What is relaxation massage and what are the benefits

After a tiring day, a massage can be if great help. It helps you with the therapeutic effects of relaxation and gives your mind and body a boost.

Let's explore how a massage promotes relaxation.

How massage provides relaxation?

Relaxation is the state of the mind when it goes into a calm state and when the breathing goes down. It is caused by the gentle pressure applied to the body, thereby manipulating the tissues to provide a sense of relief to your entire being. When you undergo a massage, it releases different hormones and increases the levels of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin that are the feel-good chemicals in the body. Moreover, massage helps decrease the number of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and helps promote relaxation.

We at Riverday spa Chennai provide you with different ranges of massages that provide well being, relaxation and treat different conditions.

Different techniques of massages for relaxation

At Riverday spa and massage center in Chennai, we provide different massage techniques for relaxation, which includes:

- Kneading
- Cupping
- Effleurage
- Rolling
- Petrissage

These massage techniques are performed with mild to moderate pressure to increase temperature, improve blood flow and stimulate the positive chemicals in the body. In this, the effleurage technique is used to warm up muscles and cause increase in the venous and lymphatic return which in turn relaxes the body.

Kneading can be soft or vigorous depending on what causes the pleasure. It increases the temperature in the body, improves blood flow in muscles and provides relaxation. It is also the compressing, lifting and squeezing of superficial tissues for increasing elasticity. The other techniques also does the job of increasing temperature, improve blood flow and provide ultimate relaxation in the body. Talk to Riverday, the best spa and massage center in T.nagar and Porur for a relaxing and rejuvenating massage.

Benefits of Relaxation massage:

As the name suggests, relaxation massage provides emotional and physical relaxation. When you use the strokes and manipulations, it produces a relaxing effect on the body and provides a state where the heart rate and breathing become slow. It improves mood and provides relaxation. Talk to Riverday Spa in Chennai to experience the best effects of massage.

Decreases Stress:
As mentioned before, massage reduces the hormones cortisol and increases the feel-good chemicals endorphins, serotonin and dopamine thereby decreasing stress and improving well being.

Decreases pain:
As massage works on the muscles and relaxes the tension, it decreases pain and relaxes muscles. It also works on the temperature of the body as a result of which you experience an immediate effect.

Contact Riverday spa and massage centre in Chennai with branches in T.nagar and Porur for an impactful massage.


Top 5 Masks for Beautiful Lips

Dry, cracked and chapped lips are very common during winters. While lip balms and lip glosses are commonly used, lip masks provide extra hydration and care to the lips and that is why lips masks have grown popular during recent times. Just like a face mask is very beneficial to the face, there are many benefits of using a lip mask. Since they usually have butter or oil lip masks that are thicker than lip masks, they nourish and hydrate the lips, improve the skin texture and aid in reducing the fine lines around the mouth. Some lip masks can also make your lips plump. You only have to apply the lip mask before going to sleep and allow it to heal and repair your lips overnight and Abracadabra! You will have a plump, perky pout to show off. Allow u to take care of your body, hair, skin and lips at the Riverday Spa services in Egmore.
Some of the lip masks can be prepared at home by mixing simple ready to available ingredients too. The following are some of the DIY masks for beautiful lips massage in Chennai
a. To a teaspoon of sugar add a teaspoon of honey. Mix them and apply them over your lips using a cotton swab and rinse after 20 minutes. This mixture is a great exfoliating agent. It removes dry, dead skin cells, replenishes moisture and also soothes the cracks and sores. Your lips now will appear soft and clean.

b. In a bowl mix equal amounts of lemon juice and honey and take half a teaspoon and apply to your lips. Rinse it off after 20 minutes. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent that lightens the colour of the lips. Honey is a natural moisturizer and can also brighten your lips. You can choose from a wide range of haircare, skincare and beauty treatments at Riverday Best salon and spa in T-nagar

c. Using glycerine as a lip mask removes dead skin cells, moisturizes dry chapped lips, lightens the lip colour and makes the lips soft and pink. All you have to do is apply glycerine on your lips with a cotton swab and leave it overnight.

d. Almond Oil also is a great lip mask. It exfoliates, prevents chapped lips and hydrates them. Almond Oil is rich in Vitamin E which protects the lips from UV rays and keeps the lips healthy, soft and pink. You can take 1 or 2 drops of Almond oil on a swab or on your fingertips and gently massage your lips with the oil.

e. Vitamin E oil is very effective in keeping the skin moisturized and is perfect to deal with dry lips. Gently massaging your lips with Vitamin E oil before going to bed will make your lips appear soft and healthy.

Call us to know about our beauty treatments at Riverday Spa and Salon services for me and Spa in Chennai

Gifting a Spa card- An experience gift for your loved ones

Finding a perfect gift for someone is always a new and challenging thing to do. Most people don’t generally don’t like clutter in their homes, so selecting something useful is the best thing to do. Apparently, a gift card also could be a wrong choice and you may need to question yourself as to why do you even bother to get them a gift in the first place.

The best alternative could be Spa gift cards that are a unique and special gift many wouldn’t have thought about. Gifting experiences is a smart thing to do as it adds to the memories that people would love t cherish.

At Riverday Spa Chennai, we also offer spa gift cards that could pose to be a perfect gift for anyone! Here In this blog, we are going to explain why a spa gift card can be a great gift choice. 

An assortment of options to choose from
There could be many beauty treatments that anybody wishes to have and they may not have the time or the heart to do it. Having gifted a spa card, you give your loved ones a choice to fulfil their experience. We at Riverday Spa in Chennai offer a variety of services like Massages, body treatments, facials, Chemical Peels and more. Gift them an experience they will never forget with Riverday Spa Chennai, the best spa and massage centre with many centres in Chennai, Egmore, Coimbatore and Porur!

Because they Deserve to slow down
Everyone deserves to slow down in life and pamper themselves from time to time. There are several people who run in life and don’t get treated with spas or any professional massage treatments. Most of them are busy taking care of others than themselves. And most of them, don’t even chance to treat themselves with a day of pampering or care. Gifting them a gift card could a memorable experience and a gentle reminder that intimates them to self-care and slow-down. It could help them relax, destress and take care of themselves at least for once. And you can be sure that this gift is such that they never would have chosen for themselves.

It’s Special and Personalized

A spa card is a sweet reminder and a way of telling ‘Take care, you deserve more. Don’t you agree? While a gift card is something that they are more likely to use, it isn’t very special. Busy people seldom take time to slow down and in such case, a spa card is a gift they would cherish all their life. It also may push them to continue using spa which in turn helps them to slow down in the rat race of life. Moreover, most people see a spa massage as a luxury and not something that people need to survive and this makes it even more special. Those living in Bangalore can stop by our massage centre in Indira Nagar.

Choose Riverday Chennai for your spa and Massage needs
It’s because we’re one of the chosen Spa and massage centres in Chennai with a luxurious backdrop and professional Services in Chennai. With our services, you can be assured of an experience that keeps you wanting for more. And moreover, with plenty of spa and massage treatments available, it could be the perfect place for a wonderfully memorable experience.
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How Massage Therapy Help Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that affects the Central Nervous System especially the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. It causes many symptoms and is becoming widespread. More than 2.3 million have been diagnosed with MS worldwide and an average 200 cases have been cropping up in the United States every week. Let us understand more about the disease and also discuss if massage therapy can provide relief from some of the symptoms.

According to many of the MS organizations like the National MS Society, the best way to treat the effects and progression of MS is one of the FDA-approved-disease modifying drugs. However many people with MS use massage therapy and other wellness techniques for prevention or relief from the symptoms. While it’s quite easy to get a massage at home, it’s best when you avail services from an expert massage centre. Riverday Spa in Chennai provides Professional Spa & Massage Services that not only rejuvenates your body but also relieves your body from symptoms like:

a. Spasticity
One of the most commonly experienced symptoms in MS is stiffness and involuntary muscle spasms in the limbs. Medications, exercises, physical therapy and stretching are usually prescribed by neurologists to relieve these symptoms of MS. A Full Body Massage and a body massage can also help here by reducing muscle stiffness and increasing blood circulation to affected areas. Spa Massages and body treatments can also help relax muscles and reduce the soreness and rigidity in them.

b. Sorrow and Anxiety
MS can take a serious toll on mental health in patients with MS, besides profoundly affecting physical health. Depression, anxiety, stress and mood changes are common in people suffering from MS. Massage can reduce symptoms of depression and can boost mental health. Massage can increase the release of endorphins or the ‘feel-good hormones’ such serotonin and dopamine which encourage relaxation and reduce the feeling of anxiety and nervousness. Also, a massage promotes oxytocin and epinephrine which increase feelings of euphoria

c. Pain
Pain in the joints, shoulders, back, head or jaws is common symptoms in MS. Massage is effective in providing relief from pain in the body’s soft tissues, tendons and muscles. Besides massage, Spa Massages and Body Treatments also promotes blood circulation the affected areas further alleviating the pain. The comforting human touch during a massage is definitely invaluable.

d. Sleeping Disorders
People with MS often have trouble sleeping soundly primarily due to frequent nighttime urination, spasticity and periodic limb movements. Poor sleep causes fatigue and stress and makes some MS symptoms feel worse, further leading to poorer sleep thereby creating a vicious sleep. There are a few ways that massage can lead to better sleep. A hormone called Cortisol, which causes stress and disrupts sleep decreases significantly following massage therapy. Also increased serotonin, a hormone that helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm is a common benefit gained through massage. By regulating these hormones a massage can promote restful sleep.

Expert massage services with Riverday Spa Chennai

Riverday Spa in Chennai is one of the best massage centres in Chennai that offers several Spa Massages and Body Treatments, Hair Dressing Treatments and full body massage all over Chennai and Egmore. We provide Professional Spa & Massage Services that helps you destress in a quality way and contribute to a healthy living in a cost-effective way.

Best Sports Massage Therapy centre in Chennai

We at, Riverday spa in Chennai, are a group of massage therapists specializing in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries specifically for sports personnel. With a wide range of treatments, which are scientifically approved, we can make you fit again quickly. Treating sports injuries and posture pains are our specialty. Our specialized therapy with its dual focus on professional massage and neuro-muscular retraining makes it possible for our clients to regain their fitness within very few sessions.

The massage services for sportsmen and therapeutic treatments offered at Riverday Spa are considered to be comprehensive and the best in Chennai. We customize our treatment for various sports-based injuries and the focus is to recover from a wound as soon as possible and make the area strong and flexible.

Sports injuries are a major cause of concern for athletes. We offer the best sports massage services in Chennai and will work closely with you and customize our treatment so as to suit your sporting-work-life balance. Suffering from any injury or pain? Our treatment can help irrespective of whether you are an athlete or a social exerciser.

Optimize Your Recover

We are trained to find the best possible treatment for your injury and get in you into good physical shape as quickly as possible. Our therapist will help you on this journey and will optimize your recovery.

How Can an Athlete Increase His Energy

Mitochondria play a fundamental role in the performance of an athlete. Our deep-tissue massage increases the size and number of new mitochondria which increases the rate of oxygen utilized by the muscles. More mitochondria mean better performance and more endurance by an athlete.

What does Oxygen do to the Body?

Our therapists also work on ways to prevent injuries. For this, we advise the athletes to get a massage before their training sessions. The massages at our Center help to regulate the oxygen flow to the body and help the muscle and tissue to regain their relaxed state.

Best Sports Massage Center in Chennai

Though the primary benefit of our sports massage is to repair and relax the muscles, it also nurtures the psychological and physical well-being of the athletes. massage in Chennai Besides offerings, a multitude of other benefits our sports massage therapy at Riverdayspa is known to have a positive effect on the mind also. According to our therapists, our therapy offers the following benefits:

a. Improved Muscle Flexibility
b. Improved Connective Tissue Healing
c. Eases Muscle Pain and Tension
d. Improves Blood Circulation
e. Lowers Anxiety and Improves Mood
f. Rehabilitates Injury Faster
g. Lowers Blood Pressure
h. Reduces Heart Rate
i. Improves Quality of Sleep
j. Lowers Recovery Time After Injury

Massage Techniques Used at Riverday

Our sports massage therapists know that every sport or exercise uses various muscles and muscle groups in different ways. To relieve the stress caused due to the movements of each sport on the muscles and muscle groups our massage therapists use one of the following techniques:

a. Compression Massage
By laying hands on a muscle area and pushing down the tissues, the pressure is applied to the muscles in a repeated manner in this technique. This softens the tissues and increases the blood flow in them. This technique relaxes the muscles.
b. Cross-Fiber Massage
A series of friction techniques are used to create a stretching and broadening effect in large muscle groups. This is followed by deep traverse friction to reduce adhesions and to help create strong, flexible repair during the healing process.

c. Trigger Point Massage
Trigger Points are sore spots in soft tissue and muscles that cause deep aching. In Trigger Point Massage our therapists use a more targeted approach of rubbing and pressing on trigger points that reduce muscle spasms and pain.
d. Lymphatic Massage
This is a gentle massage that stimulates the natural drainage of the lymph, which helps to eliminate wastes from the body.

How Often Should You get a Sports Massage?

It is advisable for athletes to get a sports massage therapy thrice a week and before any big event. This gives the body enough time to loosen up the muscles, feel refreshed and be ready to compete. For regular exercisers, a simple body massage can reduce the soreness of the body and prevent injuries. best spa in Chennai
Book an appointment with Riverday spa and experience the joy of relaxation.

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic Massage is a label that depicts the purpose of the treatment along with the many health benefits it offers. Another aspect of therapeutic massage is that the customer and the therapist both focus on the same goal of making structural modifications within the physique usually through regular massage sessions.

It will be interesting to know a short history of why therapeutic massage is a key term in the massage therapy industry. In the 1880s therapists practised within conventional medications as physician’s assistants and also offered private consulting.

They are experts in the soft tissue manipulations called effleurage, petrissage, friction and tapotement- the conventional strokes of Swedish massage which were created by the European Medicine doctor Johann Mezger.

The Development of the Massage Parlor

Around the 1930s, the Swedish massage was a complete study of physiotherapy that comes with soft tissue manipulation, strokes, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy for normal health, treating health issues and rehabilitation sessions spa in Chennai

Therapist work as physiotherapists along with doctors and also in YMCAs, community baths, spas, beauty parlours and also at their health clinics which are also called massage parlours.

However, with the emergence of massage parlours, a variety of services came into existence. Around 1950s and 1960s massage parlour was a euphemism for a space for sex work. Massage as legitimate treatment had downgraded into disrepute so has the work of masseuse and masseur.

Around the 1960s and 1970s, a new set of people inspired by the people potential acts and chance of natural healing started to show interest in massage therapy again. The Esalen Institute in California which began in 1962, created its new style of Esalen Massage. They also named them as massage therapists and called the work they performed as “Therapeutic Massage” which helped in restoring the reputation of professional massage.

Till day male clients look for independent female therapists to enquire about massage services offered in a spa in Chennai, which is a clue that they are looking for a happy ending by enquiring about whole-body massage or extras. By defining the treatment as therapeutic massage best spas in Chennai indicate that they are no happy ending and keeps a full stop to the unwanted enquiry. The wrong clients drop the call and refuse for any booking at the spa.

Therapeutic Massage for Creating Structural Changes

Another meaning for therapeutic massage is that the client and the therapist both focus on a mutual goal of getting a structural change in the body with the help of routine massage sessions at the spa. As any professional massage at the spa is therapeutic with absolute health benefits some massages concentrate on relaxing and refreshing feel.

For example, a Swedish massage is a highly superficial massage which enhances blood and lymph circulation and gives you relax feel. Although it is good for your mental physical health it does not focus on changing the underlying structures in your body which may lead to pain and restrictions.

Deep Tissue Massage or Sports massage comes with deep pressure and cross-fibre friction so that it can relieve the tissue which is adhered or has spasm which definitely needs therapeutic. Whereas if you book for a massage in the resort, you may not meet that therapist again which may be a hassle for therapeutic treatment.

In a therapeutic massage, you describe your health problems to the therapist for example your pain in the hip, tightness in shoulders or a lower back spasm. The therapist follows the below four steps:

• Analyze your present situation
This means they take your history – i.e. they enquire about the duration of your pain, whether it just started all of a sudden, how is the pain type etc. The therapist will also assess your movements, check your range of motion and analyze the tissue movement while treating you for consistency and texture.

• Plan a Therapy
After the therapist has got an idea about what your problem is, he may propose a plan to treat the same. This would work on focusing on the problem you are facing and the body part that you are suffering from pain- shoulders, lower back, neck, hip etc. The therapist may also recommend full-body therapy massage if in case you require. The therapist may advise you to plan a regular massage at the spa as a series in necessary intervals and also give you an idea on how good the progress may be. The experts in a spa in Chennai may also recommend other ways to treat your pain like with the use of heat, ice, hydrotherapy or stretches. If required, the professional therapist at a spa in Chennai may refer you to other health professionals or spas in other locations like a spa in Trichy, Spa in Coimbatore or Spa in Dubai to get the benefit of the natural vibe and climate.

• Begin the Therapy
This is when the real massage therapy begins depending on the assessment and analysations made and the agreed plan between the client and therapist.

• Check the result
Finally, towards the end of the therapy, the therapist along with you will review the outcome. Has the pain reduced? Is there better mobility in the joints? Has your postured changed for the good? Depending on the results, the therapist advises for extra sessions and the intervals. If you visit the spa every week for example you may see faster changes than of you go for two or three week’s interval sessions. An assessment of the outcome is done by the end of every therapeutic massage session at a spa in Chennai to determine the course of the therapy.

Final Words

It may look like too much involved however an expert therapist can easily assess your condition and plan a treatment quickly even in a spa in the hotel. Undoubtedly you will see a relief even in after a single therapeutic massage session at the best spa nearby. The major drawback of the hotel spa is that many clients choose massage spa while they are holidaying or vacationing. Returning for a regular massage at the spa is not practically possible. But you may always follow up the therapy at massage spa nearby as massage spas are available all over the country and across the globe- Spa in Trichy, Spa in Coimbatore, Spa in Chennai, Spa in Dubai.
Why wait to book your therapeutic massage at a spa nearby and relieve all your pain.


Pulling out time for yourself amidst a busy routine life is turning out to be more than a luxury. Packed with official and family schedules and commitments and juggling to maintain a social life you may find your positive vibes being depleted quite often. Relaxation and rejuvenation happen to be an antidote to stress and the exciting news is that you can opt to treat yourself and your body in the best choice you feel good. Plan exclusively for your wellness massage in Chennai
Nowadays, right from the events, we see to the tunes we listen and to the food we taste is tailor-made by huge data and is used by firms such as Netflix,iTunes and Zomato. Among this is the trend of highest pick for wellness, eco-friendly living and being nature lover, consuming locally grown either in a cafeteria menu or beauty product line.

It is no big shock that the new trend to capture spas is wellness, that is framed to customize on terms with individual likes and taste. Here are a few customized treatments that are perfect personalized spa therapies for you-

Yoga, meditation & exercise
Various spas are presently starting the function of R&R with the analyzation of your BMI and short health profile to understand your strength and weakness. Next spas you can look for exercise and clean eating advise enhancing your immunity. Stress management has turned out to be a talk of the town at spas in Chennai where yoga and meditation are blended to combat the stress caused due to hectic routine life.

Signature Facial, pedicure & skin treatments
Many spas in Chennai and best spas services across Tamil Nadu are offering questionnaires to create skin therapies on line with the responses received. Spas are focusing on every customer’s skin type, age and other problems regarding skin with best spa facials, signature spa scrubs and spa reflexology treatments to fight against ailments depending upon your pH levels.

Massages & thermal wraps
Massage centres in Chennai and spa centre in Chennai are also attending to specific problems such as jet lag. Nowadays massage in Chennai is focusing on thermal wraps and scalp massages for stressed and weary traveller based on the number of hours “off” they need. Massages are a great remedy for sore muscles while being particular about various health problems such as joint ache or sensitive skin.

Ayurvedic treatments depending on dosha
Ayurveda has taken control across the globe, it is gaining popularity for its holistic way of leading life. Taking this to the next level is through identifying the present dosha or bio-element ruling your constitution, the spa now provides tailor-made aroma filled oils, food and Ayurvedic massages in Chennai to trigger the energy and reduce the issues exacerbated because of lifestyle preferences.

Final Word
What is your plan to get away from the everyday routine grind? You definitely need a break. Stress needs to bust out and your mind deserves some peace and relaxation. Get away from the routines dips and stay chilled with the gentle strokes and soft massages at spa.
Remember it is good for you, Plan Spa-Vacay, No More worry Day.


Spas are no more just beauty therapies but are meant for welcoming a holistic concept. Korean skincare treatments, fish nibbling dead cells and hot stone therapies are passé and the relaxing treatments stay in the realm of the natural and organic, presently we are witnessing the trend in the media. The style blends with cutting edge technology with treatments deep-rooted to wellness Spa in Chennai

On the trend of Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial, nowadays media spas provide technology influenced futuristic therapies by experts who hold clinical licenses. Providing different treatments from chelation therapy in which toxic elements such as mercury and aluminium are extracted from your body to vitamin drip that boost the energy in your body they aid in refreshing and rejuvenating yourself.

Cryotherapy is also gaining popularity. Including too cold temperatures, well known by Nordic due to its healing effects, customers withstand the powerful temperature of over 110 degree Celsius. It can decrease inflammation and help in pain management and reduce depression massage center in Chennai

Famous in the different regions of Europe from the 19th century, halotherapy or salt therapy is getting back on-trend. Relaxation in artificial salt caves which are covered with Himalayan sea salt while the halogenation spreads the salt around you. It aids in the betterment of respiratory ailments and reduces the problems related to skin infection/ allergies such as eczema.

On the other hand of the spectrum is the change to unplug from science as a way of life for optimum mental and physical wellness. Various spas provide digital detox which is triggered with different electronic gadgets and comes with body massages concentrated on shoulders, neck, head and eyes – various pressure points for complete relief.

The industry is looking into the ancient concept of mindfulness. Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing originated in Japan in 80s aids in getting therapeutic effects of sparing time in the wild. Considering a good walk around the wooded regions, concentrating on the breath and your atmosphere can help in getting back on mental balance letting your health to recuperate. Various spas are moreover providing this service with the help of mediation tours at Orchards and wilds.

Yoga till date happens to be powerful and is a perfect cure to all. The modern trend? Goat Yoga! It in fact includes real goats that wander around independently and gets along in your routine schedule. This style blends with the advantages of yoga with the joy of pet therapy to aid in improving endorphin secretion.

Pick one among the various innovative treatments and therapies that are offered in spas in Chennai. Although many spas in hotels and spas in Dubai, Spas in Chennai, Spas in Trichy, Spas in Coimbatore offer a wide variety of modern spa treatments and therapies that help in rejuvenation and refreshment of your body. However, as a spa blog for many years in the industry, we recommend you to study therapy, understand your need and consult a physician prior to embarking this adventurous journey towards wellness and beauty.

Why choose Anti-Aging Facials at Spa?

There are numerous benefits when you get a facial at the spa. The anti-aging facials and treatments help in fighting against wrinkles, gives a glow to your skin and give a youthful appearance. Anti-aging facials are now topping the spa menu list across Tamil Nadu in Spa in Chennai, Spa in Trichy and Spa in Coimbatore. It is one of the best choices to enhance your complexion and fade away the wrinkles. Let’s get a closer view of the benefits of anti-aging facials and treatments at the spa-

In-Depth Skin Exfoliation

Although facials, in general, come with a regular exfoliation using a scrub, the anti-aging facial comes with an additional in-depth cleansing along with a facial buffing tool, a facial scrubbing therapy or microdermabrasion treatment. Exfoliation helps in sloughing away the dead cells in your skin to get a fresh and youthful look with new cells grown underneath. This therapy helps in raising the circulation of the skin’s surface which in turn affects the renewal of cells in the skin spa and massage centre in Chennai

Moisturizing Dehydrated Skin

Most of the people facing skin aging issues have quite a dry texture in the skin that also appears notable flaky with rough patches. You may notice this dullness in the cheeks, on the jawline and over the forehead. Certain anti-aging facials come with the usage of hyaluronic acids and emollient filled moisturizers which aids in the increase of moist level in your skin. The facials are designed with the inclusion Galvanic device which aids in regularizing the moisture to maintain the moisture content in the surface of the skin and also helps in absorption of the tropic ingredients in-depth through the pores massage spa in Chennai

Enhances the Texture and Skin tone of your face

Anti-Aging facials can enhance the texture and skin ton of your face by improving the skin surface‘s circulation and changes your skin into smoother and softer skin. Gentle massage and the slight soft pressure on different facial points helps in contouring, shaping and defining the facial features and also give a better-sculpted look to your face.

Fades away the Aging look

Are you disturbed with the fine lines and wrinkles popping below your eyes, nose and lips? An anti-Aging facial is your simple solution to keep these worries aside. Anti-aging facials come with glycolic acid therapies, collagen-mixed serums and hyaluronic acids which helps in restoring the tightness in your skin and decrease the line and wrinkles appearing on your facial skin. When you book and visit the spa nearby for anti-aging facials it will help you in keeping up a fresh look with a supple, smooth and young skin.

Decreases the Age Spots or Broken Capillaries

In case the anti-aging therapy you are taking come with light therapy treatment, it is your right solution for age spots and broken capillaries. Light therapy treatments help in getting back a healthy skin at a deeper surface level and it also aids in rejuvenating and strengthening your skin from within. You may have to book a regular spa treatment at a nearby spa for seeing evident results but effective results are promised within a few weeks of an anti-aging therapy at one of the best spas in Chennai.

Gives a young-looking skin

You need not wait for wrinkles to emerge for getting this facial done. Even if you have no wrinkles, these anti-aging facials still can benefit you with a young look and youthful appearance and may help you avoid various signs of premature aging. Book an appointment at a spa nearby at least once in every month to get the best anti-aging effect in your skin.

Final word

Book a regular anti-aging facial at a spa nearby in Trichy, Chennai or Coimbatore for getting a youthful look with all aging marks, wrinkles and spots to fade away gently. The serums, ingredients and scrubs used in the facial penetrate deep with your skin and increase your blood circulation and help in the development of fresh new cells for a rejuvenating look.
Anti-aging facial at the spa for an anticipated new look in you!!

What is Exfoliation? Why should I Exfoliate My Skin?

Exfoliation is to remove the dead, keratinized skin cells that are present of the surface of the skin that smoothens skin giving a fresh appearance and clears the pathway for various facial serums and products to penetrate deep within the skin’s surface.

It is a highly significant aspect in both facials at spa and body treatments at the spa. But remember exfoliation is a sword with two sharp ends. You may mistakenly easily overdo exfoliation in face particularly when you do it at home with overzealous scrub ingredients and low-quality products. Though the other parts of your body may bear the overdose of exfoliation it is difficult for the face to bear it as it is quite soft and gentle Spa in Chennai

Looking out for an expert exfoliation therapy and booking a dermatologist appointment or aesthetician appointment during your break is the ideal way to begin an exfoliation schedule without any worries about skin damage especially if you have sensitive skin. While you receive such treatments at spa or resort, remember there are two varieties of exfoliation available for you. Each of them has their own specialties and come with a different procedure. So check them out to avoid any skin damage while you give importance to your hygiene massage in Chennai.

Why clean the dead skin?

Our skin is continuously developing new cells in the lower level i.e. dermis and sends it to the surface known as the epidermis. As the cells come over the top they happen to die and gets packed with keratin which in a way form a protective layer for the skin but they constantly slough off in order to let the new young cells to grow best couple massage centre in Chennai

As we get older the procedure for cell turnover reduces and cells begin to accumulate unevenly on the surface of the skin, make it dry, rough and dull. Exfoliation is advantageous as it helps in removing those unwanted cells that have piled up and made the fresh, young cells appear bright on the skin.

If your facial skin looks dull with a pasty appearance as it is in old aged people facial skin who don’t follow exfoliation process a routine of exfoliation session at the spa that emphasizes right exfoliation will give you the best results and make you look young and fresh. Also, if there is an accumulation of white substance all over your body, don’t miss to book a body scrub at the spa for cleansing your complete body.

Two Types of Exfoliation

There are two major kinds of exfoliation – mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation means rubbing of the dead cells with a type of abrasive which includes something form jojoba beads to diamond-shaped tip microdermabrasion machine. On the other side, chemical exfoliation is using acid that has fruit enzymes and highly powerful facial peels to blend the glue kind of ingredient that packs the cells together.

There are many mechanical exfoliations such as salt glow, body scrub and others which uses sugar, ground coffee beans or skin brushing. Over the facial skin, scrubs use tiny, circular gentle abrasives such as jojoba beads. Also, you must be sure to keep your skin away from harsh ingredients such as apricot scrubs that lead to micro-tears on the skin. A little more aggressive and effective kind of mechanical exfoliation is microdermabrasion where tiny elements are used to rub on the skin to shed away the dead cells faster without any skin damage.

Enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), (BHAS) beta hydroxy acids are meant for chemical exfoliation therapies to soften the cellular bonds which help in sloughing away the skin’s layer altogether. Facial peels are a type of chemical exfoliation however chemical peel are either too gentle or too aggressive based on the ingredients involved in the peel. Body therapies come with slight chemical exfoliants such as pineapple enzymes.

Exfoliation during a Break: How to choose your body Treatment?

When you head for a break, particularly if you want to present yourself at the best and want to look pretty in your travel pics, all you need to do is book your spa appointment. You may choose a hotel spa or resort spa or destination spa at Coimbatore or other tourist places in Tamil Nadu. A professional exfoliation done at spa helps in rejuvenating your skin and gives a fresh appearance. The gentle abrasive or a painful scrub, choosing the severity of the treatment is all yours. You may decide on what suits them best for your travel itinerary.

Mechanical exfoliations are usually very gentle and it gives the best results if you want to have the fresh-looking face and want to get decked up in makeup without having red or raw look. On the other hand, chemical exfoliants may give you pain and skin irritation for some time or a few days after the session. This will stop you from getting exposed to sun rays and you may not be able to put any makeup on your face which isn’t a comfortable choice if you are travelling.

If you have planned for a private getaway for taking out time for self-caring then walking around a luxury resort during the break with red a face shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are planning to wander around the town for sight-seeing and shopping then you may choose an exfoliation that is less abrasive as it would treat your skin gently and give you a good glow.

In both the types you must check whether the spa or resort is accredited or is monitored by a professional doctor or aesthetician. Chemical treatments can be risky if was done by individuals who lack expertise and professionalism. So make sure your spa therapist is well trained and expert in exfoliation therapy. The therapist must have enough knowledge about various skin types and treatments that best suits every skin type body massage Chennai.

Why Over-Exfoliation is dangerous?

When you exfoliate your face a lot, your skin turns out to be sensitive and gets red and the irritation raises rather than giving a smooth and even-toned skin which you intended to have. So, rather than pampering your skin you may end up have a worse appearance.

If you are planning to get a facial peel, you may have to wait for some time prior to booking your next spa appointment as you are going to peel away an complete layer of skin securing the dermis. Also, you must avoid waxing after peeling as you may scrape or break the skin which may result in raw living tissue being exposed that may have to scab over to get well.

You must be careful when you expose your skin to sun rays after the exfoliation is done particularly if you have just finished an aggressive chemical facial peel at the spa. Also, speak up to the bets aesthetician in Chennai about the ingredients used and how regular you must get your skin exfoliated if your skin is sensitive or aging.

Another major problem with exfoliants that is dangerous for the environment is the inclusion of microbeads in the various face and body scrubs that are made with low-quality substance and are cheap. The unhealthy ingredients in these products go down the drain to the sewage treatment plants that filter it into the rivers and canals which are consumed by fish and water animals. So check for products that have no microbeads in them for your safety and environment sustainability.