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Best Body Massage Spa in Trichy Sculpting Beauty of Wellness

Your body and psyche suffer from the everyday stress of work and personal life. Rejuvenating yourself with regular spa treatments is beneficial. We are well-known for the cutting-edge Vedic to Modern therapy treatment for approaching your health. Select from an array of custom-made, in-house massages and therapies or go for classic massages such as Swedish, Thai, Ayurvedic, or deep tissue. Recharge your senses and your body at Best Body Massage Spa in Trichy.

Our clients are satisfied with the best packages for therapy and salon treatments. You may effectively manage a full day of meetings by keeping your body functioning normally with the help of spa therapies from River Salon and Day Spa. We are situated in the exclusive area of Thillai Nagar, Trichy, and you can schedule appointments in advance for massage and stylists at any time.


Always Something New at the Best Massage Centres in Trichy

Everyone values health and attractiveness. Our aromatic massage in Trichy sets us apart and makes us wellness-friendly. We are a Unisex salon with services for the entire family. Visit our beautiful spa to get treatment for all your aches and pains.


Experience Our Professional Spa Near You


When you are engaged in a busy lifestyle, you will notice that your health and appearance worsen daily as a result of the neglect of an over-demanding schedule. You must now command yourself to take a break, revitalize yourself, and search for the new you. Finding the best moments to regain your energy from the worsen and supply the high-level energy. River Salon & Day Spa is one of the most well-known destinations in Trichy for external stimulation and services to rejuvenate the senses. We are located in Trichy Hotel Sona which can be reached out for various massage therapies and beauty services.

Embark on a Journey to the Massage Centre In Trichy

River Salon & Day Spa offers one of the best massages in Trichy. People look forward to visiting the Trichy Spa Centre. We offer a variety of services, including massages that address a variety of illnesses and stress-related disorders. Our therapist is compassionate and attentive to your concerns before recommending solutions or therapies.


Our massages relieve tension and help you overcome anxiety because they promote blood circulation, which is a healthy way to deal with strain. Massages produce collagen, which is an anti-aging treatment.


We offer a blissful escape to enhance your natural beauty. From expert hair styling and rejuvenating facials to precision grooming, our skilled professionals provide personalized experiences that leave you feeling pampered and refreshed.

Body Scrubs

We offer body scrubs made from organic salt or coffee from nature gifts that help treat and exfoliate the skin— before? Together with them, the aromatic oil hydrates the skin, giving it a remarkable sheen.

Body Wrap

However, we may be unaware that a fruit Wrap made from natural fruit improves skin tone, detoxification, and exfoliation, as well as acting as an anti-ageing measure.

Thousands Of Happy Clients

  • Riverday spa is a place to go with modern and aesthetic surroundings I got my solution to many problems which I was going through. I usually went to them for haircuts however I had serious issues regarding the quality of my hair. They helped me to get rid of the problem with a hair spa and suggested a balanced diet to enrich its upkeep. I regularly visit them for a hair massage which has enriched my hair growth. The stylists are knowledgeable and understanding
    Sai Pawan
  • I visited them a while ago when I wanted to go for a pedicure and nail art. We were supposed to go to a party and we wanted to do some basic cleanup for the purpose. The beauticians were understanding and they saw to it that we both could take the session together. The nail art portfolio with them is great and if anyone is looking for these services, I will recommend them to come to this place.
  • I have always enjoyed myself whenever I visited their outlet near my home. Their massages and facials are just great experiences. I chose an aromatic oil that suited my skin and a massage suitable for my age. They use organic products so you can rest assured about their quality.
    Dhruv Shashidharan
  • My bridal package was something I was actually worried about. However, all my thoughts were put to rest when I went to Riverday spa. My special day was so beautiful absolutely like a dream sequence. I have never been happier. I was admired for my looks by all members of my family specially my better half loved the way I looked. Their packages are good value for money.
    Nandini Sharma
  • I have two grandchildren and I like to color my hair and get my hair styled. I go for massages regularly. People can hardly guess my age. When I tell them I have grandchildren they are surprised. Riverday spa helped me to locate my style I have my favorite hairdresser and she attends me regularly. You will feel truly at home being with them.
    Sheetal Godhra
  • I have gathered problem with my skin. My face had frequent eruptions of acne and pimple. I have been going for facials regularly and have been able to treat the skin problem effectively. I now have a membership program with them and I am able to get rid of the frequent skin eruptions. The people working with River day spa are friendly and helpful.
  • I have to rush around the globe for my business. I have to work at odd hours and I am usually jet-lagged and tired with my schedule. I tried the massage at River day spa and it helped me with my sleep schedule and overall relaxation. Now I am on a wonderful routine with them and it is helping me to relax along with my work.
  • I have been to this place many times. I have tried their massages and scrubs. They are all made of organic stuff and I have got a lot of benefit from their treatment. I was suggested a massage and scrub according to the kind of skin and the problems I was facing. I have benefitted a lot from their association.

One-Stop Relaxation Destination Now Near You

River Salon and Day Spa is the best massage spa centre in Trichy. We are your new one-stop spa for sleep restoration and stress relief. We resolve your worries in due massage. A good massage is an excellent way to induce natural sleep and relax the nerves. A regular massage will keep you healthy and fit if you work in a stressful environment. Your worries destroy precedence and provide you with relaxation. Even though you can't alter the nature of your work, you can improve your fit by taking advantage of River Salon and Day Spa's massages and other services to help you get in health.

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No.75/E, Hotel Sona's First Floor, Salai Rd, Thillai Nagar, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620018

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