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Looking for perfect place to help relieve stress, increase energy levels, decrease anxiety, and help improve your skin tone, texture and appearance? We are right here in your neighbourhood, offering convenient, customised and affordable massage services as a reprieve from the regular grind!

Do you always have a million things to do that you find no time to spend to drive down those extra miles to pamper yourself for a spa treatment in Chennai?

A woman lying on the bed and taking massage from a professional massage therapist. A group of flowers tied and kept near the woman in the bright room

River Day Spa’s Massage Parlour Offering a Wide Range of Body Massage Services That Includes Foot Reflexology & Deep Tissue Massage

Whether you’re looking for stress relief from your everyday life, pain relief or just relaxation, our range of massage therapies offer it all. With special emphasis on special massage services, such as foot reflexology, deep tissue massage, Thai, Swedish & Balinese massage, we ensure that we offer you a complete range of head to toe massage spa therapies that encourages total relaxation of the body and mind.

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Body Massage Therapy Services

Pamper Your Body & Soul with Our Hand-Picked Range

River Day Spa’s professional massage services in Chennai will ensure that you leave feeling rejuvenated. It aids speed healing from injuries, reduces mental stress, increases lymph and blood circulation, loosens tight muscles and will relax you. Here is a gist of the special massage services menu that you can experience at River Day Spa….

Beautiful young woman lying on a white towel with sandal colour towel wrapped on head receiving a professional Swedish Massage. The spa backdrop consists of a bowl containing small pebbles and a pink flower
Swedish Massage
The Swedish massage offers a calming relief to the entire body. It helps alleviate fatigue and muscle stiffness that is caused by the everyday routine grind. It helps improve circulation and relieves everyday tension and stress.
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Pleasant spa arrangement all set for head to toe aroma massage with a modern oil diffuser with twisted white towels and spring greens for Clean and fragrant air
Head & Toe Aroma Massage
Our Head & Toe aroma technique massage refreshes, hydrates and naturally soothes tired feet and head muscles thereby giving you complete relaxation. It aids in easing apprehension, irritability and nervousness.
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A woman getting a Balinese massage with the gentle hands of a professional masseur in a serene environment of a spa
Balinese Massage
Balinese massage is a composite of different schools of traditional massage therapies that combines acupressure, reflexology and aroma therapy. It is an amalgamation of traditional Chinese medicines and Indian Ayurvedic techniques.
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Close-up of Woman relaxing in a deep tissue massage by a professional massage therapist in spa
Deep Tissue Massage
Our special deep tissue massage targets deeper tissue structures of the facial and body muscles. It is focussed on pains and aches that use techniques that assist your body’s natural healing process.
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Close-up of a young woman experiencing the sense of siam head massage at a spa salon
Sense of Siam Massage
Sense of Siam massage combines yoga & acupressure techniques to manipulate your body’s internal energy by using pressure points and palm pressure.
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A charming woman relaxing in a white bed getting a gentle detoxifying massage at a spa
Detoxifying Massage
The detoxifying massage is a gentle touch massage that stimulates blood flow throughout the body. It helps reduce inflammations caused by lymphatic nodes.
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A sports massage therapist massages a male athlete's knees
Sports Massage
The sports massage therapy is geared towards athletes of all kinds, right from sport pros to the everyday jogger. The muscle-tendon junctions are the targeted points for sports massage. Sports Massages from River Day Spa helps prevent injuries, improves endurance, reduces fatigue, promotes flexibility and prepares their body and mind for optimal performance.
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An ayurvedic massage therapist is providing a holistic abhyanga massage to a man in an elite spa
Abhyangam Ayurvedic Massage
This is a warm ayurvedic herbal oil treatment that combines intuitive movements with rapid choreographed strokes with an integration of acupressure points. It promotes peace of mind, brings nourishment to the tissues, offers deep relaxation to muscles and helps loosen cellular level toxins.
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Female hands doing synchronized massage for the young girl lying on a massage couch with bright lighting at modern spa salon. Health massage in the light background on soft and clean skin
Synchronized Massage
Our synchronized massage services offer you total pampering with two different therapists combining massages to give you complete relaxation. For instance, the head and toes are massaged at the same time offering full reprieve.
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Woman enjoying pampered foot reflexology massage in spa settings
Foot Reflexology
Foot Reflexology massage is a pressure point treatment, aims at unlocking stagnant energy in the body by activating the corresponding reflex areas of the feet.
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Masseur prepares to perform Thai massage treatment by placing aromatic oil on the client's back
Thai Massage
Treat your body, mind and spirit to an extraordinary and complete de-stressing, reviving, experience with traditional Thai massage therapy from River Day Spa.
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