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Unwind And Lose Yourself - Indulge Best Deep Tissue Massage In Chennai At River Day Spa

The body cries out for help when it is tired and looks for relief from the pain and exhaustion it has been facing for a long time. If let unattended for a Lasting time it develops into a musculoskeletal problem. Deep tissue massage is good for such issues it provides immediate and long-term relief from the pain and stress from such trouble. During the process of massage, the healer identifies various pain points in the body of the customer. Deep strokes and kneading of the muscles act as an immediate reliever. Many a times we can feel knots in our body which are painful and they even obstruct the blood circulation of the body. This massage is to unknot the muscles of the body and enhance the overall blood circulation which allows the body to relax and makes it flexible.

River day spa help our clients to understand the painful areas in their body through the process of deep tissue massage which helps them in getting rid of chronic muscles pain and helps the body to unwind naturally. Visit our outlets for the best spa experience in Chennai. Allow our healers to help you with pure deep tissue massage and experience the bliss of getting pampered and taken care by our therapists.


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If headache and migraine are a constant bother for you come to us at River day Spa. Our massage infuses the blood stream with oxygen and much needed nutrients which helps the body to relax. The medicinal oil we use naturally relieves the pain and stress from the body. Come and relax in our aesthetic aromatic environment which promotes health and hygiene.

The Delights of a Deep Tissue Massage

Bid Adieu To Chronic Pains And Aches

River day spa is active and patient listeners. We are keen to understand the physical trouble you are going through. Our Masseur make your treatment plan based on the discussion and physical examination. Our friendly and supportive staff will make you feel comfortable which will enhance your sense of comfort and build the confidence to confide in us. Our skilled team of professionals will accordingly build a customized package to treat any chronic pain in your body.

We at River day spa encourage our clients for massages at timely intervals to keep the body fit and rid of painful knots and muscles. We induce a sense of wellness which can be felt at all ages and reduces the overall ailments of the body.

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