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Rejuvenate Your Beauty

See Your  Spirit  Sore  After a Massage at River Day Spa in Coimbatore

A music which clams your nerves, an aromatic surrounding, a scented candle in a dimly lit space which is a space to unwind and relax at River Salon and Day Spa. Tranquility fills the air with peace and wellness for the people who visit us for different kinds of treatment and beauty services.

River Salon and Day Spa is a destination of body massages, body scrubs and body wraps in Coimbatore. We have trained therapists who have been trained and have vast years of experience in doing the work they do. The mind tends to accumulate the stress in the daily life and this passes on the tension to the body as well. The goodness of the massages takes away the negativity from the body and mind and leaves the client elated.


We came into business in the year 2000 our outlets were located in four-star hotels in India. We became a hub for providing massage and beauty related services to people. Our massage therapy, facials and scrubs have been able to hold the fascination of the guests visiting the hotel. We have people living in and around the locality coming to us for our services. Our entire range of services are so attractive that we have been able to hold the fancy of one and all.

Our body scrubs and body wraps are made from the most natural occurring things in the world. We try to avoid the chemicals which leaves an adverse effect on the body. The skin which looks dry and lifeless due to the running around in the sun and negligence of the skin and hair. With our therapies and services life springs back to the skin and hair. We leave the skin moisturized and hydrated due to which it looks lively and beautiful. Coimbatore is a lovely place for a holiday and if you are in the city and looking to catch up with your routine beauty care then River Salon and Day Spa is the Best place to go.

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Revitalize Your Energy Level with Massages at River Day Spa in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is a beautiful city of Tamil Nadu famous for its green environment and full of lush greenery. People across the state treat this city as a destination for a holiday. All across the country people make a beeline to this city with hotels getting packed to capacity.

As you walk through the streets of Coimbatore you will see shops unique and are a specialty of the city. As you enjoy the serene surroundings of the city a provocative thought will definitely come to you mind where you will want to get your beauty care done at your holiday location. We welcome you all to River Salon and Day Spa to try our services which includes the best of massages, scrubs and body wraps. You will be able to find us at Ganapathy, RS Puram and Townhall. We dress you up for any occasion you might have come here for a marriage and would be on a look out for a good salon and you can drop in when you move around to shop or go sightseeing to places.

At our Best luxury spa you will feel cared and taken care by some of the Best Massage Spa Coimbatore. It is a great get away from a busy routine. We have the best bridal, beautician services along with the wellness program we follow with the help of massages, scrubs and body masks.

When you google for a Best Body Massage Spa in Coimbatore you will see River Salon and Day Spa coming up as one of the best massage service providers in this area.

Our Lap of Luxury A Spa in Gandhi nagar

Gandhi nagar is a busy locality in Coimbatore. As life thrives in the city the need for massages has seen an all time rise in the area. Amidst the heat of busy schedules, you will find your peace and calm at River Salon and Day Spa at Body Massage Spa in Coimbatore. To keep up your speed of life we have brought for you massages and spa services which is good for your body and your mental wellbeing. We can be located near the Suguna International School.

RS Puram

R S Puram is one of the poshest places in Coimbatore with many a tourist location in the vicinity. It is common to see people on holiday moving around the malls and the shops in the area collecting things for loved ones. Many people living at Coimbatore can be seen coming over for a weekend shopping with their family in the malls in this area. So, you can even plan your weekend for your body massage at River Salon Day Spa in RS Puram , Coimbatore.  So once you have visited the Bazaar and the Brookfield mall you can cool your heels and get your routine care of hair or skin done at River Salon and Day Spa. Put your feet up at the spa and let the experts take care of your beauty needs. Our services and the peaceful environment of our spa will pull you back to our spa next time around when you are in RS Puram.

Relax and Rejuvenate at River Day Spa in Townhall

River Salon and Day Spa is located in some of the famous and known hotels of Coimbatore. One of our outlets is at Metro Park Inn at Coimbatore. We help the people at the hotel to rejuvenate and relax at River Salon and Day Spa. You will love your stay at Metro Park Inn. because our beauty care services will take your breath away and the services of the Hotel will allure you to come back again for a stay at the hotel. You will find us at Raja Street. People staying in the locality find their way to or spa for different services offered by us. Come to us at River Salon and Day Spa at Coimbatore and find the luxury of wellness through our services and well laid out packages and programs for guests and regular visitors.

Explore the excellent services of River Group of Salon and Spa. We are known for our sense of beauty and the wellness program run by our team of experts. At Coimbatore we are well known for the different styles of massages which brings different kinds of customers for different reasons. Our dedicated team is trained and retrained on new techniques for the purpose of best delivery of services in Body Massage Spa in Coimbatore.

Some of the massages offered by us at our Body Massages are-
Ayurvedic Massage
Thai Body Massage
Swedish massage
Foot reflexology
Detoxifying Massage

Married couples specially those who have just tied the knot we give you the couple massage to enjoy time with your partner while you get a massage.

Our customers come from all locations of Coimbatore. Our customers arrive from places like Saibaba colony, Saravanampatti, Vadavalli, Ganapathy, Coimbatore Airport, Avinashi Road, and Racecourse. Your testimonials are available on our website which talks about our service quality and the satisfaction people have taken back with them and our customers keep coming back to us in Coimbatore.

Our Fashion sense at River Group of Salon and Spa is a passion amongst our best massage in Coimbatore.

Services for a Would-be Bride
Our packages and services for bridal make up is promising and gives you a flavor of all kinds of services we provide to our customers. We look after your skin, hair, manicure, pedicure and help you in choosing a makeup according to your looks and the trousseau you would adorn on your special day. We make you the stunner for the special evening as you had always wanted to be. 
The Beautiful You
River Group of Salon and Spa is known for its hair styling, latest style of haircuts straight out of a fashion magazine. The manicure catalogue is one of the best and it follows the latest trends across the world. We have many young clients who have a distinct fashion statement and they find our services more than satisfactory.
Relax and Rejuvenate
The expert hands of the therapist take care of your relaxation and the stress leaves your body and you relax inducing a natural sleep and regulating the blood circulation in the body spa in Coimbatore at River Group of Salon and Spa
Day for a Hair Spa
The gritty feel in the hair and the scalp is extremely unhealthy. We have many services relating to the hair which will cleanse the hair and unclog the scalp promoting healthy growth and induce shine in the hair. Our other services include hair straightening, hair styling, haircuts, coloring and many others to match up your list of demands at River Group of Salon and Spa at Coimbatore. 

Join us at our outlet in Coimbatore and feel the services, glow and shine with our expert touch at River Group of Salon and Spa – Revitalized and Reenergized with us.

Touch Of Luxury At Your Nearest Body Spa & Massage in Coimbatore

Booking a Spa Treatment in Coimbatore Has Become Relaxingly Simply, Just Click on the Book Now Button and Enjoy Our Services Ranging From Head Spa to Foot Spa in Rs Puram Gandhipuram & Town Hall Massage Centers.


Holistic Spa Services In Coimbatore With Unique Treatment Plans 

Our treatments at River Group of Salon and Spa Coimbatore are a stress buster. Our massages and treatment plans will suit your recovery plan and the budget. Our plans are made according to the type of body and the age group you belong to.

Get Your Piece Of Heaven

River Group of Salon and Spa in Coimbatore is located in a modern setting featuring relaxation rooms to solve your body aches and infuse fresh energy into your system

Spend Time Together

Our couples massage pack is specially designed to spend a refreshing time together. Rediscover your lost love all over again in Coimbatore.

Soothe Your Sports Injury

Regain muscle flexibility and improve blood circulation as our masseurs trigger pressure points to give you deep relaxation from within.

Exfoliating With Aromatic Oils

Deep cleanse your body with our aromatic exfoliating body scrub customized to meet your skin type requirements, leaving your skin detoxified.

Skin Purification With Body Wraps

River Group of Salon and Spa uses finest ingredients in body wrap, complemented by essential oils to nourish your body leaving your senses recharged.

International Massage Therapy

River Group of Salon and Spa is now available in your neighborhood to give customers in Coimbatore a taste of international unisex massage services from Bali, Sweden, and Thailand.

Best Massage Therapy for A Rejuvenated Individual

Our Ayurvedic base of treatment and oils have gained a lot of attention among our clients. We believe in creating a life which is full of natural elements which promotes health and wellness. Our massages and other therapies are based on the same philosophy. It is the holistic way to get rid of lifestyle diseases

Our treatment will leave you healthy and their will be no side effects

Ayurvedic oils and massages have a holistic effect on the over all body.

The release of tension, stress, toning of the body, detoxification of the overall system is what you can look forward to.



  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Oil Massage
  • Balinese Massage
  • Detoxifying Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Male to Male Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Swedish Massage

Body Scrub

  • Lemongrass Scrub
  • Fruit Scrub
  • Coffee Scrub
  • Chocolate Scrub
  • Sea Salt Scrub

Body Wrap

  • Papaya Wrap
  • Chocolate Wrap
  • Raspberry Wraps
  • Coffee Wrap
  • Mango Wrap

Best Spa & Massage Services at River Day Spa at Coimbatore

River Group of Salon and Spa is the place which is reliable and known for its services which provides long term relief from different kinds of pain and beauty solutions to customers of various age groups. Our trained therapists will help you to make a rational decision regarding all kinds of massages and therapies from which you can make an informed choice at Coimbatore.

Body Scrub

Natural organic substances like sugar, coffee, salt is used for the purpose of exfoliation by our therapists.


Our massages help you in controlling blood pressure, pouring of hormones in the blood stream which will take care of many kinds of diseases like stress, anxiety and control body pain.

Body Wrap

Our natural body wraps are made of the seasonal fruits which provides natural exfoliation and moisturization to the skin.

Photo Gallery at River Day Spa

As you go through our gallery you can look at our luxurious surroundings and the latest gadgets, we use to treat our customers with the help of which they benefit health, style and a stress-free life.

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