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India’s Secret Recipe For Relaxation

Ayurvedic massage that was found over 5000 years ago in ancient India is the most important part of Ayurvedic therapy. The massage that is done on the skin with oil in combination with the excellent Interiors and Ambience that we provide takes you into a world of sheer pleasure that will relax your complete body and also refresh your mind. This art that was established in India has developed into one of the best massages in the world and is being followed all over.

It is a perfect blend of the pressure given during the massage, the oil that is used, the music and well-articulated hand movements that ensures that every cell in the outer body relaxes to the fullest extent. To assist in getting the best massage experience, we provide two masseurs who belong to the same gender as our guest. We use only medicated oils, and our massage experts use stimulating strokes that would help you reduce not only stress levels but also increase the overall well being!

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Rejuvenate Every Cell With Ayurvedic Body Massage in Coimbatore


Ayurvedic massage gives nourishment to the cells, deep tissues in the body, calms the mind & nerves and relaxes the muscles. The specially made oils at RiverDay Spa for body massage in Coimbatore will ensure that the healing cum relaxation process is at the maximum best. The best take-aways are:

Strong Immune system

Nourishment of tissues and cells

Imparts strength and softness to the body

Revives the younger skin

Relaxes the mind

Decreases sleep disorders

Enhances longevity

Ayurvedic Therapies Offered By RiverDay Spa!


As per ancient Ayurvedic art, Abhyangam, which is the application of oil all over the body was recommended as a daily routine.


As per ancient Ayurvedic art, Abhyangam, which is the application of oil all over the body was recommended as a daily routine.


Shriovasthi is a cure for nervous system disorders. In this therapy, a medicated liquid is poured into a bucket that is kept on the head.


Medicinal herbal rice, Navara is tied up in a cloth, dipped in a medicinal liquid and applied all over the body in specific movements.


Udwarthanam, which implies elevation or promotion, is the type of massage that is carried out using medicinal powders.


A well-known massage all over the globe, Soukya is often referred to as a hot stone massage which is effective in relieving muscle pains.

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