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Hair Styling and Beauty Care for Adam and Eve from The Experts in Egmore


Our place is like an oasis that is calm and quiet. As you enter our place you can feel the serene surroundings calming down your nerves and the exotic setting of our interiors will hold your attention. The aroma of the scented candles and the oil will soothe your senses and the attention given to you by our team will make you feel special.

Hair is an important part of appearance. We all know a well-kept hair enhances the persona of an individual. It gives the appearance a new meaning. The world judges you by the way you look. A well-groomed appearance is something people look for while employing anyone. As people appraise a person head to toe an unkept hair definitely spoils a person’s impression. At River salon and day spa in egmore, we not only help you to take care of your hair we also help you with the latest style which will suit your face cut and personality.

River salon and day spa Stylist at Egmore has a competent team of Stylist and beauticians who help you with nail art, facials, and make-up for any occasion. We offer different kinds of packages for different special and social occasions. You just need to call us and come to us and the rest will be taken care of by our team of professionals who master the art of recreating beauty and style.

Your Hair Stylist and Beautician is Just a Call Away

Fix your appointment with our beauticians for the latest hairdo or a hair spa treatment. Do you love Nail art? We have some of the best people who can showcase to you some of the best nail artwork from which you can make your pick. If you have been bustling around the city, relentlessly come and relax at our spa make yourself look fresh and young with our care.

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My Nail Art My Passion

A professional salon will possess a beautician who knows all about nail art. Nail art is a growing passion between adults and young children. Nail art basically keep the hygiene of your nails at its best. People in and around you look at your nails when it is artistically done. Our services at Riverday spa in Egmore include polish change, paraffin wax, gel polish and nail art. We beautify your nails to display it to the world.


Bridal Makeup for Your Special Day at Egmore

Riverday spa walk you through the tradition of dressing up as a bride. We start by giving your skin and hair the glow which it has been looking for. We dress you up from head to toe to look your best on your special day. As you walk into the venue you steal the show with your looks and your charm. We offer you packages to suit your budget. Our beauticians are trained by the best in the industry to lace you with the charm and beauty for all occasions.

Awaken Your Senses Discover the professional massage treatment at River Salon and Day Spa