Effect of Massage on the Brain

Masseur doing traditional Swedish body massage on the back of a young woman resting head on a white towel in a spa.

The physical benefits of a massage have already been established. It alleviates stress, provides relief from pain and aches, and helps in better muscle and joint functioning. Different types of massages like the Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy at the Best Massage and Spa Center in Porur have known to improve blood and lymph circulation which increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle cells which helps the muscles to perform better. These massages also uplift the mood and remove the feeling of anxiety and depression.

Does Massage have any Effect on the Brain?

Yes, it has been proved that massage boosts brainpower. The Central Nervous System in the Body consists of the brain and the spinal cord. While the brain controls the consciousness the spinal cord controls the reflexes of the body. A massage improves neurological functioning and thus helps the brain to better perceive its environment.

How does Massage Affect the Brain?

a. Relaxing Nerves

One of the most important benefits of a massage is that it relaxes the muscles. While doing so, massage also reduce nerve compressions in the body. Since the nerves are relaxed, they function better. This improves the coordination between the brain and the nerves, which translates to better functioning of the various body systems and organs.

b. Stimulates Activity in the Left Brain

Get a massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Egmore to completely relax and reduce stress. A massage is known to stimulate activity in the left side of the brain. This part of the brain is associated with positive feelings of happiness and excitement. By uplifting your mood, improving your awareness and alertness, a massage can be very useful especially in today’s stressed environments.

c. Stimulates Production of Neurotransmitters

Our behaviour and emotions are governed by hormones. Massages stimulate the production of neurotransmitters which are chemical produced by the brain and which control our emotions. A massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai affects the production of two important neurotransmitters Cortisol and Serotonin. Cortisol is the body’s stress hormone and induces feelings of anxiety and restlessness with increased blood pressure. Massage decreases the production of cortisol and helps you relax.
Parallelly, massages stimulate the production of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins all of which create feelings of relaxation, happiness and enthusiasm. These hormones also decrease pain and promote good sleep.

d. Massage Improves Memory and Concentration

A massage of the neck and shoulder muscles loosens them which improves blood circulation to the brain. This improves memory and promotes efficient thinking. Also relaxation of the muscles alleviates stress and promotes relaxation. A massage also boosts the immune system and promotes overall wellness of the mind and body.

Massage is not just an indulgence. Kneading and manipulation of the body muscles not only help the body but also the mind to function better.

Check out the various massages offered by the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai.

Can Massage Help in Chronic Pain Conditions ?

Nearly half the population in our country lives with some form of chronic pain. What is chronic pain? Any pain that in the body for three months or longer is defined as chronic pain. Pain has a severe impact on the quality of life of people. Besides affecting people’s mobility and their ability to do every day activities, chronic pain, eventually lowers their mood, makes them exhausted and stressed and they finally get depressed. Finding safe and effective pain-relief methods is always a challenge.

Massage Therapy at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai is one of the safest, natural, gentle and effective ways to relieve pain. A massage is very effective in relieving back pain, neck pain, joint pain or stiffness, arthritis, headache, leg pain in pregnant women and postoperative pain.

A massage at the Best Massage Center in T. Nagar relieves pain by relaxing and loosening the muscles. This improves the flexibility in the muscles and increases the range of movement. Massage also improves blood circulation in the muscles which helps them to recover from injury. By increasing the endorphin levels in the body, a massage uplift the patients’ mood which is an essential part of chronic pain management.

Following are some common conditions where a massage can help

1. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a musculo-skeletal condition affecting many. The major symptoms include mild to severe pain in the soft tissue around the joints, tension headache, fatigue, and stiffness in the joints and sleep disorders. While there is no cure for fibroid nostalgia the pain in this condition can be managed by a massage at the Best Massage Center in Chennai. A massage loosens the muscles and improves muscle Toni city, improves blood circulation and provides relief from headache, can relax the patient and help him get better sleep which helps the body repair and rejuvenate at night and finally reduces anxiety and depression in the patients.

2. Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition characterized by swelling, pain, stiffness and inflammation in the joints. A massage can be very effective in soothing the pain and easing the stiffness in the muscles. Massage at the Best Massage Center in T. Nagar helps to release the tension in the muscles and therefore the stiff joints become more flexible and pain-free. This helps the arthritis patients lead a more active lifestyle.

3. Lower Back Pain

A massage at the Best Massage Center in Porur is very effective in healing and providing relief from lower back pain problems. A massage relaxes the tight muscles, increases the blood and lymph flow, improves blood circulation and helps to relieve back pain. A Swedish massage at the Best Massage Center in T. Nagar, a Deep Tissue massage , Trigger Point therapy, Myocardial release are the different kind of massages effective in treating back pain.

4. Postoperative Pain

Massage can be coupled with medications to relieve postoperative pain especially after a major surgery. Following a surgery a patient has pain, inflammation, scarring and is very anxious and fearful. Massages like Deep Tissue Massage at the Best Massage Center in Porur, Therapeutic Massage, Remedial Massage can help in faster recovery by relaxing the injured muscles, improving the blood circulation and providing increased range of movement. Proper massaging can alleviate swelling usually found after a surgery.

Call the best Massage Center in Chennai to find more details about various kinds of massages


Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

Massages are one of the best ways to heal the body from physical and mental tension. There are many reasons why people get massages. For instance, an athlete wants to recover from a sports injury or an office goer wants to relax after a hectic day – since the needs are different in both these cases, the techniques to be used by the therapists will also differ. A one-size-fits-all model will not work. Depending on the needs and preferences of the clients the best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai offers different types of massages.

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage is the most common and well-known massage techniques. Understanding the differences between the two can help you to decide which massage would best suit you.

Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Massage
What Is It? Swedish Massage is the most commonly offered massage. It is considered to be the foundation of other massages. Deep Tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscles, tendons and fascia.
Strokes Used During a Swedish Massage, the therapist kneads the muscles, uses long, gliding strokes and deep circular movements. The pressure applied is less and is paired with gentle stretching.

The therapist uses his hands and fingertips to massage.

The massage technique is the same as a Swedish massage but deeper muscle groups are targeted here. The movements are generally slower and pressure is more.

The therapist uses his hands, fingertips and also elbows and forearms to reach the deep layers of muscle tissue.

Intended Use It is a popular massage for relaxation. Since light-to-moderate pressure is applied it helps to loosen tight muscles, relieve muscle tension and stress. This type of massage is used to address chronic pain and relieve deep layers of tension. It is best suited for athletes, runners and people with injuries.
Benefits Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Increases Blood Circulation and Lymph Drainage

Helps in Relaxation by easing body tension.

Improves Body Immune System

Treat Chronic muscle pain like fibromyalgia and lower back pain and sports-related injuries.

Can help to treat muscle spasms, knots and strains.

Improves muscle flexibility.


Post-Massage Effect You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after the massage. As more pressure is applied in deep tissue massage, you may feel a bit sore for a day or two after the massage which can be treated with heat or ice.
When should you Go in for the Massage? If you are looking to relax, uplift your mood, get better sleep or stimulate your nervous system you can schedule a Swedish Massage. Book an appointment at the best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai to get a Swedish Massage. Book an appointment at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai to get a Deep Tissue Massage if you are suffering from severe muscle or neck or back pain, have sports injuries or have posture issues.

Irrespective of the type of massage a few things to consider are

  1. Finding the right therapist : Before booking a therapist decide on if you want a male or female therapist, read the reviews of the Spa or the Massage Center. Visit the Spa in Chennai. Our therapists are trained to provides different types of massages that will leave you energized and rejuvenated. Check if the therapist is licensed or certified and is trained to give the type of massage you are looking for.
  2. Talk to Your Therapist: Before the massage session, it is important to discuss with the therapist your goals and expectations, any injuries you are having, your comfort levels with regards to the pressure and your privacy concerns.
  3. Stay Hydrated and drink lots of water before the massage.


Call our Staff at the best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai to discuss what kind of massage is right for you

Hair Care Mistakes One Should Avoid

How do you take your hair from dry and brittle to bouncy? Good looking and healthy hair makes you feel and look better and increase your confidence. The following are some of the Golden rules to have healthier hair.

1. The temperature of the water with which you wash your hair plays a key role in maintaining the hair strength and volume. Using too much of hot water can lead to dry, brittle and frizzy hair. Hair loss is also more when hot water is used to wash hair. Instead, lukewarm water is preferable for rinsing. Warm water tends to open the cuticles thereby helping in better cleaning of the hair. Our haircare treatment at Spa in Chennai yields the best results. Call us to know more details.

2. While leaving your hair open is not advisable, wearing it extremely tight too can break and damage it. Always leave your hair loose or tie it in a simple braid when you go to sleep. Our Spa Treatments in Egmore can reduce hair fall and give you shiny hair.

3. Hair over your forehead may sometimes trap oil produced in the skin. This along with the dirt and sweat increases the risk of breakouts. Bangs can also lead to breakouts. It is advisable to keep the hair especially the bangs pulled back and away from your face massage in Chennai

4. Do not apply the shampoo directly onto your scalp. Instead, mix the shampoo with water and then applying will ensure that it spreads evenly across the scalp. Also, you will end up using much lesser shampoo. Try our Herbal Spa Treatments in Tirupur for healthy hair growth.

5. A common but major mistake we all make is vigorously rubbing the wet hair with a towel to dry it. This can seriously damage the hair leading to hair breakage and hair fall. Using a thick towel and putting the hair up as a turban is also not advisable. You can instead use a microfiber fabric towel or a T-shirt.

6. When your hair is soaking wet it is weaker, fragile and more susceptible to damage and excess tangling. Do not brush your hair when it is wet. Make sure that the hair is at least partially dry before detangling hair. Also, use a hair pick or wide-toothed comb. Application of hair serums on wet hair can reduce tangles and can make the hair smooth and shiny.

7. If you have fine, thin or oily hair you can apply conditioner and then shampoo the hair instead of completely skipping the conditioner. Doing so will prevent product build-up and make your hair look fine and flat.

8. Managing oily hair is quite challenging. Shampooing your hair frequently is not a solution to cure oily scalp. Also do not choose extra-strong shampoos as these products can have a detrimental effect. Best salon and spa in T-Nagar provides treatments for all kinds of hair – dry, oily or curly.

9. Should you wash your hair every day? This is a commonly asked question to dermatologists. There is however no single answer to this. The frequency of shampooing your hair depends on your hair type and personal preferences. Frequently shampooing your hair may make it dry and prone to breakage. However, people with oily scalp need to shampoo daily.

10. Before using hair-styling tools like a blow dryer or flat iron or before styling the hair remember to apply a heat protectant serum. This will protect your hair from getting damaged due to the heat.

Talk to us at the best spa in Chennai to get more details on hair care treatment

Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure

Your hands and feet are the most used parts of the body and sadly, many times, the most neglected ones too. Manicures and pedicures are often considered beauty treatments for getting good-looking nails. Actually, these treatments will keep your hands and feet healthy besides make them good-looking. Get a manicure and pedicure at the spa in Porur.

A manicure is a cosmetic treatment of the hands and fingernails while a pedicure is the treatment of the toenails and feet. A mani-pedi includes skincare and nail care. The steps in a manicure/pedicure treatment include

While you can clean your hands and feet at home too, a Professional Mani-Pedi will provide a host of other benefits too. Get the best Spa services at the Salon and Spa in Porur.

Benefits of getting a Mani-Pedi

Improves the Appearance and Health of Your Nails

Clipping, Filing and Buffing give proper length and shape to your nails. Apply nail polish of your choice or even better get a nail design and Voila! You are all set for a great evening. You can get your nails done at the best Spa and Salon near you.

Dirt, Pollutants, Moisture tend to collect under your nails over a period of time. Mani-pedis will clean the nails thereby eliminating any chance of getting an infection. Your nails are thus stronger and healthy Spa in Chennai.

You can Smooth and good-looking hands and feet

A mani-pedi includes soaking the hands and feet in warm water and massaging them. This improves blood circulation to these parts. Dead cells and dirt is removed by exfoliation. This gives makes the skin on the hands and feet smooth and attractive. Book an appointment at best Spa in Chennai and give your hands and feet a makeover.

Keeps Hands and Feet Healthy

Changes in the weather conditions and stress can make your hands look dry and chapped. Likewise, your feet can develop cracked heels, callus or corns due to excessive standing and working. Mani-pedi treatments include cleaning, massaging and exfoliation which removes the dirt, dead cells and stimulates blood circulation in the hands and feet. massage centre in Chennai. This keeps your hands and feet moisturized and prevents any infection. This treatment removes any callouses at the bottom of your feet, helps to distribute weight more evenly across your feet. This will help to reduce leg and back pain especially after long working and standing hours.

Helps you De-Stress and Relax

A massage to the hands and feet will definitely help your muscles relax. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Are you ready to put your best foot forward! We can help you with that. Book an appointment at Riverdayspa, the Best Spa in Porur to give your nails, hands and feet a makeover.

Which are the services offered by beauty spas in Chennai?

Relaxation is about getting away from tension and anxiety. Stress can be relieved and you can get mental peace through various methods one such choice is booking a spa appointment nearby. A spa is a commercial setup which provides health and beauty therapies using steam baths, exercise devices, reflexology treatments, health spa and massage sessions. It is a location where you can enjoy massage, facials and body therapies such as sea salt scrubs, lemongrass scrubs etc. There are various kinds of spas. The most common ones are day spa where you book a spa for a day. You may also visit destination or health spas and resort spas where you may stay back in the night and relax.

Each spa offers different types of services. If you want to relax and get away from your daily routine book a spa appointment by checking out Spas near me and enjoy a few of the below services for your mental and physical wellness.

  1. Spa Treatments.
    Good quality spa treatments offered in a good atmosphere and pleasant ambience is very important in a premier spa experience. Check out various spa treatments offered such as massage, facial and body therapies when you visit a spa.
  2. Massage
    It is one of the well-known services in a spa in Chennai and across the world. There are a variety of massages available in each spa. Swedish massage, Balinese massage, Thai Massage are few massages that are offered in the name of a place with a wonderfully relaxing experience. Synchronized massage, sports massage and detoxification massage are good for both your physical and mental wellness. Ayurvedic massage using herbs, natural essential oils and other natural ingredients are beneficial for your body and mind. Few such massages are Abhyangam massage, ayurvedic massage, sense of Siam massage, deep tissue massage, head toe Aroma massage and many others. Enjoy the soft touch and pain-relieving strokes provided by the expert therapist in best spas in Tamil Nadu.
  3. Specialty massage
    These messages are easily available in many spas in Trichy, Chennai and Coimbatore. The hot stone massage is one such massage. Watsu is a type of specialty massage but it is not easily available as it has to be done in water so it requires a specific pool. Check out for specialty massage like lava shell massage, foot reflexology, couple massage, shiatsu etc… at various massage centres in Chennai.
  4. Facials
    Going for regular facial treatment is a must for maintaining your skin. It helps in caring for your skin to stay healthy and glowing. It is a very important aspect of maintaining your beauty and also health. Every facial has its own benefits. Witness the complete changeover in your skin’s texture, tone and glow after a perfect facial at a spa in Chennai or spa near your location.
  5. Body treatments
    Few of the common body treatments in spas are body polishes, body scrubs and body wraps. Don’t confuse with massages as body treatments. Both are different and it is good when you take both together. Body treatments at the spa are perfect for cleansing your body, tightening your skin, makes you feel supple and refreshed. Body treatments can make you feel energized and well-toned. Why wait? Book for your body treatment at the spa immediately at a spa nearby – Spa in Trichy, Spa in Coimbatore, Spa in Chennai.
  6. Waxing and Hair removal
    Waxing and eyebrow shaping is generally done in a many best spas in Chennai. It is done by waxing specialties who are trained specifically in this skill of removing hair without any pain using the right wax ingredients. There are also knowledgeable and have all the necessary training in cleanliness and sanitation which is very important while waxing.
    Excess hair spoils your look when you wear trendy clothes, it pulls down your fashion statement so define your perfect look by booking an appointment for waxing at the spa. Hair removal helps in giving you a polished and attractive look.
  7. Energy Work & Metaphysical Spa Treatments.
    Energy work is all about your physique’s mild energies that can be analyzed using conventional science. The therapist understands the energy flow in your body and clears the blocks created in your cells. This helps the energy flow freely to maintain the body’s energy flow. Although every massage has a certain element of the energy function, certain therapies are very mild and are done for specifically to resolve one particular body issue. Metaphysical spa treatments are meant for resolving problems related to the body’s energy field.
    Hope you have explored the treats you can enjoy when you visit a spa. Benefits of going to a spa are numerous, reap all the boons by booking regular spa appointments. With many Best spas in Chennai, you can relax from your daily chores by visiting a spa nearby. When you visit cities such as Trichy, Coimbatore and other major cities in Tamil Nadu you may also enjoy the distinct experience at Best Spas in Trichy, Best Spas in Coimbatore and other cities too.
    Search “Spa near me” and enjoy a good relaxing time.

What Is Lemongrass and what are the Benefits of Lemongrass Scrub

What is lemongrass?

Lemongrass is a herb that is available across many regions of the world. It originated in the native parts of Southern India and Sri Lanka.  Lemongrass stalks are generally a part of Asian Cuisine whereas the leaves are then brewed to prepare tea.

Lemongrass has the aroma of lemons slightly. It is also blended in tea, desserts and other dishes as flavor agent when lemon is not available or when real lemon may give bitterer flavor to the dish. Chinese and Thai dishes usually have lemongrass in them. Just like other grass variety this raises high and spreads faster. As it is easy to cultivate and there is always a demand for lemongrass, it is usually sold in decent cost in both organic and mainstream shops best couple massage centre in Chennai

I looks similar to many seagrasses as it has lengthy leaves. Around 55 species of lemongrass are available at present but the ones grown in East and West India is only included in foods and drinks.

Why use lemongrass as a Scrub?

Lemongrass does wonders if you have oily or acne-prone skin. It helps in cleaning and detoxifying the skin just as the natural lemon aroma filled deodorant. Too much oil in your skin can result in acne. When you use lemongrass for scrubbing it helps in eliminating the extra oil on your body that causes acne. Lemongrass also helps in tightening the pores and smoothening the skin. Your wrinkles also get reduced making it a perfect skin toner Spa in Chennai

Exfoliation using lemongrass is ideal for enhancing the circulation in your skin and to maintain a perfect skin tone. This aids in maintaining a resilient and supple skin by increasing the collagen secretion spa and massage centre in Chennai

Due to the aging process, cell development tends to reduce. When the body is unable to create new skin cells and wear off its dead skin cells quickly the skin begins to get a duller look and also tends to become dull and rough. The accumulation of dead skin cells leads to clogging of pores and building up excess oil which results in acne and blemishes in the skin.

When you exfoliate on a regular basis, the surface of dead skin that gets clogged in the pores can be cleansed which will give you fresh surface of new skin cells. So other moisturizers can be applied to penetrate within the skin surface. In short, exfoliation must be part of your daily routine especially with lemongrass for a good looking and healthier skin massage centre in Chennai

Why use Lemongrass as massage oil?

Lemongrass is available in tropic parts. Its essential oil can be made from the leaves of the plant and the stalks. Its special aroma with citrus scent makes it a perfect raw material for soap and other cosmetic products.

Lemongrass essential oil is manufactured by steam distilling the lemongrass after it is dried.  Its eassential comes with citral, geraniol, citronellal, limonene, geranyl acetate, mycrene, neral and nerol.

Lemongrass as a essential oil is mainly used for the purpose of relation and best aromatherapy massage. It is soothing aroma can be easily smelled in many best spas in Chennai and other cities. According to study. The massage done with lemongrass essential oil can bring down the individual’s diastolic blood pressure without having any effect on their systolic blood pressure or pulse. It gives a relaxing feel to the nervous system.

This essential oil is also considered as one of the best natural first aid for wounds and scars. It can help in quick recovery and reduces the infection risk in the individual. It is known to act swiftly against bacteria that are drug resistant such as strains that lead to blood infection, intestinal infection, skin issues and pneumonia.

Lemongrass oil can help in raising your confidence, mental stability and self-esteem. It helps in fighting against depression and lifts your spirit high. Therefore it is used many spas in Trichy, Spas in Coimbatore, Spas in Chennai and other cities in Tamil Nadu for the wellbeing of the customers. A lemongrass massage can help you in fighting again depression and anxiety. If you suffer from acute depression and is in rehabilitation due to an acute shock, lemongrass can help you in recovery if taken in a systematic way.

Uses of Lemongrass aroma

The fresh, citrus aroma from lemongrass oil is generally perfect for aromatherapy at spas for beauty and wellness. The main purpose of this aroma is it relieves headache, sets right indigestion and decreases inflammation. Ideally, it is blended with few other oils, body oil and hair and skin wellness ingredients. At times it is used as a mere inhalant too best spa in Chennai

Citral is one of the primary element of this essential oil. It is an element that has antimicrobial attributes i.e. it can kill bacteria and fungi and also delay the microorganism spread. Another major element is limonene which aids in bringing down inflammation and also fight infection caused due to bacteria.

As the skin absorbs the essential oil or as you inhale the aroma, the brain’s limbic system receives messages which triggers motivation, emotion, learning and memory. Aromatherapy therapist state that this essential oil helps in enhancing the breathing, blood pressure, heat beat rate, immunity and stress level.

Lemongrass oil is generally applied for reducing acne, and to bring down excess sweat. It also helps in correcting athlete’s foot and it is a great remedy for muscle aches, headaches, digestive issues and anxiety.

The aroma of lemongrass is a natural air freshener and it is a perfect insect repellant. Apart from pain relief and stress reducing feature, it has these special features too.

Final Words

Lemongrass essential oil is quite advantageous for every part of our body. It is filled with vitamins, minerals and other nutritious content. When smeared on the head, it can resolve scalp issues. When smeared on the skin your wrinkles vanish and your dead skin sheds off. It is a great remedy for excess oil secretion in skin and guards the skin from any damages. It is also useful in regulating various internal organs in our body. If you suffer from any muscle pain or aches similar to it, lemongrass oil is the best remedy to easy your pain. If you are stressed and tired, its aroma is the best boost for your mind. It scent can also help in fighting against depression and anxiety

What is a Normal Dressing Practice in Spas in India?

Let’s discuss on the dress code followed in India at Spas
Many of you might have faced inconvenience due to less or no clothes when some stranger (therapist) is around and this is a major deterrent when it comes to spa session even when best spas with good treatments are easily accessible. Hope after reading our blog you turn out to be an avid spa-goer shedding away all your inhibitions regarding minimum clothes and Spa in Chennai

Particularly being an Indian our culture brings in body shyness so the minimal clothing concept kind of brings in discomfort irrespective of being a new person going to spas or a spa enthusiast who is just new to spa treatments. This shyness in fact pops in even when you go the best spas in Chennai with a high rating.

With handsome experience in the spa industry and being part of the development of the Indian spa and wellness industry, we urge to clear the fog around this hush-hush topic of minimal attire at spas. Spa-goers may it be a luxury spa, best spa in the city or spa for routine spa treatments less clothing at all spas is a discomfort for all women and men. Especially first timers to spas find it highly uncomfortable. Now let’s clear this ambiguity and let no more embarrassing moments occur for anyone.
Moreover, unavailability of much information about spa dressing etiquettes in our country is the major reason for this confusion. The idea of No clothing gives this business a tainted grey shade. This is the major reason why many spa-goers are pulled back.

So, now let’s check out what is the permissible dressing norm in Indian Spa?

Generally, many spas suggest customers to undress their personal clothing. But most of the highly ranked best spas in Chennai and other places provide you with disposable bathrobe and underwear. However, if a spa doesn’t provide you such use and throw dress, beware! It isn’t recommended to take any service there.

And in many best spa and massage centres in Chennai, it is compulsory for a client to be ready on a disposable dress or their own underwear they are ready to dispose before a spa session. The therapist or masseur is instructed in the best spas to stop providing any spa treatment if the customer doesn’t comply with this code of conduct. This official rules in spas secure the privacy of both customer and therapist.

In most of the best spas in Coimbatore, Chennai and major cities in Tamil Nadu, the customers are draped in disposable sheets or towels. The part of the body where the massage is done is only exposed. If your right leg is massaged, the skin above your right leg –hip, back everything is covered with sheets. Even your left leg is covered when the right leg is massaged. Privacy is always kept in mind by the therapist at best massage centres in Trichy, Coimbatore, Chennai and other cities.

To clear the doubts – Full body massage doesn’t mean massaging your nether parts and definitely, it is not appreciable when you expose yourself or remain intentionally ignorant. It is similar to going for a complete medical check-up and looking for a lab assistant to conduct an ultrasound in your private parts. Sound weird right? So keep away the weird thoughts and get cool and book your spa appointment with right intentions. Many best spas await for you with the right intention too.

When you are at some common areas such as steam, sauna, changing room where many people are around wearing a towel or bathing robe. When changing your dress use the shower room when you don’t have a specific room to change. If there is a private relaxing space in the spa you may relax with no or minimal clothes after your spa session. That is your choice.
Also, the standard rules for spa clothing in all best spa and professional massage centres are in practice. Therapists and experts are trained with awareness knowledge, audit checks and management guidelines. There is no exception rule to this in professional spas in Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore and other cities in Tamil Nadu.

In many best spa spread across the country and spas in a hotel in many cities follow the “No Question” policy. According to this rule when a customer doesn’t comply with the rule of wearing a disposable dress or their personal brief and doesn’t cooperate with a therapist in draping rules while conducting the treatment, the therapist may walk out of the session or room with an excuse. The spa manager may then speak to the customer and explain them the rules professionally and tell them that Spas are meant for Holistic services and it is not a place for sexual or promiscuous behaviour. Spas that follow such rules are appreciated in the industry as the best spa for family and couples.

So in nutshell, the fact is Spa is not for Nudity. Moreover, a good spa experience will give you a better understanding of your boy and makes you understand the privacy you need along with gentleness and therapeutic effect.

Now that we have showered you with all confidence and broken all the stigma related to spa dressing why wait? Check out for the best spa near me. Grab your mobile and book a spa appointment.
Feel relaxed, it is just a Spa nothing more to fear. Happy Spring!!!

How do you choose the right Spa Treatment?

Usually, many of you choose a spa treatment that you have heard a lot such as Swedish massage or a Salt scrub. Whenever you visit a spa you might end up choosing a spa treatment that has always been popping in your ears. However, the best spa is well –known for offering a wide array of services, according to business study it is analysed that only 3-4 spa services have been contributing to 65-75% complete sales in the spa which on an average offers minimum 20 services.

The major reason these spa treatments are a hit is not that they are the only one that is good, it is because of the reason that spa-goers have very less knowledge about other spa services. Also as Spa service providers, it is our duty to educate the customers on the benefits they may rep from various Spa in Chennai

Unfortunately, all this is due to various repercussions. Few of them are enlisted for you

• Less experience from the customer point of view due to repetitive practice resulting in decreased focus necessary for portraying planned health goals.
• Cropping up of discouragement on the necessity of treatment strategies, ingredients knowledge, performance training together with slow business evolvement and invention because as an owner of spa you tend to concentrate on what gains you more profit. So when the demand is for Swedish or Balinese you tend to focus only on them and not something new.
• Not integrating health and wellness in Spa services as a tailor-made technique to suit every individual’s requirement is fading off.
• Technique has gained significance than the focus towards the healthy body so therapeutic tactics and healthy skin and body in spa treatments has deteriorated.
• Interest has been reducing amongst spa owners in the spa services filed so the innovation is lacking thereby the service standards is also reduced.
• There is a lack of due diligence in the complete spa business. If this is improved then Spa will become one of the trusted partners in every individual’s wellness routine.

Although the challenges aren’t just what we have enlisted above few such limitations in the industry has forced owners and spa service providers to remain stagnated.

It is a topic of debate of whether the supply must occur prior to the demand or vice versa but one fact is definite for the goodness of all and to grow steadily the supply and demand must coordinate at one particular point.

So as a wellness enthusiast there are few things you must give importance to before choosing the best spa treatment. The spa treatment you choose must be the right spa choice for you, must be worth the time and money spend and must contribute to your health’s wellness.

Now let’s explore a few tips that will help you in choosing the best spa in Chennai

  1. Know your Body’s requirement
    To begin with, understand your body. Is your physique in need of certain stretches to unroll those stressed muscles or is your skin looking for some in-depth hydration or is that stress hormone lactic acid is in excess that your body wants to shed it away or are you looking for some pampering time with a soft and soothing massage. According to your body’s need to choose a massage or spa treatment to fulfil your body’s thirst. It’s highly important.

2.Speak out about your issues and expectations in a Spa treatment and pick judiciously
Never get attracted to the verbal marketing of the Spa attendants who try to push the well-known spa treatments they serve. Instead, inquire about the consultation service and tell the masseur or spa therapist about your pain points and share with them what you expect from the spa session. Request for expert advice on choosing the ideal spa treatment for your specific requirement.

  1. Be Anxious
    Never succumb to various spa related Jargons and verbiage a spa attendant may use. Inquire about every product used on your skin and the ingredients that are part of the body scrub, facial and wraps. Also, ask the benefits of the product and ingredients on your skin and body. Ask the spa therapist about the oils they use on your skin and the importance of the various oil blends. Question them about the techniques and equipment that may be used during your session. Get details of its use and benefit on your skin and body.
  2. Decide your time duration.
    Most of you may be compelled to book a spa appointment when you actually have no time for it. Especially when you are planning or have just finished an uphill trek of stressful mountaineering and need a spa break, it is absolutely time pressing. So don’t ruin the relaxation of a spa by choosing a session that needs long hours. Pick a spa treatment that suits your time availability. The right spa fits aptly in your routine and you don’t have to feel stressed about spending extra hours on something you never planned for.
  3. Choose what’s right for your lifestyle
    If you want to book for a massage choose a session that fits your lifestyle. If your work is based on standing posture for long duration then choose a massage or therapy such as Swedish which concentrates on your legs, if you are just coming out of a sickness lookout for lymphatic drainage massage and if you are gym freak choose Deep tissue massage to shed off the stress built up due to overworked muscles. If you have a sedentary lifestyle Thai massage or Balinese massage is the right one for you with right stretching postures. Are you tired of continuous travel or feel jet-lagged choose Aromatherapy. Is your body stressed or feeling rigid then opt thermic treatments like bamboo massage or hot stone therapy to uncoil your muscles.
  4. Opt for treatment that improves your skin if your self-esteem is puzzled up due to aging sign worries
    It is not the right perception that massages are the only answer to reduce stress levels. Many of you will get better and feel good the moment your look gets better, energetic and young. So spa treatments give you a better inner feeling. You may enjoy this inner feeling after a right massage session. Hit a spa for your beauty and rejuvenating experience. Especially when it is done by expert hands it absolutely melts off your stress.

The spa doesn’t compose of massage alone. Wide range of facials, body scrubs, body wraps for nourishment, firmness and toning of skin is part of every best spa in Chennai. Pick the right spa service depending upon your skin tone and type in case you have a confusion contact the spa consultant and ask them to assess your skin.

Speak to them about the issues related to your skin like dehydration, pigmentation, loss of lustre or ageing issues, acne or dark pigments, loss of elasticity and any other issue that you think requires skin revival. Always keep in mind that any skin treatment will not give its benefit overnight, all treatments require few sittings to give the actual result. Finally, we would like stress on the fact that all that is popular and well known will not be the right treatment for your skin and all that is good for your skin is not popular among the general public.

Certain treatments that may please your skin type may not appease others. And similarly, every day and every moment is different in our daily routine so our requirements change. SO any spa session you enjoyed and felt relaxed last time may not give the same feeling this time best couple massage centre in Chennai

Always remember every one of you are special and each one of your deserve the best. So listen to yourself, connect with your body’s need and ask for expert advice and make the right choice. If you remember this mantra every spa session is undoubtedly going to be unique for you.

Enjoy the most relaxing and fruitful spa session hereon.

Why should you go for a Spa Massage – Reasons to Book a Spa Massage?

Reason for Spa Massages?
Booking for regular massage sessions is it a new trend or is it because it gives long-lasting effects? Massage has been travelling with us from ancient cultures and there are various proof in picture form and religious text format which speaks about the significance of undergoing regular massages.

Moreover, many of the recent times massages such as Ayurveda Massage, Thai, Balinese all dates back to many centuries behind. These originated in temples and was practised by priests and monks of high rank. The actual abbreviation SPA means Sanus Par Aquam which denotes Healing by or with water. It originated in the 14th century in a town called SPA located around Belgium and it is famous for Therapeutic, natural healing springs and all these continue.

Amidst the regular life, you must have come across babies being given Regular massages by grandma and mothers for a long duration. With a good old history and a routine ritual followed in many families, massages are definitely not a new fad massage centre in Chennai
Scroll ahead for few highly researched scientifically proven details about how good massages are for improving and maintaining your health. Get to know more about why you need a massage in this modern era-

  1. Enhances Blood Circulation
    The different strokes in massages with different pressure level help in relaxing the blood vessels for an ideal blood flow. In fact, the massage strokes function as a water pressure pump where you may pull the water in the tank below and push towards the tank in the upper storage and flow the water from the upper tank with good speed. This is exactly what happens with your blood after a good massage at the spa. Therapeutic massage increases the blood circulation to 70% which prolongs for a few days.
  2. Immunity Booster
    In contrary to the blood that is circulated by the heart, the Lymp the white liquid in your body is made up of white blood cells and antibodies continuously fight with infections. It gets sluggish because of less moving around lifestyle and earth’s gravity. The squeeze and press you get during massages act as mini pressure pumps that push the lymph upwards in the direction of torso together with the pressure that comes along with the enhanced blood flow and thereby increases the significant flow of lymph that in turn triggers right distribution of WBCs and antibodies. Similar to wide distributed Army that protects our physique from all invasions and infection.
  3. Massage brings down the risk of being affected by Lifestyle illness such as diabetes, blood pressure, cancer etc by about 80%
    With enhanced blood flow, our cells get the required quantity of oxygen & nutrients as blood transfers oxygen and food. An oxygenated and highly nourished body will protect your body from various lifestyle health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure and cancer. As cancer cells cannot live in an oxygenated environment it is good to keep your body oxygenated. It is not a surprise, you have around 80% better possibility blended with the right food to fight against any health illness.
  4. Massages Gives you a younger look
    The oils used for massaging is absorbed by the epidermal layers in your skin when the masseur rubs, kneads, and gives strokes on contrary to normal smearing of oil and creams. The oils and creams utilized for massaging rehydrates and increases the moisture in your skin making it soft and supple. The supple and soft skin makes you look younger and turns your skin 10 years younger in appearance.
  5. Massaging tones and shapes your body and offers a similar effect you get after 30 minutes of active walk
    Getting a massage is a relaxing and joyful experience for your health. The various stretching strokes, rubbing, manipulation of muscles decrease fats, releases fascia layer and reverses your .postural balance. Visit massage spas in Chennai regularly because it gives you the benefit a 30 minutes fast walk can give.
  6. Massages enhance virility, everyday activity and reduce your fall off into depression to around 65%
    Massages relax your physique and increase the oxygen flow towards your cells and trigger the stimulation of endorphin. As a result of endorphin secretion the de-stress hormones- virility is improved to the maximum level. With the rise in oxygen flow, we tend to be active and concentrate better. Your brain cells work at an optimum stage which increases the productivity of your day. The therapeutic touch triggers the effect of being secure and safe. It nurtures the positive vibe around you. So on the whole the endorphin secretion increases the oxygen flow and raises positive thoughts in your mind and decreases the depression by around 65%.
  7. Rejuvenation and detoxification of Body
    When your muscle manipulates due to massage it secretes the stress hormone – lactic acid. Together with this the enhanced blood circulation, significant nutrition spread enhances the metabolism and helps the body to shed away the toxins while breathing out, perspiration and urination. Following a routine of detoxification, every 14 days helps you in cleansing your body and reduces the toxin deposit in your body.
    Hope you have got enough details about why you should book for an appointment in the best spa in Chennai. The benefits you reap after the best spa massage are numerous and plays a great role in maintaining a healthy body.