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Best Spa in Chennai Offers Gateway to Blissful Escape

River Salon Day Spa

River Day Spa has been in the spa and beauty treatment business since 2000. Our expertise provides professional Body massages to our customers. River Day Spa staff are experts and professionals who qualify as professionally trained beauticians and healers. Our experienced group offers excellent services to our customers with exclusive massages, healing, refreshments, and professional Salon services to enhance your health and beauty. It's time to boost your beauty and wellness with a qualified hand masseuse at our Spa in Chennai. Select from our special spa packages!

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Introducing Moroccan Bath In India

At River Salon And Day Spa


Moroccan Bath

Have you ever known about the bath of Morocco? The traditional Moroccan Bath supplies the best refreshment and renew for your body. Get the experiences in River Salon and Day Spa.

The most classic Moroccan Bath was followed in the Turkish and Roman cultures. It is a unique experience and knows the Moroccan Hammam bath. First, it displayed the way of "Bathhouse" by the Roman Empire to build and establish public hygiene.

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Meet Where the Wellness Wonder in Our Best Body Massage Spa in Chennai

Dedicated & Quality Therapists

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Our group consists of healers skilled in massage therapy and spa treatments. Our healers are understanding and amiable. Every customer has specific needs, and we adapt our services to meet the proper treatment for their needs. With the assistance of expert beauticians, we can assist you in staying trendy, fashionable and the newest. Our beauty specialists stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry. We provide our clients with far more than they ever could have imagined. We cultivate honest and well-rounded relationships with our clientele, ensuring their satisfaction and repeat business.

Pamper Yourself, Exceptional Service Awaits For You 

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We provide "Customer Service" that is unbeatable. Every client is unique, and they all arrive with different expectations; we provide our services in a cherished way. We strive to satisfy your expectations to make them happy customers. We aim to give each of our clients the most excellent care possible to meet their essentials and desires. We treat every one of our patrons equally.


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Our spa has a unique design that appeals to the senses. The way it's constructed encourages total sensory relaxation. In addition to using aromatic oils to promote relaxation, our spa's visual appeal encourages visitors to think positively about their general well-being and health. We promote wellness and renewal among our patrons.

Nourish Your Soul: Embrace the Art of Relaxation with Couples Massage

River Salon Day Spa provides a unique experience of spending time with your partner or friend while getting a massage. We have an exclusive couple massage in Chennai, offering time to catch the best package for Couples. It can also be a time to catch up or bond with one's family while receiving a massage, including discounts. Come and visit any of our River Day Spa outlets. Allow you to pamper yourself with massage services customized for your needs.

One primary source of stress these days is work-related stress. Visit Our Best Body Massage Spa in Chennai whenever you feel like taking a break from your daily schedule to unwind. Our soothing atmosphere of calming oils and delightful lotions at River Salon and Day Spa is designed to help you relax. The public widely acknowledges the fact that massages and spas encourage wellness.

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Spa Interior Vellore

Coimbatore Town Hall Spa

Tirupur Massage Room

Riverdayspa Complete Decoration Porur

Your Oasis of Serenity in the City

River Day Spa uses widely recognized and highly praised products at our spa locations. Right in the middle of Chennai, our signature speciality massage therapies provide a peaceful retreat using natural and well-known spa products. The Metro & Train services make it simple to access our massages. Our spas are situated in a tranquil setting. From our locations, public transport is easily accessible.


Every one of our locations has plenty of room and parking facilities. When clients come for a massage or any other salon or body scrub service, we guarantee the utmost professional treatment. An environment filled with scents and music, soft lighting, and the newest technology transports you to a delightful realm.


Client Spa Experiences

  • It should feel peaceful and comfortable, which means it must look and smell good. We've all said it when we've walked into a great spa: “That smells lovely!
    Rani Khapuri
  • I took Aroma Massage, it is very good ..I took steam bath, it is really nice... very friendly, and communication also very good....I recommended to my friends also
    Ak Ak
  • The therapists are very good at what they do the place is clean. The spa experience was very very satisfactory. However the same side needs some more attention. After a manipedi there was no nail polish. A definite revisit. A bit on the expensive side.
    Vasuki Moka

Embrace the Essence of Tranquility at Our Massage Centers

We have established numerous branches in and around Tamil Nadu cities to serve our clientele better. Multiple locations in your area are home to one of our spas. Both local trains and public transport can easily reach the locations where we are situated. Our spas are in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Vellore, Trichy, and Tirupur are our branches. Our presence in additional states grows as more people become aware of our services.

To provide our services to more clients, we are expanding our branches into major cities. We operate a multi-spa centre in one location, so you choose the nearest spot to you, Chennai, Vellore, Bangalore, Trichy, Tirupur, and Coimbatore. Body Massage Centre: book your slot and refresh your body, mind and soul. Finding our outlets will be easy because we are situated in desirable areas.

River Salon and Day Spa offer clients a great experience in body massage and other beauty services at our locations. Our spa and salon services rejuvenate the energy and the surface of the skin and the hair. Our clients have relished our massage services, which help change wrinkles and aging on the skin.

Our Best Body Massage Spa in Coimbatore. Locals in the area are aware of it for its services. In Coimbatore, we're well-known for our body scrubs, massages, and wraps services in R.S Puram. Our spots cover Gandhipuram, Periyanaickenpalayam, Avinashi Road, Thudiyalur, Gobichettipalayam, and Goundampalayam. As a spa, we strive to ensure our clients' overall well-being.

To unleash the power within you and your family and friends, contact us to arrange a wonderful spa treatment day at the most excellent centres in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Vellore, Tirupur, and Trichy.

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Your Personal Sanctuary Treatments Now in River Salon and Day Spa

We provide a variety of massages to our clients that are distinctive and help them achieve various wellness. These include deep tissue therapy, Thai massage, foot reflexology, ayurvedic and many other massages that help our clients heal from a wide range of pains. The overall well-being of our clients is our goal as therapists at Riverday Spa. Our treatments have made our clients feel younger and more elegant while relieving pain. We are a therapeutic facility that also monitors current beauty and fashion trends.

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Awaken Your Senses Discover the professional massage treatment at River Salon and Day Spa