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6 Amazing Benefits Body Wraps Treatment in River Salon Day Spa

July 9, 2022

Body wraps used as a tool for beauty treatment are nothing new. It is an ancient thing and has been used for ages. It is said to be a part of the Egyptian, Roman and Greek cultures. This is a treatment in which the exfoliation of the skin takes place and along with it the tissues of the body relax as they get the much-needed hydration, the skin gets the needed minerals and nutrients, it works like magic on joint pains and has a softening effect on the skin all over. Over the last three decades, the cosmetic industry has been going through a phase of renewal in which they have been inculcating the age-old methods used in the past for health renewal and beauty treatment.

Understanding the science behind body wrap treatment

Just under the skin are three layers of fat which is surrounded by fluids. The fluid between them sometimes can accumulate in excess due to which the body might get toxic. This happens due to ageing factors or due to lack of exercise in the body. With the help of body wrap, these extra fluids from the body can be drawn out and the needed nutrients can be supplemented to the body.

How does body wrap work on toxins?

Toxins are basically chemicals that the body does not need and has an adverse effect on the body. These days food contains a lot of preservatives which help in bringing up the toxicity of the body. Under normal circumstances, all toxic substances are thrown out by the kidney and the liver. However, these days the intake of preservatives is so high that under normal circumstances it is impossible to throw out the toxicity all on its own. Therefore the excess toxins are stored in the body in the form of liquid between the layers of fat.

Understanding the use of wraps 

Wraps can be used for a variety of reasons by people. There are few who use it as a measure to bring up the tonal quality of the skin. It is basically used as a beauty treatment method in which the skin becomes soft to touch and glows with health. There are many people who use natural wraps to work on their ageing skin to take away the wrinkles and the sag from their face, neck and other parts of the body.

The other kind of people who usually come for a body wrap treatment are people who want to take out the excess water from their body and use a dehydrating wrap. This is basically used for inch loss of the body. It is used by men and women who tend to retain body fluid naturally. Therefore when you step into a salon you need to understand your own need and ask for the right kind of wrap which helps your condition and elevates your health. Mostly in spas the most commonly used wraps are the dehydrating wraps.

The other kind of wraps is the hydrating wraps in which the body incurs a beauty treatment and also the skin gets hydrated. People while using this wrap are asked to drink a specific amount of water to enhance the lymphatic drainage of the body and hydrate the dermal layer. This works well on weight loss and improves the overall skin tone and glow.

The body wraps are available at River Salon Day Spa

Chocolate wrap

Women getting Chocolate Wrap Massage for Skin Smoothness and Glow

Women getting Chocolate Wrap Massage for Skin Smoothness and Glow

When you want to feel special and want a luminous glow on your body then the chocolate wrap is the best thing you can look out for. Chocolate has a natural quotient of goodness attached to it. It is believed chocolate puts you in a happy frame of mind bringing back happy memories in life and generating happy soft emotions inside a person. It is due to the generation of endorphin in the body due to the use of chocolate. Happiness leads to stress reduction and helps in burning fat from the body. It increases the sense of well-being in an individual. The use of body wrap is a great way to protect your skin from the UV lights of the sun. It helps in improving the blood circulation in the body which is good for the overall health of the person. The health benefits of the chocolate wrap can be felt without actually consuming it. A visit to River salon day spa will put you in the right frame of mind with the help of chocolate wrap.

Coffee Wrap

Portrait of cheerful Women with coffee wrap massage

Smiling Women with the Coffee Wrap Massage Care.

Coffee has a lot of health benefits which people are not aware of. Other than providing the needed freshness early in the morning it provides people to fight water retention, in detoxification and in overall reduction of cellulite in the body. A rub or massage with thin film of coffee all over your body and your woes related to your health and skin are all taken care of. Coffee is good for skin exfoliation and helps in reducing the stretch marks on the body and acts as a stimulant for blood flow. The use of this wrap reduces the wrinkles and pimple breakout on the skin. This is a very popular wrap at River Salon  Day Spa.


Mango wrap

The mango wrap is basically made out of the soft mango pulp and used along with essential oil to give the customers a soft and supple skin which is difficult not to notice. To use this wrap as an exfoliator sugar and starch is added to it so that a gentle rub to the skin takes away the dead layer of skin from the body. The mango pulp has astringent-like qualities and does not allow pimples and acne growth on the skin.

Papaya wrap

Papaya is a blessed fruit which has a wholesome benefit for all those who consume it or use it for the purpose of beauty treatment. It is a well-known fact that consuming papaya relieves people from constipation and other gut-related issues. It is believed that papaya wrap helps in reducing acne and pimples on the skin. The wrap is good for the young people who usually face these breakouts from time to time. The wrap helps in hydrating the skin naturally and leaves behind a supple dermal layer which is much younger to look at. The Papain enzyme in the fruit helps in reactivating the skin and removes the dead cells in the process.

Raspberry wrap

The Raspberry fruit wrap is a much-awaited wrap among the young and the ageing people. It livens the skin works on the pores and hydrates it which refreshes the skin tone and the overall look and feel of the dermal layer. The fruit has a high amount of anti-oxidants which work on anti-inflammation of the skin and also has anti-ageing properties. The vitamin C in the fruit helps in the production of collagen which helps in the tightening up of the skin.

If you have been looking forward to relaxing and gaining health through healthy modes try walking up to River Salon Day Spa nearest to your home and try our natural full body wraps and liven up each skin pore of your body and let it glow with health and beauty. To know more about River Salon Day Spa Visit our website:

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