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Sea Salt Scrub

Indulge in Deep Exfoliation with the Best Sea Salt Scrub in Chennai

Salt, the quintessential ingredient in your kitchen can also be an excellent remedy to skin infections and clogged pores. Sea salt scrubs reduce any inflammation as well as take away all the pain and itching. Do you feel your skin to be dull and lifeless? Do you want to bring back lustre to your skin? River Day Spa, Chennai guarantee to bring your inner glow by gentle massages and deep exfoliation techniques.

The stress and monotony creeps into your daily life slowly bringing dark circles and spots on your face. Our sea salt scrub packages have been designed specifically to give you the much-needed revival. It accelerates you with skin regeneration process taking away the dead skin cells.

Sea Salt Massage and Scrubs to Bring out your Inner Glow

We have brought in the internationally popular sea salt scrubs to your home town. Now you can come in for a session and guaranteed to look and feel better. Our team of expert beauticians and masseuse are only focussed in giving you the luxurious treatment that you deserve.There is a wide array of sea salt scrubs from which you can choose the ideal therapy for you. We can also customize our packages specifically to cater to your need.

Experience the premium Salt scrub massages

Gentle exfoliation using salt scrubs accelerates blood circulation helping in the regeneration of cells. This would make you look as well as feel healthy and beautiful. You would get a firmer glowing skin along with a high self-esteem. Some packages we have are also combinations of sea salt with coconut and other aromatic oils. If you want to cleanse all the toxicity in your body and mind, then this treatment is for you.