How does Sports Massage Help in Faster Recovery from Injury?

Massage therapy has been used to treat illnesses and injuries for many centuries. There are different kinds of massages each has different techniques and offering unique benefits. Sports massage is specifically useful for athletes to help them prepare for a big competition and to improve their performance. Sports massage is also increasingly being used as a treatment approach to help athletes recover from various sports-related injuries. Today, professional athletes are incorporating sports massage into their regular training regimen.massage in chennai The Best Spa and Massage in Chennai offers high-quality Sports massage either pre or post-training.

The Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai offers different kinds of massages that reduce pain & provide relief from stress and anxiety. Sports massage involves kneading and a cross-friction massage where force is applied transversely across the target tissue. Kneading involves lifting, squeezing, and moving tissues.

Recovery from Injury and Faster Rehabilitation

Injuries and traumas are common for athletes. The goal is to avoid injuries and recover as quickly as possible. Although other kinds of massages like Deep Tissue Massage helps in recovery from injury, Sports massage is great for dealing with injuries in athletes. When a muscle is injured, the muscles in the area will become short and will contract. There is a pain in the area, inflammation and loss of motion.

In a sports massage the muscles are palpated, the tendons and ligaments massaged and stretching techniques are used. This causes muscles to loosen up and the buildup of scar tissue is reduced. This reduces pain and discomfort in the area.

A Sports massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in tnagar helps the athletes in controlling and managing pain after an injury. This massage relaxes the muscles and relieves muscle tension, spasm and stiffness all of which cause pain. The pain impulses due to an injury run from the spinal cord to the brain. A sports massage breaks these signals. The massage also stimulates the body to release natural pain killers that override the sensations of pain. Sports Massage also helps in faster rehabilitation from injuries. A massage increases blood and lymph flow in the body thereby speeding up the rehabilitation process. Blood circulation is vital for faster and complete recovery and by improving blood circulation, a sports massage helps to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the healing tissues and organs. This accelerates the healing process of the injured parts.

Sports massage also flushes out the metabolic wastes like lactic acid from the muscles which also helps in faster recovery. Sports massage also increases the flexibility of the muscles and provides an improved range of motion. Check out the various type of Massages at the Best Spa in Chennai.

What are the Importance of Stomach Massage?

The common fact we always hear is that massages soothe muscle tensions. Massages are far more than that. Apart from relieving muscle tensions, massage helps people relieve stomach-related problems like the uneasy stomach and digestive function issues.

Stomach massages have originated in China and it was used by The Taoist monks to eradicate harmful chemicals from the body that induce further problems.

Stomach massages or abdominal massages are available in spas. The therapist pats your stomach in a clockwise motion at the pressure points. You might have a few disturbances and uncomfortability in the starting, but it's worth the wait. Although after the massage, you feel much more pleasant than you anticipated. Are you in for a relaxing stomach massage? We at Riverday spa in Chennai are trained to give you the best stomach massage that gives you good health benefits.

Improves digestive function:

If someone is facing digestive problems, This massage is ideal for improving your digestive system and also give relief to unease stomachs. However, these messages are not suitable for all ages and those who are having major health issues. Before you undergo this massage, you keenly observe your health condition. Because, in some cases, you might feel a sensation of loss of energy and in such situations, it's best to intimate the therapist right away. We at Riverday Chennai, the best spa and massage center in T.Nagar understand your health condition, evaluate the pros and cons and go ahead with the treatment only if necessary.

A recent study explored that a 15 minutes massage twice a day in 3 days gives improvement from digestive issues.

This message is not preferable for pregnant women.

Boosts immune system:

There are many ways to improve your immune system. One among them is stomach massage. The immunity system defines how much your body defends against diseases. If our gut health is spoiled, we feel sick and it slams our whole body function. Your Stomach massage causes lymphatic systems to improve. It rekindles your body's defense system.

By abdominal massages, nutrition diets and enough sleep, you can restore your gut health.

Improves posture:

Your posture can tell others about how good your health is. However, when we would have stomach and gut-related ailments, our posture looks shoddy. Abdominal Massage helps you render the low back and abdominal muscles that connect your spine.

Release physical stress:

We all consider massages pull us from muscle tensions and relieve stress.
However, usually people go with normal massages to soothing their pains. The abdominal massage also serves you the same purpose. It gives the same benefits as other massages. It rekindles your energy state from dull to energetic.

If a doctor has recommended you for a stomach massage and you are looking for the best best massage center in chennai, Riverday spa is the exact place you are looking for. We render you an experience that's therapeutic and gives you relaxation at the same time.

What are the Key Principles of Massage?

Massage is the practice of manipulation, rubbing, and kneading the soft tissues of the body that includes the muscles, connective tissues, ligaments, and tendons. The massage therapist applies pressure on the muscles and joints to relax muscles, alleviate stress and pain, relax the body and promote overall health and wellness.

The Best Spa in Chennai offers different types of massages like Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology to make you feel relaxed and reduce pain. Each of these different massages has different techniques and offers different benefits to the body. Yet all these massages have certain common basic principles. These include

a. Improved Circulation of Blood

The friction formed between the skin and fingers during a massage improves blood circulation in the body. Most of the massages use the Effleurage and Wringing techniques. In Effleurage the massage therapist uses flattened hands and fingers to gently massage the body. This causes dilation of the blood vessels which decreases blood pressure and causes an increase in the blood flow through the vessels. Wringing is another technique where the therapist uses flat hands and fingers to pick and pull both sides of the body to the center in opposite directions. This friction also improves blood circulation. Improved blood circulation brings more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and helps them to function better.
Get a Swedish Massage at the Best Spa and Massage in chennai, egmore for increased blood circulation and relaxation.

b. Movement of Lymphatic Fluid

A good circulation of lymphatic fluid is necessary for the body to get rid of wastes, toxins, and pathogens. In cases of injury or surgery, the lymphatic flow is usually impaired. A massage can be very helpful in such conditions. A rhythmic, circular motion applied during massage can stimulate the lymphatic system and make it work more efficiently.

c. Release of Tension

Stressful lifestyles, trauma, or injury can lead to chronic muscular tension which can damage the body’s structure and function. High levels of tension in the muscles also lead to the shortening o muscle fibers and restrict their movement. A massage increases the temperature in the muscles causing the muscle fibers to get loosened. A Deep Tissue Massage at the Best Spa in Chennai, porur relieves tension in the muscles by causing them to stretch and by increasing their elasticity.

d. Reduction of Stress

A massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Porur increases the temperature in the body, loosens the muscles, and helps the body relax. When the body relaxes the heart rate and blood pressure are reduced. A massage also stimulates the release of feel-good hormones called endorphins which produce a calming effect. All these contribute to relieving stress.

e. Flow of Energy

Massage can cause the flow of energy through the body in such a way that it can improve the functioning of the body and also help in emotional well-being.

f. Improvement in all Body Systems

A full-body massage at the Best Spa Services in Egmore relieves tension in the muscles and improves the flow of blood and oxygen to various organs in the body. The increased supply of nutrients benefits all the organs and the body systems. This leads to an improvement in overall physical health and quality of life

Get the various types of massages at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai

Massages for Back Pain

Back pain can have a significant impact on the patient’s life. Improper posture, muscle strain, ligament sprain are some of the causes of back pain. Massage therapy has proved to be specifically useful in mitigating back pain. Get the best Massages for back pain at the Massage and Spa Center in Chennai.

The Quadratus Lumborum and Gluteus Medius are the major muscles that stabilize and support your lower back and hips. The Quadratus Lumborum muscle extends along your lower back and helps you bend backward and sideways. The Gluteus Medius is the Posterior hip muscle that allows you lift your leg and thigh sideways. Since the hip and spine are interconnected any problem in the hip muscles can cause lower back pain. Common instances where back pain could occur include:

a. Lifting heavy groceries
b. Leaning in wrong postures
c. Sitting slumped in a chair in the wrong posture. Sudden and strenuous physical activity
e. Previous Injury to the Muscle

Best Massages for Treating Lower Back Pain

1. Swedish Massage

Although considered a ‘gentle’ and ‘light’ massage, the long strokes and rhythmic pressure used in Swedish Massage help to provide relief from pain, cramping, muscle tension and chronic stress. A Swedish Massage also improves the flow of blood and lymph to the muscles thereby providing nutrition and removal of excess lactic acid muscles. These provide relief from muscle pain. Forget your Stress and Relax with a Swedish Massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in T. Nagar.

2. Trigger Point Massage

The goal of this massage is to identify the trigger points in the muscle and release them. Trigger points are areas in the muscle where the muscles have become tight or knotted. These tight spots not cause pain in the area where they are located but also cause radiating pain in the surrounding areas. Trigger point massage aim to identify these muscle knots and apply pressure on them for a longer time and thereby release the knots. A trigger point massage in the back provides relief from lower back pain and also other conditions such as sciatica. The Best Spa and Massage Center in Porur provides Trigger point massage for relief from pain in the neck and lower back.

3. Deep Tissue Massage

In a deep tissue massage, the therapist applies deep pressure in the muscle and deeper tissues. This can help to release the tightly knotted muscles in the back thereby helping to alleviate the pain. This kind of massage is very beneficial for people with chronic back pain and those with stiff and painful areas in the back and neck. Since the pressure applied in this kind of massage is more you might feel sore for a day or two after the massage. Also do not hesitate to speak to the therapist if the pain while giving a deep tissue massage is unbearable. Get relief from neck and back pain with a Deep Tissue Massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in T. Nagar.

Check out the Different Types of Massages at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai

Benefits of a Hair Spa Treatment

So, you just got your full-body massage and facial services in Chennai. Are you missing out on something? Well, of course, some treatment for your hair. The desire to flaunt long, shiny and lush hair can now be fulfilled with Hair Spa Treatments in Chennai.
Hair Spa treatment is a therapy to treat hair and scalp problems. It is done to revitalize and rejuvenate the hair and make it healthy, smooth, and strong. A hair spa treatment includes cleaning the hair, shampooing it, applying a hair mask, massaging, steaming, and rinsing the hair. Although you can get a hair spa treatment at home, getting it once a month by a professional at a Spa can be highly beneficial. Book an appointment at River day, the Best Spa in Chennai to get the best hair treatment.

The benefits of a Hair Spa Treatment?

a. Strengthens Hair Roots and Follicles

Weak hair roots are the major reason for dull and damaged hair and more hair fall. A hair spa treatment nourishes the hair roots and follicles and revitalizes the scalp. As a result hair, fall is reduced, and your hair becomes thicker and stronger.

b. Removes Impurities and Unclogs Scalp Pores

Hair Spa treatment cleanses the scalp and removes the dust, dirt and dead skin cells on it. It also helps to open up the pores and as a result the scalp can absorb the nutrients better and more easily.

c. Improves Blood Circulation

Massaging the scalp during the hair spa treatment increases the flow of blood to the scalp. As a result, the hair follicles get more nutrients and they become firmer and stronger. The hair appears shiny and lustrous as a result

d. Repairs Damaged Hair

A hair spa treatment removes dust, dirt, pollutants from the hair scalp and nourishes it. Heat treatments, UV rays and stress can damage your hair. Regular Hair Spa treatments will help your hair retain its moisture. Your hair follicles will get nourished. Your hair will no longer feel dry, brittle and frizzy and you can boast of thick, shiny and lustrous hair.

e. Reduces Dandruff

Hair Spa treatments help the scalp get back its natural PH balance. Also, various essential oils are used in massage. This nourishes the scalp, makes it healthy and helps to get rid of dandruff.

f. Relieve Stress

Hair Spa treatments are relaxing and help you relieve stress and anxiety. You feel refreshed and rejuvenated after getting a hair spa.

Now that you have learnt the benefits of a hair spa treatment, call us and book an appointment to get one. Your hair will feel silkier and look shinier after our hair care treatment in Chennai. Call River day for the best Spa treatments in Chennai to book an appointment today.


Spas are no more just beauty therapies but are meant for welcoming a holistic concept. Korean skincare treatments, fish nibbling dead cells and hot stone therapies are passé and the relaxing treatments stay in the realm of the natural and organic, presently we are witnessing the trend in the media. The style blends with cutting edge technology with treatments deep-rooted to wellness Spa in Chennai

On the trend of Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial, nowadays media spas provide technology influenced futuristic therapies by experts who hold clinical licenses. Providing different treatments from chelation therapy in which toxic elements such as mercury and aluminium are extracted from your body to vitamin drip that boost the energy in your body they aid in refreshing and rejuvenating yourself.

Cryotherapy is also gaining popularity. Including too cold temperatures, well known by Nordic due to its healing effects, customers withstand the powerful temperature of over 110 degree Celsius. It can decrease inflammation and help in pain management and reduce depression massage center in Chennai

Famous in the different regions of Europe from the 19th century, halotherapy or salt therapy is getting back on-trend. Relaxation in artificial salt caves which are covered with Himalayan sea salt while the halogenation spreads the salt around you. It aids in the betterment of respiratory ailments and reduces the problems related to skin infection/ allergies such as eczema.

On the other hand of the spectrum is the change to unplug from science as a way of life for optimum mental and physical wellness. Various spas provide digital detox which is triggered with different electronic gadgets and comes with body massages concentrated on shoulders, neck, head and eyes – various pressure points for complete relief.

The industry is looking into the ancient concept of mindfulness. Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing originated in Japan in 80s aids in getting therapeutic effects of sparing time in the wild. Considering a good walk around the wooded regions, concentrating on the breath and your atmosphere can help in getting back on mental balance letting your health to recuperate. Various spas are moreover providing this service with the help of mediation tours at Orchards and wilds.

Yoga till date happens to be powerful and is a perfect cure to all. The modern trend? Goat Yoga! It in fact includes real goats that wander around independently and gets along in your routine schedule. This style blends with the advantages of yoga with the joy of pet therapy to aid in improving endorphin secretion.

Pick one among the various innovative treatments and therapies that are offered in spas in Chennai. Although many spas in hotels and spas in Dubai, Spas in Chennai, Spas in Trichy, Spas in Coimbatore offer a wide variety of modern spa treatments and therapies that help in rejuvenation and refreshment of your body. However, as a spa blog for many years in the industry, we recommend you to study therapy, understand your need and consult a physician prior to embarking this adventurous journey towards wellness and beauty.

Why choose Anti-Aging Facials at Spa?

There are numerous benefits when you get a facial at the spa. The anti-aging facials and treatments help in fighting against wrinkles, gives a glow to your skin and give a youthful appearance. Anti-aging facials are now topping the spa menu list across Tamil Nadu in Spa in Chennai, Spa in Trichy and Spa in Coimbatore. It is one of the best choices to enhance your complexion and fade away the wrinkles. Let’s get a closer view of the benefits of anti-aging facials and treatments at the spa-

In-Depth Skin Exfoliation

Although facials, in general, come with a regular exfoliation using a scrub, the anti-aging facial comes with an additional in-depth cleansing along with a facial buffing tool, a facial scrubbing therapy or microdermabrasion treatment. Exfoliation helps in sloughing away the dead cells in your skin to get a fresh and youthful look with new cells grown underneath. This therapy helps in raising the circulation of the skin’s surface which in turn affects the renewal of cells in the skin spa and massage centre in Chennai

Moisturizing Dehydrated Skin

Most of the people facing skin aging issues have quite a dry texture in the skin that also appears notable flaky with rough patches. You may notice this dullness in the cheeks, on the jawline and over the forehead. Certain anti-aging facials come with the usage of hyaluronic acids and emollient filled moisturizers which aids in the increase of moist level in your skin. The facials are designed with the inclusion Galvanic device which aids in regularizing the moisture to maintain the moisture content in the surface of the skin and also helps in absorption of the tropic ingredients in-depth through the pores massage spa in Chennai

Enhances the Texture and Skin tone of your face

Anti-Aging facials can enhance the texture and skin ton of your face by improving the skin surface‘s circulation and changes your skin into smoother and softer skin. Gentle massage and the slight soft pressure on different facial points helps in contouring, shaping and defining the facial features and also give a better-sculpted look to your face.

Fades away the Aging look

Are you disturbed with the fine lines and wrinkles popping below your eyes, nose and lips? An anti-Aging facial is your simple solution to keep these worries aside. Anti-aging facials come with glycolic acid therapies, collagen-mixed serums and hyaluronic acids which helps in restoring the tightness in your skin and decrease the line and wrinkles appearing on your facial skin. When you book and visit the spa nearby for anti-aging facials it will help you in keeping up a fresh look with a supple, smooth and young skin.

Decreases the Age Spots or Broken Capillaries

In case the anti-aging therapy you are taking come with light therapy treatment, it is your right solution for age spots and broken capillaries. Light therapy treatments help in getting back a healthy skin at a deeper surface level and it also aids in rejuvenating and strengthening your skin from within. You may have to book a regular spa treatment at a nearby spa for seeing evident results but effective results are promised within a few weeks of an anti-aging therapy at one of the best spas in Chennai.

Gives a young-looking skin

You need not wait for wrinkles to emerge for getting this facial done. Even if you have no wrinkles, these anti-aging facials still can benefit you with a young look and youthful appearance and may help you avoid various signs of premature aging. Book an appointment at a spa nearby at least once in every month to get the best anti-aging effect in your skin.

Final word

Book a regular anti-aging facial at a spa nearby in Trichy, Chennai or Coimbatore for getting a youthful look with all aging marks, wrinkles and spots to fade away gently. The serums, ingredients and scrubs used in the facial penetrate deep with your skin and increase your blood circulation and help in the development of fresh new cells for a rejuvenating look.
Anti-aging facial at the spa for an anticipated new look in you!!

What are the different types of Spa- Six Types of Spas?

  1. Destination Spas-
    Destination spas are a fancy establishment of spas that are found in quite specific locations and quite influential. These are known as luxury spas in Chennai and they focus on rich and luxury spa experience for their customers. The spa is designed in such a way that the ambience gives you relaxation and rejuvenation. Its aim is to introduce healthy lifestyle in you thereby these spas along with central spa availability also offer exercise sessions, yoga, mental and physical health sessions and also explore many adventurous activities. This is a kind of spa that you may have a visit and stay for a minimum of 3 days to return back with a refreshed and wholesome spa day experience.
  2. Resort Spa-
    Resort and hotel spas are a new trend these days. As the trend picture shows, the high-class society and well-off personalities among us prefer relaxing at resorts. Beautiful scenery with a wonderful nature around you is a perfect place to unwind your stress and enjoy your holidays or take a break from your everyday routine. As resorts have turned out to be a highly preferred place, a spa in this holiday spot will definitely be a cherry on the cake. With many resorts and hotels in Chennai, Trichy and Coimbatore there are plenty of hotel spas trending in the market. Hotel spas in Trichy, Chennai and Coimbatore offer both basic and premium spa services. The cost of services of these spas is not very expensive but a little higher than the normal ones. So this absolutely not a regular spa visit, the service and the cost is premium massage in Chennai
  3. Day Spas
    These are spas that are meant to offer all the basic spa services like massages, facial or scrub and they come in a nominal price tag. These are best suitable to go for a regular spa day as they offer all essential spa services and all at a reasonable price. Also, remember these spas don’t provide any special services like locker facility or robes as these are your regular spas. However, there are special services such as body treatments at Spa in Chennai
  4. Mineral Spring Spa
    These spas are known for providing the customers with the right on site base of natural components, seawater or heat included in hydrotherapy therapies they offer. These spas are introduced in locations which are known to have excess natural resources and are packed with the minerals used in spas. This is the spa that was famous in yesteryears which is the major reasons spas became the trend of the day. There is a number of yesteryear spas that are set up and functioning in various locations across the world.
  5. Club Spas
    Club spas are usually seen in fitness centres and their main concentration is on fitness. Apart from that these spas provide expert monitored spa services on a regular spa day for customers. However, these spas can be used only based on the club membership as these spas are attached to clubs. But many club spas also welcome customers who non-club members with a different price range for the services offered.
  6. Medical Spas
    According to the study, the health of the individual erupts from the dee nerves of a person’s mind. A medical spa is a spa that helps people who have a medical condition and mental discomfort as it blends both medical treatment and spa relaxation in one go. These spa centres give complete relaxation for patients suffering from various illness and recovering from different surgeries. Certain treatments offered in these spas are Botox, laser treatments, intense pulsed light therapies and hair removal using a laser, photo facials, chemical peeling, and skin tightening treatment and cellulite treatments and many more. Viti a medical spa and enjoy both medical and beauty benefit.
    Final Word
    There are many spas across the country. Spas in Chennai, Spas in Trichy, spa in Coimbatore all are classified under various types of spas as we have explained above. Based on your need, convenience and time you may visit one of the above spas and know more about the services they offer. Enjoy a good spa day!!!

What Is Lemongrass and what are the Benefits of Lemongrass Scrub

What is lemongrass?

Lemongrass is a herb that is available across many regions of the world. It originated in the native parts of Southern India and Sri Lanka.  Lemongrass stalks are generally a part of Asian Cuisine whereas the leaves are then brewed to prepare tea.

Lemongrass has the aroma of lemons slightly. It is also blended in tea, desserts and other dishes as flavor agent when lemon is not available or when real lemon may give bitterer flavor to the dish. Chinese and Thai dishes usually have lemongrass in them. Just like other grass variety this raises high and spreads faster. As it is easy to cultivate and there is always a demand for lemongrass, it is usually sold in decent cost in both organic and mainstream shops best couple massage centre in Chennai

I looks similar to many seagrasses as it has lengthy leaves. Around 55 species of lemongrass are available at present but the ones grown in East and West India is only included in foods and drinks.

Why use lemongrass as a Scrub?

Lemongrass does wonders if you have oily or acne-prone skin. It helps in cleaning and detoxifying the skin just as the natural lemon aroma filled deodorant. Too much oil in your skin can result in acne. When you use lemongrass for scrubbing it helps in eliminating the extra oil on your body that causes acne. Lemongrass also helps in tightening the pores and smoothening the skin. Your wrinkles also get reduced making it a perfect skin toner Spa in Chennai

Exfoliation using lemongrass is ideal for enhancing the circulation in your skin and to maintain a perfect skin tone. This aids in maintaining a resilient and supple skin by increasing the collagen secretion spa and massage centre in Chennai

Due to the aging process, cell development tends to reduce. When the body is unable to create new skin cells and wear off its dead skin cells quickly the skin begins to get a duller look and also tends to become dull and rough. The accumulation of dead skin cells leads to clogging of pores and building up excess oil which results in acne and blemishes in the skin.

When you exfoliate on a regular basis, the surface of dead skin that gets clogged in the pores can be cleansed which will give you fresh surface of new skin cells. So other moisturizers can be applied to penetrate within the skin surface. In short, exfoliation must be part of your daily routine especially with lemongrass for a good looking and healthier skin massage centre in Chennai

Why use Lemongrass as massage oil?

Lemongrass is available in tropic parts. Its essential oil can be made from the leaves of the plant and the stalks. Its special aroma with citrus scent makes it a perfect raw material for soap and other cosmetic products.

Lemongrass essential oil is manufactured by steam distilling the lemongrass after it is dried.  Its eassential comes with citral, geraniol, citronellal, limonene, geranyl acetate, mycrene, neral and nerol.

Lemongrass as a essential oil is mainly used for the purpose of relation and best aromatherapy massage. It is soothing aroma can be easily smelled in many best spas in Chennai and other cities. According to study. The massage done with lemongrass essential oil can bring down the individual’s diastolic blood pressure without having any effect on their systolic blood pressure or pulse. It gives a relaxing feel to the nervous system.

This essential oil is also considered as one of the best natural first aid for wounds and scars. It can help in quick recovery and reduces the infection risk in the individual. It is known to act swiftly against bacteria that are drug resistant such as strains that lead to blood infection, intestinal infection, skin issues and pneumonia.

Lemongrass oil can help in raising your confidence, mental stability and self-esteem. It helps in fighting against depression and lifts your spirit high. Therefore it is used many spas in Trichy, Spas in Coimbatore, Spas in Chennai and other cities in Tamil Nadu for the wellbeing of the customers. A lemongrass massage can help you in fighting again depression and anxiety. If you suffer from acute depression and is in rehabilitation due to an acute shock, lemongrass can help you in recovery if taken in a systematic way.

Uses of Lemongrass aroma

The fresh, citrus aroma from lemongrass oil is generally perfect for aromatherapy at spas for beauty and wellness. The main purpose of this aroma is it relieves headache, sets right indigestion and decreases inflammation. Ideally, it is blended with few other oils, body oil and hair and skin wellness ingredients. At times it is used as a mere inhalant too best spa in Chennai

Citral is one of the primary element of this essential oil. It is an element that has antimicrobial attributes i.e. it can kill bacteria and fungi and also delay the microorganism spread. Another major element is limonene which aids in bringing down inflammation and also fight infection caused due to bacteria.

As the skin absorbs the essential oil or as you inhale the aroma, the brain’s limbic system receives messages which triggers motivation, emotion, learning and memory. Aromatherapy therapist state that this essential oil helps in enhancing the breathing, blood pressure, heat beat rate, immunity and stress level.

Lemongrass oil is generally applied for reducing acne, and to bring down excess sweat. It also helps in correcting athlete’s foot and it is a great remedy for muscle aches, headaches, digestive issues and anxiety.

The aroma of lemongrass is a natural air freshener and it is a perfect insect repellant. Apart from pain relief and stress reducing feature, it has these special features too.

Final Words

Lemongrass essential oil is quite advantageous for every part of our body. It is filled with vitamins, minerals and other nutritious content. When smeared on the head, it can resolve scalp issues. When smeared on the skin your wrinkles vanish and your dead skin sheds off. It is a great remedy for excess oil secretion in skin and guards the skin from any damages. It is also useful in regulating various internal organs in our body. If you suffer from any muscle pain or aches similar to it, lemongrass oil is the best remedy to easy your pain. If you are stressed and tired, its aroma is the best boost for your mind. It scent can also help in fighting against depression and anxiety

What is a Normal Dressing Practice in Spas in India?

Let’s discuss on the dress code followed in India at Spas
Many of you might have faced inconvenience due to less or no clothes when some stranger (therapist) is around and this is a major deterrent when it comes to spa session even when best spas with good treatments are easily accessible. Hope after reading our blog you turn out to be an avid spa-goer shedding away all your inhibitions regarding minimum clothes and Spa in Chennai

Particularly being an Indian our culture brings in body shyness so the minimal clothing concept kind of brings in discomfort irrespective of being a new person going to spas or a spa enthusiast who is just new to spa treatments. This shyness in fact pops in even when you go the best spas in Chennai with a high rating.

With handsome experience in the spa industry and being part of the development of the Indian spa and wellness industry, we urge to clear the fog around this hush-hush topic of minimal attire at spas. Spa-goers may it be a luxury spa, best spa in the city or spa for routine spa treatments less clothing at all spas is a discomfort for all women and men. Especially first timers to spas find it highly uncomfortable. Now let’s clear this ambiguity and let no more embarrassing moments occur for anyone.
Moreover, unavailability of much information about spa dressing etiquettes in our country is the major reason for this confusion. The idea of No clothing gives this business a tainted grey shade. This is the major reason why many spa-goers are pulled back.

So, now let’s check out what is the permissible dressing norm in Indian Spa?

Generally, many spas suggest customers to undress their personal clothing. But most of the highly ranked best spas in Chennai and other places provide you with disposable bathrobe and underwear. However, if a spa doesn’t provide you such use and throw dress, beware! It isn’t recommended to take any service there.

And in many best spa and massage centres in Chennai, it is compulsory for a client to be ready on a disposable dress or their own underwear they are ready to dispose before a spa session. The therapist or masseur is instructed in the best spas to stop providing any spa treatment if the customer doesn’t comply with this code of conduct. This official rules in spas secure the privacy of both customer and therapist.

In most of the best spas in Coimbatore, Chennai and major cities in Tamil Nadu, the customers are draped in disposable sheets or towels. The part of the body where the massage is done is only exposed. If your right leg is massaged, the skin above your right leg –hip, back everything is covered with sheets. Even your left leg is covered when the right leg is massaged. Privacy is always kept in mind by the therapist at best massage centres in Trichy, Coimbatore, Chennai and other cities.

To clear the doubts – Full body massage doesn’t mean massaging your nether parts and definitely, it is not appreciable when you expose yourself or remain intentionally ignorant. It is similar to going for a complete medical check-up and looking for a lab assistant to conduct an ultrasound in your private parts. Sound weird right? So keep away the weird thoughts and get cool and book your spa appointment with right intentions. Many best spas await for you with the right intention too.

When you are at some common areas such as steam, sauna, changing room where many people are around wearing a towel or bathing robe. When changing your dress use the shower room when you don’t have a specific room to change. If there is a private relaxing space in the spa you may relax with no or minimal clothes after your spa session. That is your choice.
Also, the standard rules for spa clothing in all best spa and professional massage centres are in practice. Therapists and experts are trained with awareness knowledge, audit checks and management guidelines. There is no exception rule to this in professional spas in Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore and other cities in Tamil Nadu.

In many best spa spread across the country and spas in a hotel in many cities follow the “No Question” policy. According to this rule when a customer doesn’t comply with the rule of wearing a disposable dress or their personal brief and doesn’t cooperate with a therapist in draping rules while conducting the treatment, the therapist may walk out of the session or room with an excuse. The spa manager may then speak to the customer and explain them the rules professionally and tell them that Spas are meant for Holistic services and it is not a place for sexual or promiscuous behaviour. Spas that follow such rules are appreciated in the industry as the best spa for family and couples.

So in nutshell, the fact is Spa is not for Nudity. Moreover, a good spa experience will give you a better understanding of your boy and makes you understand the privacy you need along with gentleness and therapeutic effect.

Now that we have showered you with all confidence and broken all the stigma related to spa dressing why wait? Check out for the best spa near me. Grab your mobile and book a spa appointment.
Feel relaxed, it is just a Spa nothing more to fear. Happy Spring!!!