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Leaves You Refreshed And Young

Skin Refreshed and Young with Best Papaya Wrap at River Day Spa in Chennai

Does your skin look lifeless and dull?
Do you have patchy and rough skin?
Do you want to look and feel rejuvenated?

If you are affirmative about all the questions above, probably it is time to treat yourself to an all good natural detoxifying body wraps. Our Best body wrap service in Chennai has been specifically designed to enhance the appearance as well as the texture of skin. All the excess toxins and fluids get eliminated, making the skin look super soft and fresh. Papaya has the goodness of Vitamin C, enzymes and potassium which are vital to revitalize and soften the skin. The papine, in the fruit removes all the skin impurities and leaves you refreshed and young.


Indulge In The Benefits Of Papaya Body Wrap

We Have an Expert Team of Masseuses and Beauticians Who Are Only Concerned With Your Well-Being. We Guarantee to Treat You to the Best Range of Body Wraps Which Would Not Just Enhance Your Beauty, but Would Transform Your Mind and Feelings to Betterment. We Aim At Giving Our Clients, the Best of Nature Without Making Any Compromises on the Quality.

Lose yourself In the Goodness of a Papaya Wrap

Our team of beauticians and therapists will treat you and your loved ones to the massage, body wrap, scrubs of your choice, and as per the suitability of the skin. Natural treatments have a lasting effect. An effect your body and mind like to cherish and keep. We at River day spa in Chennai use the best products to service our clients. We serve you with nature's gift your contentment is our delight. Some Perks are:

Skin toning

Skin tightening

Detoxification of skin

Helps in boosting the metabolism

Skin softening

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