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Deep Exfoliation with Sea Salt Scrub Massage In Chennai 

Can we ever imagine a kitchen without salt? The essential salt for food has much more to offer than the taste it imparts to our food. Sea salt is also used to give the body a good scrub. A Sea salt scrub is a great exfoliator and helps in easing a skin from itchiness. The dead skin makes the skin look dull and lifeless. At River day spa use the best organic salts which are chemical free. Our massage specialists and healers help in taking care of your therapeutic needs and helping our customers to relax in the ambience of the spa.

When you venture the market for salt scrubs there will be many kinds of salt available. However, sea salt is said to be the best salt available for the process of exfoliation and to clean the dermal layer. Sea salt scrub is great to take away the tan you might have gathered. So if you are using a Sea salt scrub in the rainy season you are actually working on the tan your skin has accumulated in the summers. Even post winters it is good to use a sea salt scrub because you are actually taking away the tan you have gathered while tanning your skin in the winters while sun bathing. The Sea salt scrub also helps in the process of regeneration of skin while taking away the dead skin cells.


Let Your Skin Rise and Shine with the Use of Sea Salt Scrub

We have brought to all our outlets the best sea salts for our customers. Come and book an appointment with our therapists at your time of convenience. Feel young and healthy in the Best luxury of a spa in Chennai. We will help you choose the best therapy for your skin and hair.

Premium Salt Scrub Massages at River Day Spa in Chennai

A gentle rub with the sea salt on the skin gives is good for exfoliation and regulating the blood flow in the body. A body scrub combined with a body massage usually shows great result. Sea salt scrubs help in the process of reversing the aging by taking away wrinkles from the skin. The skin starts to glow with health. The regenerated skin is younger and brighter which glows. A regular use of scrubs takes away the toxicity from the skin and provides it health and life. The aromatic oils used along with the salt scrub is good for the senses.

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