What are the effects of a body wrap massage therapy? – River Day Spa

Body wrap massage therapy has been in great demand by people visiting the salon regularly. It is commonly in demand because there is a growing awareness about the medicinal value of natural body wraps which are administered on customers professionally by beauticians. It is definitely catching the attention of the young crowd as they have found it effective in cellulite reduction showing an inch loss in the body. The ageing and the ill have found their peace in these wraps as it helps in arthritis and different kinds of skin ailments including treating wrinkles and fine lines.

When you visit the salon you are given a menu card from which you can choose the kind of body wrap you are looking for. The beautician would check your skin type and the kind of skin issues you may have and suggest alternatives to the customer. The customer is then taken to the room and as one lies down natural fruit wraps is applied on the skin and the customer is put to rest for an hour. The natural fruit body wraps are a detox for the skin and they help in the process of exfoliation and the vitamins from the fruit move to the skin through the skin pore. The body wraps leave behind a skin which has benefited immensely in the process. Many benefits have been listed below.

A temporary weight fix

If you are planning a special occasion and you want to look your best you definitely will watch your weight. If you are planning a holiday and you are thinking of wearing an exclusive dress then you will need to administer your looks. The wrap is beneficial under these conditions. The natural fruit wraps help in removing the extra from the body which helps in overall inch loss and weight reduction. It tightens up the skin due to which the skin looks younger and firmer.

Hydrated and cleansed skin

Whichever wrap you might choose for yourself it has a dramatic effect on the lustre and shine of your dermal layer. It does not dramatically pull down your weight but it definitely works on your skin texture and makes it soft to touch. The heat which is administered along with the wrap has an effect on the cellulite reduction on the body. Once the body is rinsed and the wrap is taken away the body is moisturised with lotion. After the treatment, you have shiny and hydrated skin which is ready to be showcased to your friends and family.

Relaxation of muscles

All good salons are designed in a manner in which you feel you are being pampered to the core. As you step into the salon you mind and your senses feel the heady smell of the lotions and the medicated oil. The wellness factor and sensation starts right there. A therapist who attends to your demands initially listens to your wish list before giving you any kind of treatment. So you are able to download your mind to them without any kind of tension. As you lie on the table with the body wrapped in some body wrap of your choice you are able to relax your mind and body in the solitary environment of your own company. Your body and nerve ends detox leaving behind all the tension you have accumulated over time. This is one benefit which all salon visitors go through whenever they go for a treatment session.

Post Pregnancy Spa treatment

Many people go for spa treatments especially body wrap post pregnancy where they try to get rid of the excess water from their body. It also helps in relieving pain as the body has gone through a lot of pain and duress in the process of the delivery. It helps the new mother to relax her muscles and nerve ends and also allows her to rest during the process of the treatment. The time when a new mother can start visiting a salon and the kind of treatments she can take should be decided post doctor's consultation.

Natural Skin exfoliation

The wraps used at the spa is a natural exfoliator in which the skin looks new and shiny post the treatment. There are many new kinds of wraps which are being used in the spa especially for the process of skin exfoliation which include seaweed, algae or mud wraps which are great for the skin. Skins is the largest organ in the human body so skin exfoliation is providing health to the overall system and making life healthier.

Detoxification of the body

Many perhaps might not know but the skin gets detoxified in the process of the body wrap treatment administered at spas. One of the major advantages is the fact that it works on the lymphatic drainage of the body which helps in removal of toxins from the body. The body has a tendency to store extra fluid, due to which the body bloats and the body looks fatty. The extra fluid can be removed with the help of wraps and it helps in the process of detoxifying the body. It activates the immunity of the body and the cell regeneration process.

Helps with the skin tone

The skin tone is another factor due to which people visit a spa for treatment. The wrap is an exfoliator as discussed above. It also helps in improving the skin tone and if the person has blemishes or acne problem, the wrap helps to bring down the inflammation and treats the reason for the growth.

Body wrap is not DIY. To choose the right kind of wrap and to administer it rightly it needs professional guidance. Body wraps with heat are not meant for people with diabetes, high BP and heart conditions. Other people can take the benefit of the wrap and improve the overall condition of the skin and even lose weight in the process. The natural wrap helps in the process of providing natural vitamins to the skin through the pores and helps in unclogging the pores. To get vital information about the kind of body wraps and to visit a trustworthy and well renowned spa log on the website www.riverdayspa.com. They have beauty specialists who will be able to sort your issues and give you the way ahead by providing you the insight about the right kind of treatment for your skin. Fix an appointment with us and visit us today.

Amazing coffee body wrap benefits to improve health and glow – River Day Spa

When I think about coffee I think about its fresh aroma which I inhale every day in the morning. Well, morning shines bright with the brown brewing liquid in my hand. While I look at the greenery outside from my window I allow the liquid to seep into my body and reach every nerve ending so that it starts my engine with energy for the entire day. I think the world relates to coffee as a powerful energetic drink, which soothes your nerves and keeps you up and alerts throughout the day. This is the reason we find all café filled to capacity with young and old sitting with a cup of coffee in their hand. Coffee has now entered people’s life in a new form with its goodness and calming effect. People have started to use coffee as a scrub as a wrap on their body to allow the skin to inhale its goodness and glow with health and happiness. Listed below are some of the bliss factors provided by coffee wrap used by salons and spas.

Calms down the nerves

Caffeine helps in calming the nerves as it helps in the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine helps in case of mood swings and controlling anxiety in people. So people who are anxious and overwhelmed with emotions most of the time should ideally use coffee wrap to soothe stressed nerve ends.

Helps to prevent irritation

Helps to prevent irritation

Coffee Wrap Helps to prevent irritation

The rays of the sun, dust and pollution outside have an adverse effect on the skin. It helps in preventing all kinds of irritation that the skin gathers due to adverse atmospheric condition. There are many kinds of adverse effects like the redness on the dermal layer, sun tan and lines on the skin which can be seen due to pollution and heat of the sun. To prevent the photo-ageing effect coffee scrub is good for the skin.

Super Antioxidant Property

Coffee is said to have antioxidants in them. Scientists believe that coffee has more antioxidants than cocoa and green tea. Coffee beans are said to possess 1000 antioxidants and more antioxidants get developed when the coffee beans get roasted. When a customer gets treated by coffee wrap the body absorbs the antioxidant and they detox in the process.

Vitamin B-3 avoids skin cancer

Coffee has constituents by the name of trigonelline. This breaks down to release a compound by the name of niacin which helps in treating skin cancer. A coffee wrap is of great help for avoiding dangerous diseases like skin cancer.

For reducing skin inflammation

For reducing skin inflammation

Aid in reducing skin inflammation

The use of coffee wrap dilates the blood vessels and helps in overall blood circulation. Coffee is a natural exfoliator when used on the skin. It takes away the dead skin of the dermal layer and helps in the process of cleaning skin pores. Coffee contains chlorogenic acid which helps in bringing down all kinds of skin irritation and inflammation caused by bacterial infection.

Treats dark circles

As discussed above we have already understood the good effects of coffee on the skin of an individual. It helps in removing the dead dermal layer and is also good at treating the dark circles under the eye. Ground coffee along with coconut oil is great to take away the dark lines and shades under the eye. It is usually used at spas and salons to treat dark circles under the eye.

Has Anti-ageing effect

Coffee wrap has a great effect on the skin for ageing people. Ageing comes with time and over-exposure to the sun which contains UV rays. Timely using coffee scrubs is a great measure for anti-ageing properties. The coffee scrub works on the fine lines, wrinkles and sun tan which helps in taking away the age from the skin and tightens the skin giving it a young look. The skin post the wrap looks smooth and soft to touch and works on the skin tone as well.

Helps in getting rid of puffy eyes

Coffee contains caffeine which is a vasoconstrictor. It tends to construct the blood vessels which helps in constricting the puffiness around the eyes of the person taking the coffee scrub treatment. By timely and regular wraps the coffee scrub penetrates the skin and works on the blood vessels around the eye.

Foot Bath

Coffee due to its coarseness is a great exfoliator for the skin and works amazingly on the foot. When applied to the feet it is good at taking away all the dead cells from the feet and leaving behind a smooth skin which is soft to touch. It helps to increase the blood flow in the foot which is good for the overall health of the skin.

Protects from the sun

UV rays are harmful and can because life-threatening diseases. It can become a reason for the skin to develop different kinds of skin diseases. Caffeine helps in protecting the skin from cancer and DNA damage response. Inhibiting the DNA damage response can help in protection from melanoma or skin cancer.

Looking at the lovely and healthy effect of coffee wrap most spas and salons suggest coffee wrap to their customers. However, it should be noted that the product used should be of good quality and should be administered by trained hands of a trained therapist. River Salon Day Spa has the best therapists and beauticians in the city and they treat their customers with great personal care and attention. If you are looking forward to getting yourself treated by one of our therapists, locate our spa near your location and walk into our store. To know more about our details log into our website www.riverdayspa.com

How to Get Professional Massage Services in Chennai – River Day Spa

Like all other services. massage services can be availed in the marketplace. Not all services are delivered equally by providers due to which we need to be conscious about the kind of massage service we are availing. If you go to the salon regularly you must have noticed that different professionals approach work differently. Usually, the best therapists are trained at the best colleges in the country and they have an understanding of the different kinds of massages and the kind of diseases in which they are administered and the varied ways by which it can provide relief to people with the help of massages.

There are a few pointers to notice which will help you understand that you are at a good place.

Licensed Therapists

Certified therapists are part of good salons that help people in getting rid of their pain. Every person visiting the salon has the right to know that they are being attended by a therapist who is amply qualified for the job. The certification just takes care of the fact that the customer has put himself in the hands of a person who is well versed in the art of massages and the art of healing. The certification process promotes ethical practices which should be part of the profession on an everyday basis.

Time management

Usually, time management is the key to the success to all kinds of work. With the interest of people in personal healthcare through massages, it has been seen that there is a constant beeline of customers at the salon these days. The therapist would need to make themselves available to all. Usually, the time taken for each massage is 60 to 90 minutes and each customer should be attended with the same dedication for the same time frame. A good salon usually has a scheduled appointment diary and along with the timing, the need for the customer is also mentioned. The specific kind of massage which they are looking for is written in detail along with the kind of physical trouble they are facing. This helps in getting work on time and each customer is attended to satisfaction.

The environment of the salon

Environment of the salon

Warm Welcoming of Environment for Massage

The salon needs to have the right kind of environment which motivates people to come to them for massages and other different kinds of beauty therapies. A good salon has a light-hearted environment with staff who are welcoming and understanding. People are willing to talk and there is a lovely aroma of medicinal oils and lotions which fills people’s senses. The warm attitude of people helps them to understand the real-time trouble which people are going through and what needs to provide them relief.

Good Communication skill

Good communication skill is important for people who are in the service industry. The skill helps them to hold a warm and intense conversation which helps them to get to the crux of the problem what is that they expect from their visit to the salon. There are many who have come to the massage parlour or salon for beauty-related purposes and there will be others who look at massage for health-related issues. Giving people the right kind of environment where they can share their woes and a suitable massage can be provided to them. Therapists need to be good listeners which will enable them to establish connect between them and their customers.

Empathy towards customers

Empathy is important for all kinds of work. Especially when someone is putting yourself in your care the word empathy is a much-needed factor. Empathy means understanding and without it a patient or a customer would feel unsafe which an important factor is for successfully dealing with customers who come to the salon. It is imperative that people should understand that the person treating them is completely in sync with their trouble and the person will get treated accordingly.

Standard Products

Standard Products for Massage

Essential Massage Products

During the process of the massage many kinds of medicated oils and other accessories are used which are essential in the massage process. To get the right effect people should go to salons who use good standard products which are acclaimed across the world. Good products have a lasting effect on a customer’s body. All pillows, linens and towels used should be changed as a new customer enters the massage room. The massage oil, lotions and creams used should be of good quality so that people do get any kind of abrasion on the body.

Training and professional development of therapists

All good salons have a continuous career development process for the therapists. They are exposed to learning and new ways of massage therapies from the best therapists of the world. This helps them to understand the new techniques and how to modify their own ways of giving massage to customers.

River Salon Day Spa has all the attributes due to which they are one of the best massage Spa Services in Chennai. Right from hiring good staff to providing the best service in the city they have the latest infrastructure and equipment which motivates people to visit them. To know more about their beauty services and massages go ahead and log on to their website www.riverdayspa.com

How Can Massage Therapy Benefit Your Skin at River Salon Day Spa?

There are a number of reasons when you feel you need to hit the road and make your way to the spa for some rest and feel more like yourself. With a stretched routine it is more likely that you are feeling tired from your daily routine and you often get a headache. It is a sign that your nerve ends are stressed and you need the relaxing hands of a beautician or a therapist. Massages are also recommended for people with a sedentary lifestyle in which they do not have too much body movement throughout the day. They are tied to their chairs and work before a computer the entire day. Due to lack of motion people usually complained of back pain and a range of other issues relating to their nerves and muscles which usually emanates due to lack of movement. People with stretched nerve ends and muscle cramps usually find trouble getting sleep. There are also the workaholics and the hard-working bunch of people who work hard and spend time with their workouts, they too get strained nerves and muscles. Even they end at the spa to get their body relaxed so that they can continue with their daily workout routine.

Massage is not just for the fitness freak it is also a routine which is followed by people who go for beauty treatment as well. As discussed above one of the major reasons why people go for a massage is for stress reduction. The daily tension of life catches up on people and after days and months when people have been carrying it around on their shoulders it starts speaking on their face through their skin and body movement.

Massage for stress reduction

Women relieve the stress while getting Massage with the Therapist's hands.

Women relieve the stress while getting Massage with the Therapist's hands.

The stress in the mind slowly starts building in the body due to which many people start feeling pain in different parts of the body and many times there is a breakout of rashes and wrinkles on the skin which is extremely painful. The massage helps in reducing the stress of the nerve ends and allows them to relax under the trained hands of a therapist. As the stress level comes down the heart rate of the body also comes down and helps a person to relax and the happy hormones in the body get released which is good for the overall relaxation of the body and the skin catches a happy glow which is hard to miss.

Improves the circulation of the blood

As discussed earlier massages help in the overall release of tension and decrease the pain in the body. The skin takes up a shine and the tissues are connected underneath to allow the blood to flow more easily which works on the skin colour and tonal quality of the dermal layer. Blood circulation is good for people and there are many ways to achieve it like good food, diet, exercise, and a regular massage. It is believed that the Swedish massage is the best for blood circulation of the body and gives the skin the added shine that we all want.

Massage helps eliminate toxins which make the skin glow

Toxins are waste which is flowing through the blood of an individual which has a negative effect on the body. The toxins tend to build up in the tissue and with the help of massage treatment the build-up dissolves and gets thrown out of the system as any other waste disposal mechanism of the body. Removal of toxins from the body has an overall effect on the health of people and it helps in glowing skin which is a sign of wellness of a person. A regular massage received by people helps in lowering the future toxicity of the body which helps them to stay away from disease.

Massage brings back the elasticity of the skin

People receiving regular massages have a young look which is good to flaunt and increases an individual's overall confidence for public appearance. The soft massage and rubbing of the skin plays magic on people especially with wrinkles. The skin is firmly held with the help of the collagen and elastin fibres which helps the skin to stay firm and does not allow it to sag. The protein elastin has a rubber-like property and as people age the skin becomes loose as these protein layers tend to thin down.  With time the skin loses its support system and skin starts to sag. To get the skin back into order regular massages are necessary. The elasticity of the skin comes back and the youthful appearance is back.

Improves sleep and reduces fatigue lines

The age-old saying of catching up on beauty sleep is not unheard of. Everyone realises the importance of sleep in everyday life. People with sleep disorders are growing in numbers. The everyday tensions of life catch up with people and they lose their overnight sleep. This is usually not a one-night pattern. It might be that people might lose sleep for weeks and months resulting in a complete sleep disorder. People with such disorders have a haggard look and tiredness prevails on them all through the day. Massages work wonders on such people. It induces a sleep pattern which helps in the overall wellness of the body and the skin alights with health.

Massage helps in enhancing immunity

Healthy skin is a part of a healthy body. Massage helps in bringing up the immunity level of the body which helps it to fight against any kind of disease. When people are healthy wellness shows itself in all walks of life. The research has shown that with regular massage the toxins from the body get flushed out and the body is surcharged with blood flowing through arteries and veins which helps in health and the dermal layer is healthy and young. Then the immunity level of the body shoots up and people are able to counter disease and anxiety better.

The goodness of massage has been well known to people for ages. The wellness factor in people increases and along with it shines a youthful skin which gives pleasure to all. However, massage needs to be performed by a therapist who is trained and has years of experience in the field. Not all spas and salons have trained people for the job. Their massages are truly world-class. If you have been countering health issues or you have wanted to work on your dermal layer making it lively and youthful; go ahead and walk into one of our Best Spa in Chennai and experience the world's wellness treatment from the hands of the best people therapists of the world. To know more about River Salon Day Spa visits our website https://www.riverdayspa.com/

When should I avoid getting a body massage?

Massage is a great healer and it has been recommended for one and all. Even a newborn child receives his first massage from his grandmother or mother to protect him from the cold and body pain. They lovingly give massages to the new member of the family. Similarly in old age, people face different kinds of joint pain and body ache and people get massages done to relieve themselves of the pain. It has been widely used across the world as a part of beauty treatment among the youth. So massage is nothing new to the world. However, there are not many who perhaps would not know the conditions under which massage should be avoided.

Fever and Flu

Women affected with Fever and Flu

Women are recommended to avoid massage for the reason of Fever and Flu.

During the flu the body is already in a worked-up condition. It is already trying hard to get rid of the infection and it is overworked. Under these stressed conditions the last thing the body would want is to take up the stress of a massage. The process of massage helps the body flush out the excess toxins which would work up the already ill system. Under these circumstances, it is best to leave the body to rest and take the required medication and good food for recovery.  So if the body is in the process of recovery a massage should be avoided.

Contagious Disease

As the word, contagious suggests it is a disease which can spread from touch. Any kind of touch during this period should be avoided. The therapist you are visiting, and the team around working for you will be at the risk of taking up the infection. The risk of other people visiting the spa taking up infection also is at an all-time high.  Massage increases the blood circulation in the body which could be a reason for the infection to intensify. Therefore any kind of massages in this period should be avoided.

Blood clot

A massage goes through a rigorous process of pulling and stretching to make the body more flexible. This creates intense pressure on the nerves and arteries of the body. Your nerves might have a blood clot which might loosen out in the process and start travelling to different other parts of the body which could also be a reason for an attack. People with clots in any part of the body should consult their doctor before taking a massage.


Pregnancy is the time when the body is in a delicate form. People need to be very conscious of any unwanted movement and stretches of the body which might cause harm to the baby. Massage entails a lot of movements and deep tissue pressure which would cause harm to the pregnant woman. There are many doctors and therapists who specialise in prenatal and postnatal massages. Under the circumstances, a gynaecologist should be consulted and any massage therapist should be referred by the doctor.

Kidney and liver ailment

The kidney and liver are two organs which function for the disposal of waste from the body. Massage is a process which enhances the process of waste disposal. Therefore if the body is not functioning at its best any kind of massages should be avoided. Especially in the case of a kidney and liver malfunction, a massage would enhance the process of throwing out toxins from the body which would create unwanted pressure on these two organs.


Cancer patients should avoid massages to the affected part of the body. Especially in those parts where there is a growth of tumours. All the organs in and around it are in an extremely sensitive condition. Any extra pressure on these body parts would create discomfort to the patient. People in these circumstances should consult a doctor if they want to go ahead with a massage procedure. There is a myth that a massage to the cancer-affected part of the body will spread the disease to the other parts. This myth does not have any scientific authentication, however, is widely believed among people.


An inflamed portion of the body should not be massaged. The inflammation can be for any reason. It can be an infection, a broken bone or tissue or any other issue which needs the attention of a doctor. Inflammation should be first checked by a doctor and any kind of massage should be done post the consultation and as per the recommendation of the physician.


If you have high or uncontrolled blood pressure skip your massage therapy. Massage enhances the blood flow in the body as per therapists, it might affect the body adversely and raise the pressure. It is said to work on your sympathetic nervous system which releases the tension and raises the blood flow in the body. If you are going through high blood pressure go back to medication to allow the hypertensive nerves to relax before you book your time with your massage therapist.

The goodness of massage is uncountable and people should go ahead and avail it on a regular basis. However, under special circumstances, it should be avoided. Once you are well and your physician allows you to go for a massage. Go ahead and avail our therapy at a store near your locality. We at River Salon Day Spa are good with massages and beauty treatments. To know more about our service Visit our website:  https://www.riverdayspa.com/

6 Amazing Benefits Body Wraps Treatment in River Salon Day Spa

Body wraps used as a tool for beauty treatment are nothing new. It is an ancient thing and has been used for ages. It is said to be a part of the Egyptian, Roman and Greek cultures. This is a treatment in which the exfoliation of the skin takes place and along with it the tissues of the body relax as they get the much-needed hydration, the skin gets the needed minerals and nutrients, it works like magic on joint pains and has a softening effect on the skin all over. Over the last three decades, the cosmetic industry has been going through a phase of renewal in which they have been inculcating the age-old methods used in the past for health renewal and beauty treatment.

Understanding the science behind body wrap treatment

Just under the skin are three layers of fat which is surrounded by fluids. The fluid between them sometimes can accumulate in excess due to which the body might get toxic. This happens due to ageing factors or due to lack of exercise in the body. With the help of body wrap, these extra fluids from the body can be drawn out and the needed nutrients can be supplemented to the body.

How does body wrap work on toxins?

Toxins are basically chemicals that the body does not need and has an adverse effect on the body. These days food contains a lot of preservatives which help in bringing up the toxicity of the body. Under normal circumstances, all toxic substances are thrown out by the kidney and the liver. However, these days the intake of preservatives is so high that under normal circumstances it is impossible to throw out the toxicity all on its own. Therefore the excess toxins are stored in the body in the form of liquid between the layers of fat.

Understanding the use of wraps 

Wraps can be used for a variety of reasons by people. There are few who use it as a measure to bring up the tonal quality of the skin. It is basically used as a beauty treatment method in which the skin becomes soft to touch and glows with health. There are many people who use natural wraps to work on their ageing skin to take away the wrinkles and the sag from their face, neck and other parts of the body.

The other kind of people who usually come for a body wrap treatment are people who want to take out the excess water from their body and use a dehydrating wrap. This is basically used for inch loss of the body. It is used by men and women who tend to retain body fluid naturally. Therefore when you step into a salon you need to understand your own need and ask for the right kind of wrap which helps your condition and elevates your health. Mostly in spas the most commonly used wraps are the dehydrating wraps.

The other kind of wraps is the hydrating wraps in which the body incurs a beauty treatment and also the skin gets hydrated. People while using this wrap are asked to drink a specific amount of water to enhance the lymphatic drainage of the body and hydrate the dermal layer. This works well on weight loss and improves the overall skin tone and glow.

The body wraps are available at River Salon Day Spa

Chocolate wrap

Women getting Chocolate Wrap Massage for Skin Smoothness and Glow

Women getting Chocolate Wrap Massage for Skin Smoothness and Glow

When you want to feel special and want a luminous glow on your body then the chocolate wrap is the best thing you can look out for. Chocolate has a natural quotient of goodness attached to it. It is believed chocolate puts you in a happy frame of mind bringing back happy memories in life and generating happy soft emotions inside a person. It is due to the generation of endorphin in the body due to the use of chocolate. Happiness leads to stress reduction and helps in burning fat from the body. It increases the sense of well-being in an individual. The use of body wrap is a great way to protect your skin from the UV lights of the sun. It helps in improving the blood circulation in the body which is good for the overall health of the person. The health benefits of the chocolate wrap can be felt without actually consuming it. A visit to River salon day spa will put you in the right frame of mind with the help of chocolate wrap.

Coffee Wrap

Portrait of cheerful Women with coffee wrap massage

Smiling Women with the Coffee Wrap Massage Care.

Coffee has a lot of health benefits which people are not aware of. Other than providing the needed freshness early in the morning it provides people to fight water retention, in detoxification and in overall reduction of cellulite in the body. A rub or massage with thin film of coffee all over your body and your woes related to your health and skin are all taken care of. Coffee is good for skin exfoliation and helps in reducing the stretch marks on the body and acts as a stimulant for blood flow. The use of this wrap reduces the wrinkles and pimple breakout on the skin. This is a very popular wrap at River Salon  Day Spa.


Mango wrap

The mango wrap is basically made out of the soft mango pulp and used along with essential oil to give the customers a soft and supple skin which is difficult not to notice. To use this wrap as an exfoliator sugar and starch is added to it so that a gentle rub to the skin takes away the dead layer of skin from the body. The mango pulp has astringent-like qualities and does not allow pimples and acne growth on the skin.

Papaya wrap

Papaya is a blessed fruit which has a wholesome benefit for all those who consume it or use it for the purpose of beauty treatment. It is a well-known fact that consuming papaya relieves people from constipation and other gut-related issues. It is believed that papaya wrap helps in reducing acne and pimples on the skin. The wrap is good for the young people who usually face these breakouts from time to time. The wrap helps in hydrating the skin naturally and leaves behind a supple dermal layer which is much younger to look at. The Papain enzyme in the fruit helps in reactivating the skin and removes the dead cells in the process.

Raspberry wrap

The Raspberry fruit wrap is a much-awaited wrap among the young and the ageing people. It livens the skin works on the pores and hydrates it which refreshes the skin tone and the overall look and feel of the dermal layer. The fruit has a high amount of anti-oxidants which work on anti-inflammation of the skin and also has anti-ageing properties. The vitamin C in the fruit helps in the production of collagen which helps in the tightening up of the skin.

If you have been looking forward to relaxing and gaining health through healthy modes try walking up to River Salon Day Spa nearest to your home and try our natural full body wraps and liven up each skin pore of your body and let it glow with health and beauty. To know more about River Salon Day Spa Visit our website:  https://www.riverdayspa.com/

What should you do after a massage treatment?

What should you do after a massage treatment?Post the massage the body is in a blissful state and the mind is ecstatic with happiness. To keep the state of happiness going and to see the lasting effects of the massage people need to take care of a few things which will help them absorb the goodness of the massage for a longer time frame.  Most of the dos and don’ts of a post-massage therapy is usually specified by the therapists themselves which should be strictly abided to. By observing a few rules and regulations the state of relaxation that the body has achieved will last a little longer.

Staying Hydrated

After the massage, all the organs of the body are stretched and they are active. This includes the kidney and the liver as well. Water helps in the process of detoxification. The free radicals which cause disease get washed out of the system and the body stands disease-free in the process. This process boosts your immune system. After a lymphatic massage, the metabolic waste from the body can be thrown out by drinking enough water. A few people might feel sore after receiving a massage treatment that can be avoided by drinking water post the massage.

Doing Stretch exercises post-massage

Man Doing Stretch exercises post massage for Women

Man Doing Stretch exercises post-massage for Women

Massage helps in increasing the movement of the body by improving its flexibility. With the help of the continuous pressure on the tissues and the nerves, the blood vessels expand the blood circulation of the body increases. People with joint trouble should try stretching themselves post a massage therapy because of this aids in the movement of the joints. With the exercises, the number of movements a body can make in a time frame increases so people should take advantage and try stretching themselves and feel the fluid and effortless movement of the body.

Eating post a massage

Post a massage or a workout session, eating is extremely important. People would definitely feel hungry post a massage. The body needs to maintain its glycogen level so post a workout or massage session the body needs carbohydrate and protein intake which helps it in recovering the energy for the body. Food like smoothies, yoghurt and whole grain food are some of the best intake people can take once they are done with their massage.

Taking Rest

The fatigue which has been keeping the body in an uptight condition keeps people awake and many even complain about sleep disorders. After a massage the body gives in and the nerves relax and the constant pressure on the body soothes the nerves and the muscles. The body completely relaxes. It has been seen that people tend to go off to sleep once their session is over. The therapists allow the individual to catch up on their needed sleep and rest. Once you have reached home take a warm bath and post your meal to catch up on your sleep. This will elevate your energy level and also soothe the nerves which have been calling out for help.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy usually follows a massage to enhance the effect of relaxation induced by the massage. Massage helps in increasing the blood circulation. It helps in lowering down the fatigue which has been captivating it. There are many tissues which need repair and maintenance. The tissues get the healing touch with the help of a heat therapy. The repair and maintenance which is needed by the body gets a go ahead with the help of the therapy. This is usually a practice for patients in palliative care.

Application of essential oil

Massage therapy oil for the treatments.

Massage therapy oil for the treatments.

Application of essential oil is a part of aroma therapy. Massage with the help of oil helps in decreasing the physical pain in the body and repair of the tissues. People with mood swings and depression go ahead with the added therapy of essential oils for many other medicinal benefits it provides.



Topical treatment

There are various treatments which are administered on people after a massage. There are two kinds of topical treatments namely warming topical and cooling topical. They are usually used for treating pain and other different problems. It is also used as a treatment for skin nourishment. Camphor oil which is extracted from the camphor tree is used for the treatment of inflammation and is said to have analgesic properties. They are good in relieving pain. The warm therapy is also used for relieving body pain. They are used for warming up and treating the skin for diseases like arthritis or fibromyalgia.


=Women mediating after post-massage.

Women relax with mediation after post-massage.

Guided meditation sessions post a massage are extremely helpful. They help the body to relax and take away the lingering sense of anxiety which has been persisting on the nerves of the person. It enhances the state of relaxation which has been set in by the massage. The therapeutic effects of meditation post the massage session is great and should be experienced by people going for regular sessions of massage.

The happiness quotient set in by massage therapy is huge. They help in relaxation, and exfoliation and build immunity against diseases. If you are on a regular massage routine elevate your sense of wellness by practising these measures of health post your session. For your regular sessions of massage and wellness and to know more about the kind of massages available visit River Salon Day Spa Near your Location. For More Details Contact us: 8287811111 or Visit Our Website: https://www.riverdayspa.com/


Skin, our dermal layer needs to be protected and cared for as this is the first thing which is exposed to the outside world. The skin texture and its maintenance send many kinds of messages to outsiders regarding our personality and upkeep. People judge us by the way we look and present ourselves. However, in today’s world which is extremely conscious about worldly appearance, keeping a semblance and balance of the skin is not only difficult but also an art. Most people silently suffer when they are faced with a challenge, however, after consulting specialists people can have an action plan in place to fight this difficult situation.

Exfoliation of the skin

The dead dermal layer makes the skin look dull and unattractive. The process of removing the dead layer of the skin can be done with the help of a massage, by using a natural body scrub or by using a body wrap. Any of these methods work well on the skin. The skin needs to get massaged in all the three processes which removes the dead cells and allows the softer skin to shine out. Any beauty product when used will be no good if the exfoliation of the skin is not done well. Post the cleansing of the skin all kinds of treatments reach the skin deeply. Young people who are exposed to the dust and the heat tend to get clogged pores and most people are seen with a burst of acne on their face, arms and the neck. A regular and timely exfoliation of the skin is good for an even skin tone, blood circulation and helps in the lymphatic drainage.

Use of sunscreen

The sun, its heat and the dust forms a thin film of dust and tan which makes the skin look darker and older. The tan is a natural response mechanism of the skin to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays. Therefore when we use a sunscreen lotion to protect the skin, the dermal layer is blocked from the harmful effects of the sun and a tan can be prevented. UV rays can lead to sunburn and even in certain cases skin cancer.

Glowing Skin With Minimal Makeup

Minimal Makeup to Protect Your Skin

Use of minimal makeup

Makeup, lotions, talc and different kinds of cosmetics is the love of all young at heart. The use of different kinds of cosmetics looks beautiful and artificially increases the shine of the skin. However in the long run it tends to make the skin abrasive with extra oil production by the skin pores and the skin gets covered with acne and pimples. The skin in the summer is over stressed due to the heat and the sweat. A minimal make up in this season means no foundations or concealers; just the beautiful skin with a lotion which enhances the skins shine and also provides it with necessary hydration.

Face mist

A face mist is a part of the self-care routine. A mist has a cooling effect on the skin and helps in the hydration process. Many mists contain antioxidants like Vitamin C & E and Ferulic acid which are good for the dermal layer. In a heat wave when the skin is under stress due to the heat and the excessive pouring of the oil through the pores, the skin feels cool with the use of this cosmetic product. This product usually helps in tightening the pores and setting the makeup on the face. Since it contains antioxidants it helps in providing skin with the needed nourishment.


Women taking Hydration to protect the Skin.

Women take water to Hydrate body during the summer.

Drinking water in summer is extremely important for the hydration of the body and the skin. Hydrated skin has fewer chances of acne and pimples as the body is continuously washing away the toxins from the body. A hydrated skin tends to look younger and avoids wrinkles. Hydration of the skin is not just limited to the drinking water it also includes taking the right hours of sleep, limiting caffeine and alcohol content and eating a diet which is rich in essential fatty acids.

Protecting the skin in summers

The skin is a delicate part of our body which needs to be protected in the broad daylight when the heat is blistering and tends to burn the dermal layer. With the current condition of rush in people’s lives, avoiding the sun is completely impossible. It is necessary that the skin should be protected with the help of a sunscreen to avoid the harmful effects of UV rays. Try avoiding the sun in the afternoon and if the need arises try wearing a hat when you step out. The UV rays and the high temperature has an adverse effect on the eyes and the delicate skin around it. It is good to wear sunglasses while moving out of the house after 10 in the morning.

Sunbathing is a tradition and fun among the young crowd these days. However the harmful effects of the sun can be avoided by avoiding the suntan routine on the beach. The skin not only gets dry and scaly it can bring in dangerous diseases like skin cancer and other skin infections.

If you are one of those who is extremely conscious about the skin type and its overall condition, visiting a spa and salon definitely makes sense. A timely massage, body wrap and scrub works wonders on your skin tone and elevates the tonal quality making you look younger and attractive to the eye. To get advice on ways on skincare this summer get in touch with our experts at River Salon Day Spa. Our beauticians will help you look your best with the help of their therapies and advice on skin care. Visit our website www.riverdayspa.com and spot one of our Best Spa near your home.

Why is massage beneficial to your body?

To achieve a total state of relaxation it is important that people should calm their minds and body. To achieve this state of tranquillity it is essential that a few measures are taken that help in complete relaxation which soaks down to the soul. Massage is a beautiful measure to achieve this. A full body massage is something which people can look forward to achieving a mental

tranquillity in this world of rush.

Reducing stress and increasing relaxation

Feel stressless and Gain relaxation

Reduce Stress and Gain relaxation

Slight friction from the hands of a therapist brings a lot of peace to the body of the person receiving the therapy. It is said that massage helps in regulating the heart rate of the body and the slow friction increases the overall temperature and induces overall relaxation.  As the heart rate lowers the rate of blood flowing in the nerves also tapers and the body relaxes in the process. Endorphin gets induced in the blood with the help of massage which is an overall source of relaxation. Loads of tension tend of creating negativity which can be a source of collecting toxins. With the help of massage, the body throws away the toxins and the body calms down with its effect.

Reduces pain and muscle soreness and tension

Reduces pain and tension

Reduces pain with experts hands

Tension is a tense state of muscle in which the muscle gets constricted and is not able to relax for many reasons. It is usually seen in people from a sports background and with people who go to the gymnasium for a heavy workout to have tensed muscles. A timely message works like a pain reliever which helps overall in the process of relaxation and decreases tension in the body. Some of the massages like the Deep tissue massage, Therapeutic massage and the Remedial massage are really good with it. There are times when the deep tissue of the body gets affected and the body needs special therapy to relax deep-lying tissues with the help of therapy under the guided hands of a therapist. The constant pressure from the hands of a therapist helps in the overall relaxation of the body and takes away the deep-rooted pain from the firm hands.


Improving circulation, energy and alertness

Massage is said to increase the circulation of the blood and surcharges the body with an energy which keeps the mind alert. Massage facilitates the flow of blood in the body and also in the brain. Especially in those areas where the nerves are constricted. With the application of constant pressure on the nerves, the blood flow becomes naturally good. A therapeutic massage helps in the release of toxins from the lymph. This also helps in pain and stress reduction. It is believed that massaging the arm and the hand increases the blood flow of the body.

Lowering heart rate and blood pressure

Anxiety and stress cause high blood pressure. The stress in the body and an anxious mind is said to pull up the tension which results in high blood pressure. To lower their BP people usually take regular pills as prescribed by their physician. However, there is a sustainable method of massage which can work wonders on the blood pressure of any person. The pressure created on the nerves allows the blood pressure to reduce and which also has an effect on the heart rate. It has been seen in ladies suffering from hypertension that 10-15 minutes of massage works on their BP and the effect lasts for around 72 hours.  Aromatherapy which uses essential aromatic oil for the massage of individuals helps in lowering the heart rate and gets the blood pressure under control.

The good effects of massage are immense. With regular massage, people with old medical issues have found their solution in it without the help of any added medication. This is not something new people in many countries all across the world used it as a tool to treat diseases for a long time. The only thing to be kept in mind is the therapy needs to be performed by a person with knowledge and expertise. People in Chennai usually go to River Salon Day Spa regularly for their routine massages and beauty treatment. The therapists employed by them are trained by the best institutes and they have customers coming back to them due to their mastery of the art and gentle behaviour. If you are looking for a therapy for your body which pacifies your body and soul; log on to our website www.riverdayspa.com and locate our salon and spa near your home.

Which place is best to set trending hair styles in Chennai?

A hairstyle is a modern expression of thoughts that expresses the personality of an individual. Modern hairstyles are bold

Best hair Cut

Best Hair Cut with Trending style and  Perfect look.

statements that people express with the way they carry their hair. The hair gives you an identity that is much beyond the expression of words. The hairstyle and the colour of your hair are all understatements that define your overall individuality. People judge you with your style and your appearance, so people need to watch the way they look and carry themselves in the public forum.

After interacting with a few individuals who had lately changed their looks, I asked them how they felt after the new hairdo. The resplendent smile on their face expressed their happiness about their new style statement. Most of them had similar thoughts. The Best Place for Hairdo in Chennai at River Salon & Day Spa

1. A newfound confidence
As I said earlier said you get judged by the eyes of onlookers with the way you carry yourself. It is not about a modern hairdo. It is about a hairstyle that suits your personality and your overall appearance. A dandy look marks you down in the eyes of people who are watching you.

2. Sometimes a change is good for the personality
Change is a necessary part of life. It cannot be avoided. We cannot stay like a stone in the sea. With the passage of time, everything has changed and so have the looks and the way people carry themselves. If you do not update yourself you feel out of place and conscious. After flowing with the trend and the changes of time you again become a part of the new-gen crowd. Just like your wardrobe needs a change similarly you need to change your overall hairstyle to refresh your overall appearance.

3. Hairstyle fatigue?
There are many people who spend hours before the mirror trying to figure out the style in which they should style their hair which looks attractive and suits the occasion. You always do not have the time for exhaustive styling. A well-styled hair is good enough for a well-kept presentation. The only thing required in the current scenario is to look for a good hairstylist who can help you with the latest trends and style the hair according to your personality and looks.

Each era has some latest trends which are supposed to be bold fashion statements that are followed by people across the globe. Below are some of the latest trends followed by men and women across the world.

Short Hair Cut

Beautiful Short Hair cut at River Salon and Day Spa

1. Short Hair Cuts


According to modern hairstylists, the short haircut is one of the dominant hairstyles of the upcoming year. While women adorned their looks with long locks, however, they are out of date and short hair is the more in thing. They are beautiful and easy to carry.


2. Bobs

Bobs Hair cut

Best bobs Hair Cuts In River Salon and Day Spa

The classic bob will reign in the hairstyling domain. The look gives you a cheeky sleek personality that is modern yet has the element of the old classic taste which never fades with time. The look is youthful and casual in appearance.

3. Beach Waves
To accentuate the beautiful hair of the individual beach wave is said to be perfect. It showcases the beautiful long hair which is well kept and displayed with ease. It projects a natural look and does not look made up.

4. A Shag Haircut
A shag haircut is common among young girls. The haircut showcases the hair texture of the person. It is modern but looks naturally dressy to people.

If you have the appetite for hairstyling and looks really matters to you. You should look for a hairstylist who is amply trained and carries years of experience. River Salon & Day Spa in Chennai has the Best hairstylists who have ample exposure to the fashion industry and are attuned to the latest trends being followed in the market. If you are eyeing a new look for yourself Visit River Salon & Day Spa. For the Best Hair Trending Stylist in Chennai. For More Details Contact us: 9840898462 or Visit Our website www.riverdayspa.com

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