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Body wrap massage therapy has been in great demand by people visiting the salon regularly. It is commonly in demand because there is a growing awareness about the medicinal value of natural body wraps which are administered on customers professionally by beauticians. It is definitely catching the attention of the young crowd as they have found it effective in cellulite reduction showing an inch loss in the body. The ageing and the ill have found their peace in these wraps as it helps in arthritis and different kinds of skin ailments including treating wrinkles and fine lines.

When you visit the salon you are given a menu card from which you can choose the kind of body wrap you are looking for. The beautician would check your skin type and the kind of skin issues you may have and suggest alternatives to the customer. The customer is then taken to the room and as one lies down natural fruit wraps is applied on the skin and the customer is put to rest for an hour. The natural fruit body wraps are a detox for the skin and they help in the process of exfoliation and the vitamins from the fruit move to the skin through the skin pore. The body wraps leave behind a skin which has benefited immensely in the process. Many benefits have been listed below.

A temporary weight fix

If you are planning a special occasion and you want to look your best you definitely will watch your weight. If you are planning a holiday and you are thinking of wearing an exclusive dress then you will need to administer your looks. The wrap is beneficial under these conditions. The natural fruit wraps help in removing the extra from the body which helps in overall inch loss and weight reduction. It tightens up the skin due to which the skin looks younger and firmer.

Hydrated and cleansed skin

Whichever wrap you might choose for yourself it has a dramatic effect on the lustre and shine of your dermal layer. It does not dramatically pull down your weight but it definitely works on your skin texture and makes it soft to touch. The heat which is administered along with the wrap has an effect on the cellulite reduction on the body. Once the body is rinsed and the wrap is taken away the body is moisturised with lotion. After the treatment, you have shiny and hydrated skin which is ready to be showcased to your friends and family.

Relaxation of muscles

All good salons are designed in a manner in which you feel you are being pampered to the core. As you step into the salon you mind and your senses feel the heady smell of the lotions and the medicated oil. The wellness factor and sensation starts right there. A therapist who attends to your demands initially listens to your wish list before giving you any kind of treatment. So you are able to download your mind to them without any kind of tension. As you lie on the table with the body wrapped in some body wrap of your choice you are able to relax your mind and body in the solitary environment of your own company. Your body and nerve ends detox leaving behind all the tension you have accumulated over time. This is one benefit which all salon visitors go through whenever they go for a treatment session.

Post Pregnancy Spa treatment

Many people go for spa treatments especially body wrap post pregnancy where they try to get rid of the excess water from their body. It also helps in relieving pain as the body has gone through a lot of pain and duress in the process of the delivery. It helps the new mother to relax her muscles and nerve ends and also allows her to rest during the process of the treatment. The time when a new mother can start visiting a salon and the kind of treatments she can take should be decided post doctor's consultation.

Natural Skin exfoliation

The wraps used at the spa is a natural exfoliator in which the skin looks new and shiny post the treatment. There are many new kinds of wraps which are being used in the spa especially for the process of skin exfoliation which include seaweed, algae or mud wraps which are great for the skin. Skins is the largest organ in the human body so skin exfoliation is providing health to the overall system and making life healthier.

Detoxification of the body

Many perhaps might not know but the skin gets detoxified in the process of the body wrap treatment administered at spas. One of the major advantages is the fact that it works on the lymphatic drainage of the body which helps in removal of toxins from the body. The body has a tendency to store extra fluid, due to which the body bloats and the body looks fatty. The extra fluid can be removed with the help of wraps and it helps in the process of detoxifying the body. It activates the immunity of the body and the cell regeneration process.

Helps with the skin tone

The skin tone is another factor due to which people visit a spa for treatment. The wrap is an exfoliator as discussed above. It also helps in improving the skin tone and if the person has blemishes or acne problem, the wrap helps to bring down the inflammation and treats the reason for the growth.

Body wrap is not DIY. To choose the right kind of wrap and to administer it rightly it needs professional guidance. Body wraps with heat are not meant for people with diabetes, high BP and heart conditions. Other people can take the benefit of the wrap and improve the overall condition of the skin and even lose weight in the process. The natural wrap helps in the process of providing natural vitamins to the skin through the pores and helps in unclogging the pores. To get vital information about the kind of body wraps and to visit a trustworthy and well renowned spa log on the website www.riverdayspa.com. They have beauty specialists who will be able to sort your issues and give you the way ahead by providing you the insight about the right kind of treatment for your skin. Fix an appointment with us and visit us today.

8 Stylist Secrets for Healthy Gorgeous Hair and Beauty - River Salon Day Spa

One of the potential reasons why many people look different from the rest of the world is the fact that they wear them differently. When you walk into the salon your beautician looks at the shape of your face and personality and decides on a hairdo which suits your personality and the overall getup in which you present yourself to the world.  Hairdo actually shapes your presentation and personality. So it is important and pertinent that the hairstyle should be chosen with great care. Hair care and hair styling is sometimes not easily done by the person himself. Usually, people need the help and assistance of a professional beautician to do it.

Beautician is trained at the best colleges and institutes and they are aware of the latest trends which have been picked by stylists across the world. They would be aware of the best kind of hair care products which are being used by people. They will have knowledge about the different kinds of cuts which are popularly accepted across different age groups. So it is always best to seek professional help when you are planning to go ahead and reshape your personality by taking up a new hairstyle. Many times when you visit a salon you will come across beauticians who have years of practice and they would style your hair in the most simple style which enhances your features and beautifies your overall persona. Before you walk out of the salon there will be age-old tricks which have passed through generations professionally that good stylists share with their customers that helps them to take off their hair and enhance their personality.

Here are a few stylish tricks for gorgeous and beautiful hair.

A good haircut maintenance

Hair maintenances

Maintain your hair with a Professional

Setting your locks free

Once you get locks cut the first instinct is to protect them from the heat and the dust so that it does lose its charm and delicate look. However, if you go ahead and clip your curls the entire purpose of getting the new look goes to a complete waste. You do not get the worth of the money you spent on the new look. Therefore it is important to set the hairdo free and allow the wind to hit your locks. Let the world explore your new look and you can sit back and enjoy the new attention that you are getting.

Upgrade your beauty products

Many times we all use beauty products which have been suggested by our near and dear ones or by friends. When choosing a beauty product there are so many things to be kept in mind. Not all products would suit your hairstyle and the quality of hair. There are many inherent troubles which people have with them so the products have to be chosen accordingly with the help of a professional. A stylist would help you choose products which are good and suit your budget and are based on your needs. So when you go for a haircut definitely take the suggestions from the beautician and make suitable changes.

A Brush is better than a toothed comb

While many are not aware a toothed comb usually is not good for combing the hair. Post the combing hair ends can be seen entangled to the comb which results in hair loss. So it is always advisable to use a brush instead. A brush is good at disentangling the entangled hair and with continuous brushing it acquires a shine and flow which looks very attractive.

Figuring out the right hairdo            

Fit yoru hairdo with best beautician

Our beautician figures out the Hairdo.


Usually, people try to get the latest trend and hairstyle without looking considering the fact if a certain style suits their face cut and personality. While choosing a hairdo it is important that you take up a hairstyle which shows the beauty of the neck and enhances your face cut. There are many software used by salons in which they try different hairstyles on your face before finally picking up a style for you.

Try different ways to protect your hair

There are different ways which can be used for protecting the hair. Many ladies braid their hair so that the hair does not tie up into knots at night. To avoid the heat of the sun and the pollution of air many wear a hat or tie beautiful scarfs to avoid the dust and the debris of the air.

Do not wash your hair frequently

Washing the hair frequently is not too good for the hair. There is a natural oil secretion which comes from the oil glands in the scalp. Due to frequent washing of the hair, the natural oil from the hair gets eroded and the cost of styling gels becomes a necessity for you. Rather than washing of the hair rinsing of the hair with clean water is a better idea.

Blow drying your hair

Learning how to blow dry your hair, is essential for keeping your hair healthy. Holding the strands of hair and trying to dry it is a good idea. It helps in separating each strand and gives a shine to your hair. The heat used while blow drying should be from moderate to hot and intermittently combing the hair allows the heat to get distributed over the entire length from the root to the tip.

Hair is a beautiful and inseparable part of our personality. A well-kept and styled hair adds to our attraction quotient. However, the choice of the hairdo needs to be made with great care and with the help of professionals. They are aware of the ongoing trend and the latest equipment to be used for getting the right effect out of the haircut. They also provide the customer wellness and hair care tips which helps in the overall care of the hair and the newly acquired hairstyle. You can avail the help of the best stylist at River Salon Day Spa. They are professionals and they are ready to help their customers with the knowledge and resources available to them. To log on to their website type www.riverdayspa.com, go online and locate a store near your home and get yourself the most elite hairdo and show off your looks to the world.

When should I avoid getting a body massage?

Massage is a great healer and it has been recommended for one and all. Even a newborn child receives his first massage from his grandmother or mother to protect him from the cold and body pain. They lovingly give massages to the new member of the family. Similarly in old age, people face different kinds of joint pain and body ache and people get massages done to relieve themselves of the pain. It has been widely used across the world as a part of beauty treatment among the youth. So massage is nothing new to the world. However, there are not many who perhaps would not know the conditions under which massage should be avoided.

Fever and Flu

Women affected with Fever and Flu

Women are recommended to avoid massage for the reason of Fever and Flu.

During the flu the body is already in a worked-up condition. It is already trying hard to get rid of the infection and it is overworked. Under these stressed conditions the last thing the body would want is to take up the stress of a massage. The process of massage helps the body flush out the excess toxins which would work up the already ill system. Under these circumstances, it is best to leave the body to rest and take the required medication and good food for recovery.  So if the body is in the process of recovery a massage should be avoided.

Contagious Disease

As the word, contagious suggests it is a disease which can spread from touch. Any kind of touch during this period should be avoided. The therapist you are visiting, and the team around working for you will be at the risk of taking up the infection. The risk of other people visiting the spa taking up infection also is at an all-time high.  Massage increases the blood circulation in the body which could be a reason for the infection to intensify. Therefore any kind of massages in this period should be avoided.

Blood clot

A massage goes through a rigorous process of pulling and stretching to make the body more flexible. This creates intense pressure on the nerves and arteries of the body. Your nerves might have a blood clot which might loosen out in the process and start travelling to different other parts of the body which could also be a reason for an attack. People with clots in any part of the body should consult their doctor before taking a massage.


Pregnancy is the time when the body is in a delicate form. People need to be very conscious of any unwanted movement and stretches of the body which might cause harm to the baby. Massage entails a lot of movements and deep tissue pressure which would cause harm to the pregnant woman. There are many doctors and therapists who specialise in prenatal and postnatal massages. Under the circumstances, a gynaecologist should be consulted and any massage therapist should be referred by the doctor.

Kidney and liver ailment

The kidney and liver are two organs which function for the disposal of waste from the body. Massage is a process which enhances the process of waste disposal. Therefore if the body is not functioning at its best any kind of massages should be avoided. Especially in the case of a kidney and liver malfunction, a massage would enhance the process of throwing out toxins from the body which would create unwanted pressure on these two organs.


Cancer patients should avoid massages to the affected part of the body. Especially in those parts where there is a growth of tumours. All the organs in and around it are in an extremely sensitive condition. Any extra pressure on these body parts would create discomfort to the patient. People in these circumstances should consult a doctor if they want to go ahead with a massage procedure. There is a myth that a massage to the cancer-affected part of the body will spread the disease to the other parts. This myth does not have any scientific authentication, however, is widely believed among people.


An inflamed portion of the body should not be massaged. The inflammation can be for any reason. It can be an infection, a broken bone or tissue or any other issue which needs the attention of a doctor. Inflammation should be first checked by a doctor and any kind of massage should be done post the consultation and as per the recommendation of the physician.


If you have high or uncontrolled blood pressure skip your massage therapy. Massage enhances the blood flow in the body as per therapists, it might affect the body adversely and raise the pressure. It is said to work on your sympathetic nervous system which releases the tension and raises the blood flow in the body. If you are going through high blood pressure go back to medication to allow the hypertensive nerves to relax before you book your time with your massage therapist.

The goodness of massage is uncountable and people should go ahead and avail it on a regular basis. However, under special circumstances, it should be avoided. Once you are well and your physician allows you to go for a massage. Go ahead and avail our therapy at a store near your locality. We at River Salon Day Spa are good with massages and beauty treatments. To know more about our service Visit our website:  https://www.riverdayspa.com/

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