card holder, you may pay what you saved as a tip to the therapist, it’s your choice.

Cancellation of spa appointment

Generally spas have a policy for cancellation “24hour cancellation policy. At time if there is pre-booking amount charged then you may either loose the booking fee or the spa may deduct a cancellation fee and refund the remaining amount. Spas expect their customers to inform them beforehand if they are planning to cancel their appointment as last minute cancellations affect their business and revenue tremendously.  The spa might have reserved a therapist just for your appointment and if you fail to turn up and not pay for the service the therapist loses the payment for that hour. So don’t spoil someone’s daily wage or business. Inform if you think to cancel your spa booking.

Body Scrub / Body Polish at Spa – Complete Guide

Body scrub or body polish at spa is a treatment that helps in exfoliating your skin giving a fresh look, smooth texture with moist and soft feel. A product that is abrasive is applied on your skin and rubbed in fast pace and massage all through your skin and it then rinsed off to give you a moist filled surface of fresh, cleansed and smooth skin.

Why should you scrub your skin?

There are various wellness advantages when you do a body scrub or polish. A body scrub aids in exfoliating your skin and sloughs away the dead skin cells and rubs away the thick and flaky skin, making it softer and smoother. Scrub and polishing ingredients generally come with an oily surface that moisturizes and soothes the skin when you scrub over your body.

A scrub at times can be actually invigorating and it also enhances the flow of blood and lymph on the top layer of the skin which supports to fight against the cellulite and also enhances the skin tone.

A best body scrub or polish is the foundation of various other spa treatments.

Things to do before you Scrub your Skin at Spa

There is no much preparation required before a scrub at spa except that you must have a good shower. This is the basic courtesy you should follow before going to a spa. At spa you can wear your briefs and they may offer you disposable dress if you have booked for complete body scrub or body polish.

Precautions before a Scrub

Scrubs and body polishes are apt and good for mostly everyone. It is not an invasive process and has no requirement to be in any odd postures.

Remember, scrub is to be avoided if you suffer from cancer or if you have fever. You must also take necessary advice from an expert or dermatologist if you have any allergy or have any skin condition that may react to a scrub. Anybody with very soft, fragile or sunburnt skin is also recommended not to go for this treatment as a vigorous scrubbing may result in more pain than heal. Moreover, a good therapist with spa in chennai can easily analyze your skin and advise you the best therapy. Certain skin conditions or body problems can make some scrubs unsuitable for you.

Just like other spa treatment, get all the doubts cleared regarding any medical issues you may have or any treatment you may be taking so that you can be confident whether the scrub or polishing treatment is right for you.

A scrub or body polish- What to Expect?

Every spa has its own unique facilities and so scrubs at every spa differ. It is generally done by making you lie down. A heated plinth or table may be offered to give you a warm feeling when the therapist does the treatment. The table or plinth gets cold while scrubbing is done as the therapist washes away the product from your body. The therapist at spa screens you carefully or give you some time to take off the robe and offer you the space to lie down on the towels or sheets that are spread neatly to serve you. 

Although the therapist would scrub and wash your complete body, you don’t have to worry about your privacy. You will be always under the sheets during the entire session as the expert therapist are trained to roll and fold the towels according to the rubbing position to protect your dignity.

Prior to the treatment, the therapist enquires on your preferred product. At times they give you samples to smell and ask your opinion on whether you feel relaxed or revitalized with the aroma and ingredients. They will also brief you on the products used on your skin and also explain the procedure they are going to carry out.

The scrub begins with one part of your back portion and the product is smeared all over and down on your body at the same time- this might be invigorating. The therapist then continues across your body with a rub, scrub and massage in one portion at a time and then washes off the product with warm water and covers your body with towel before following the same process in the next part. By the end of the session you will be ready for a good shower to wash away all the left over products on your skin.

The scrub treatment at spa usually takes 30 minutes.

After Effects of Scrub at Spa

A body scrub is a wonderful treatment as give you a confident appearance and makes you feel good. After a best scrub treatment, your skin will gets softer, smoother and silkier. You will also feel a good pamper and energy at the end of a scrub treatment at various best spa in Chennai. It is one of best spa treatment and also a good complimenting treatment before other spa sessions. So a scrub is known to be spa ritual or a spa package.

Best Scrub Tip-

A body scrub is a kind of spa treatment that you may even recreate at your home by yourself as regular body care routine. If you have enough knowledge about the scrub ingredients and scrubbing techniques this treatment can be a luxurious pamper at your space and time. If is ideal choice to shed off your dry skin – simple massage in chennai on a wet skin in a soft circular pattern and then rinse off the products using warm water. Body scrubs give you a good soft skin but if you feel the need you can use a moisturizer such as shea butter or lotion. You may choose the right product if your skin is sensitive or if you follow vegan practice.

Different types of scrub

Though there are many types of ways how a scrub is done the major difference is on the type of scrub or product used for scrubbing.

Fruit Scrub: Certain body scrubs are made with blended seeds with fruit oils. Lemon, lime and grapefruit skin oil along with oatmeal and other edible ingredients help in nourishing and soothing your skin. Edible Scrub!!!

Sea Salt Scrub- A good finely granulated particles of salt is combined with aromatic, essential moisturizing oil. The salt used here is usually from Sea at times minerals are also used to get the best results.

Herbal Scrub – The therapist may blend the herbal oils with various exfoliating ingredients like rosemary, lavender, aloe vera based on the type of skin. The scrub is made and blended based on the purpose you use it for – to relax or to waken up the skin.

Chocolate Scrub – Chocolate scrub is made of natural ingredients that gives you a super soft skin.  It gives anti-aging hydration and dewy fresh and silky skin. The cocoa in this scrub cleanses the pores of your skin giving you a good glow.

Coffee Scrub- It is a scrub that is formulated using coffee as a main ingredient. Coffee scrub in chennai helps in exfoliation and removes the dead skin particles from your skin surface. This natural ingredient is a great scrub to use at spa and home.

Hope you have now got in-depth details about a Body scrub at spas in Chennai and other cities. Excited for a Best Scrub session at Spa? Try a Good body scrub on your next spa day?

Recommendations to relax and unwind for A better night times Sleep

Getting a very good night times sleep is important to a healthful mind and body. Of route with stressful schedules, children, and lots of other distractions, getting sufficient sleep is easier stated than performed. So, what are you able to do to assist yourself not most effective get to bed in advance, however also sleep better? Here are some hints on a way to nod off.
1. Keep a preferred Bedtime and wake up Time
Sure, even on weekends. General bedtimes and wake up times assist maintain your body inner clock regulated. You can even set up your sleep schedule to your telephone, making it easier to stick for your habitual.
2. Exercise a relaxing Bedtime Ritual
Stress, pleasure, and tension make it tough to fall asleep; attempt doing an activity that will help you relax and unwind earlier than bed. Make certain the lighting is dim to help you relax even greater. Live far from the use of your telephone earlier than bed, because the light keeps setting off your mind, making it harder to fall asleep and live asleep. As a substitute, strive analyzing a book.
3. Keep away from Naps, specifically in the Afternoon
An excellent nap may additionally get you through your busy day, however if you cannot fall asleep at night time, you must remove your sleeping routine. It disrupts your sleep schedule and also keeps you up even later.
4. Exercise every day
A good exercising will help you sleep better at night time. The more difficult, the better and you may do it at any time of the day – simply don’t let it get in the manner of your sleep. Attempt waking up a little in advance or fitting a while into your schedule when you get off work.
5. How’s a Your Sleep surroundings?

Take an awesome have a look at your bedroom. Is it best for sleeping? Make it cool — among 25 and 35 degrees. Is it noisy? Too much mild?Electronic gadgets inside smooth reach? Make certain you put yourself up for success in phrases of temperature, noise, mild and the whole lot else that would reason distractions.
6. Keep away from Alcohol, Cigarettes and Heavy food
These items can all disrupt your sleep. Consuming a large and/or highly spiced meal can motive indigestion that could maintain you up or maybe wake you up within the nighttime. Additionally, if you pick out to caffeinate within the afternoon, this could maintain you conscious even longer. Having a comfortable body and mind is a very vital element whilst getting a great night time’s sleep. Everyday massage can help relax your mind and your body. Your nearby massage centre or Spa in Chennai therapist can also help you get a better night’s sleep; locate your nearby Massage
Centre in Coimbatore studio and schedule a massage today.