Best Massage & Spa Service  in Chennai

Experience Luxury Spa relaxation and Body massage rejuvenation services at our Professional Spa Centers in Chennai and soak up in pure indulgence of the range of services on offer. If the thought of body scrubs, foot treatments, facials & massages make you want to crawl onto the nearest treatment table, its time you treat yourself to one of our spa packages!

Take a well deserved time out from the regular grind and indulge in a wide selection of spa services, facials and full body massages from experienced practitioners and specialized spa therapists in Chennai ! Combine Spa treatments, services and relax your mind, body and soul as we turn our space into your relaxation lounge… a haven of healing and relaxation



Spa Services We Offer

  • Deep Tissue Full Body Massage
  • Body Wrap Treatments
  • Parlour Salon and Spa Packages
  • Combining Body Massage & Spa Therapy
  • Body Scrub packages
  • Massage Strokes for Complete Body
  • Ayurvedic Body Massage

Why we are the Best Spa/Massage center in Chennai – Our Unique treatments

With the sincere intention to help bring balance and harmony, we at River Day,aspire to becoming your oasis in this hectic world!River Day Spa provides an array of enticing spa therapies using natural and internationally renowned spa products offering you the haven of relaxation right in the heart of Chennai. The high standards and dedication to detail is seen everywhere at River Day.You can purchase a single massage / spa treatment in Chennai or give-in to total indulgence in the exclusive packages that we have handpicked for you.

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Our Professional Spa & Massage Services in Chennai

You will look and feel better once you have experienced our professional massage therapists in action. Our massage sessions are focused on relieving those tensed muscles to offer deep and long lasting relief. Our massage therapists are skilled in different massage therapy that will help…

  • Increase your energy
  • Feel more revitalized
  • Reveal radiant, healthy skin

More regular the sessions, more you can feel the difference and impact it has on your overall health! Experience the best body massage in Chennai and take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle!

Benefit from a wide range of body scrubs and body wrap treatments that leaves you with a softy soft skin that radiates with health. Our body scrubs and wraps are carefully chosen to deeply cleanse and replenish your skin that help lift the veil of dryness and dullness and helps restore the lost hydrated satin-like silkiness to your skin.

Choose from the range of body scrub services in Chennai from River Day Spa to bring out the lost glow and health to your skin. Body scrub services include;

  • Chocolate Scrub
  • Coffee Scrub
  • Lemon Grass Scrub
  • Sea Salt Scrub
  • Fruit Scrub

The active ingredients used in body wrap treatments in Chennai at River Day Spa ensure deep nourishment to your skin and muscles. Wrap treatments include;

  • Chocolate Wrap
  • Papaya Wrap
  • Raspberry Wrap
  • Mango Wrap
  • Coffee Wrap


Actioned out? Jet-lagged? Stressed? Tired? Need of some pampering? Change the way you feel by choosing any one of these packages at River Day Spa in Chennai & let us help you rejuvenate, refresh, revitalise and relax. Check out our spa deals

We offer a full range of treatments and therapies for both men and women. Select from the range of pampering options that lie before you and feel the long-forgotten bliss that you yearn for!

  • River Special
  • River Retreat
  • River Signature
  • River Combo
  • River Re-connect
  • River Ecstacy
  • River Blissful
Customer Testimonials

As a globetrotting businessman, I was always jet lagged and sleep deprived. When I was badly in need of a soothing massage, I was surprised to find a world-class spa with expert massage therapies and therapists right here in Chennai. My therapist at River Day Spa interacted with me and worked out a custom massage therapy for me. Now I longer suffer from sore and stiff muscles. Also the Swedish massage has helped me be free from insomnia and now I can sleep fitfully.

Ritesh Agarwal

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