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Best Body Wrap Massage Center in Chennai

Our Body Wraps massage treatment delivers unbelievable results. As you wrap yourself in the unbelievable goodness of nature's gift you see your stress melting away in its effect and muscles relaxing in its care.

With the help of certified wrap techniques, the therapeutic body wraps are applied throughout your body that blends compression and cleansing to create a feel, cleaner, supple, refreshed, energized and well-toned once done. In addition to the sublime skin that will present itself to you in the mirror, our body wraps are focused on offering essential nutrients that allow the body to eliminate impurities and offer total skin nourishment.


Body Wrap’s to Suit Your Skin Type at Riverday spa

Love yourself and your skin with our treatment. Regain the lost glow give the needed love and care to the skin and let the stress break free from the muscles with our Best Therapeutic care at Riverday spa in Chennai

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Riverday spa’s Body Wraps – Therapy At its Best

Body wraps are usually made of naturally occurring fruits or herbs. They have varied effects on people. When you gather the names of the kind of wraps used by therapists you feel as if they have been made of things right from your kitchen or handpicked from the kitchen garden. Natural things have such wonderful effects on the skin and the overall mood of people. The skin responds best to the natural touch of nature. The body not only cleanses but also detoxes the mind and the body completely.

As you enter the room for your therapy you come across herbal wraps which are made of herbs and natural fruits which provide vitamins and softness to the dermal layer of the skin. The wraps help the skin to release the stored toxins from the body and enhance the glow and health of the skin. Many healers claim that the ingredients of the wrap help in the process of weight loss. The natural ingredients used in Riverday spa is also a natural moisturizer that provides a natural glow to the skin.


Papaya wrap
When you enclose yourself in the goodness of a Papaya wrap there are various enzymes to which the skin gets exposed to and adds to the richness and health of the skin. Minerals and vitamins like Vitamin C and Potassium pour in vitality and freshness to the dermal layer like never before. The  Papaya fruit makes the skin look younger and refreshed like never before.
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Coffee Wrap
If you have been looking for an anti-cellulite treatment to give yourself a younger look the magic wrap of coffee is definitely made for you. Coffee is not just a stimulant for the blood it is also said to lift your mood. With a coffee wrap, the blood supply in the body is enhanced and the caffeic acid has antimicrobial properties which protect the dermal layer.
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Raspberry wrap
Raspberry is extremely good for the heart. It has potassium which helps in its functioning. The manganese in the raspberry is great for the muscles. With a raspberry wrap the skin glows and the skin tone is said to become lighter.
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Chocolate Wrap
Chocolate wraps have wonderful results on the skin. Chocolate is a natural moisturizer. It also helps the skin in getting back its softness. Chocolate contains cocoa and it has glyceride in it. Glyceride works wonders on the skin and helps in anti-aging and the removal of wrinkles from the skin.
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Mango Wrap
Mango wrap is great for the skin as it is loaded with antioxidants. The pulp of mango when applied on the skin in the form of a wrap shields the skin from UV rays. Wrinkles and dullness which the skin gathers with time can be removed with the help of a Mango wrap.
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Wraps give your skin the unbelievable shine and glow that you had been looking for a long time. For skincare walk into our Best spa in Chennai at a time that best suits you with a prior appointment. Pamper your senses and your skin in our care.
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