How does Sports Massage Help in Faster Recovery from Injury?

Massage therapy has been used to treat illnesses and injuries for many centuries. There are different kinds of massages each has different techniques and offering unique benefits. Sports massage is specifically useful for athletes to help them prepare for a big competition and to improve their performance. Sports massage is also increasingly being used as a treatment approach to help athletes recover from various sports-related injuries. Today, professional athletes are incorporating sports massage into their regular training regimen.massage in chennai The Best Spa and Massage in Chennai offers high-quality Sports massage either pre or post-training.

The Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai offers different kinds of massages that reduce pain & provide relief from stress and anxiety. Sports massage involves kneading and a cross-friction massage where force is applied transversely across the target tissue. Kneading involves lifting, squeezing, and moving tissues.

Recovery from Injury and Faster Rehabilitation

Injuries and traumas are common for athletes. The goal is to avoid injuries and recover as quickly as possible. Although other kinds of massages like Deep Tissue Massage helps in recovery from injury, Sports massage is great for dealing with injuries in athletes. When a muscle is injured, the muscles in the area will become short and will contract. There is a pain in the area, inflammation and loss of motion.

In a sports massage the muscles are palpated, the tendons and ligaments massaged and stretching techniques are used. This causes muscles to loosen up and the buildup of scar tissue is reduced. This reduces pain and discomfort in the area.

A Sports massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in tnagar helps the athletes in controlling and managing pain after an injury. This massage relaxes the muscles and relieves muscle tension, spasm and stiffness all of which cause pain. The pain impulses due to an injury run from the spinal cord to the brain. A sports massage breaks these signals. The massage also stimulates the body to release natural pain killers that override the sensations of pain. Sports Massage also helps in faster rehabilitation from injuries. A massage increases blood and lymph flow in the body thereby speeding up the rehabilitation process. Blood circulation is vital for faster and complete recovery and by improving blood circulation, a sports massage helps to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the healing tissues and organs. This accelerates the healing process of the injured parts.

Sports massage also flushes out the metabolic wastes like lactic acid from the muscles which also helps in faster recovery. Sports massage also increases the flexibility of the muscles and provides an improved range of motion. Check out the various type of Massages at the Best Spa in Chennai.

What are the Key Principles of Massage?

Massage is the practice of manipulation, rubbing, and kneading the soft tissues of the body that includes the muscles, connective tissues, ligaments, and tendons. The massage therapist applies pressure on the muscles and joints to relax muscles, alleviate stress and pain, relax the body and promote overall health and wellness.

The Best Spa in Chennai offers different types of massages like Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology to make you feel relaxed and reduce pain. Each of these different massages has different techniques and offers different benefits to the body. Yet all these massages have certain common basic principles. These include

a. Improved Circulation of Blood

The friction formed between the skin and fingers during a massage improves blood circulation in the body. Most of the massages use the Effleurage and Wringing techniques. In Effleurage the massage therapist uses flattened hands and fingers to gently massage the body. This causes dilation of the blood vessels which decreases blood pressure and causes an increase in the blood flow through the vessels. Wringing is another technique where the therapist uses flat hands and fingers to pick and pull both sides of the body to the center in opposite directions. This friction also improves blood circulation. Improved blood circulation brings more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and helps them to function better.
Get a Swedish Massage at the Best Spa and Massage in chennai, egmore for increased blood circulation and relaxation.

b. Movement of Lymphatic Fluid

A good circulation of lymphatic fluid is necessary for the body to get rid of wastes, toxins, and pathogens. In cases of injury or surgery, the lymphatic flow is usually impaired. A massage can be very helpful in such conditions. A rhythmic, circular motion applied during massage can stimulate the lymphatic system and make it work more efficiently.

c. Release of Tension

Stressful lifestyles, trauma, or injury can lead to chronic muscular tension which can damage the body’s structure and function. High levels of tension in the muscles also lead to the shortening o muscle fibers and restrict their movement. A massage increases the temperature in the muscles causing the muscle fibers to get loosened. A Deep Tissue Massage at the Best Spa in Chennai, porur relieves tension in the muscles by causing them to stretch and by increasing their elasticity.

d. Reduction of Stress

A massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Porur increases the temperature in the body, loosens the muscles, and helps the body relax. When the body relaxes the heart rate and blood pressure are reduced. A massage also stimulates the release of feel-good hormones called endorphins which produce a calming effect. All these contribute to relieving stress.

e. Flow of Energy

Massage can cause the flow of energy through the body in such a way that it can improve the functioning of the body and also help in emotional well-being.

f. Improvement in all Body Systems

A full-body massage at the Best Spa Services in Egmore relieves tension in the muscles and improves the flow of blood and oxygen to various organs in the body. The increased supply of nutrients benefits all the organs and the body systems. This leads to an improvement in overall physical health and quality of life

Get the various types of massages at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai

Effectiveness Of Massage Therapy To Cure Back Pain In IT Professionals

Effectiveness Of Massage Therapy To Cure Back Pain In IT Professionals

Today, we hardly find any IT professional who has never experienced or complained of a backache. It is such a common problem that it’s almost like, the word ‘IT profession’ and ‘backache’ are inseparable. Professions which demand continuous hours of sitting are sure to cause back pain for the workers. No matter how much you concentrate on your posture or use suitable support, if you are into such a profession, the chances are that you will experience back pain issues at some point of time or other.

Back Pain May Be Due To Any Of The Following Reasons:

Strained muscle in back or neck

Muscle strain can be caused by continuous sitting in front of the computer system for prolonged hours. A sudden fall, lifting of a heavy object may also cause strain to muscles. The excess stress may lead to inflammation and spasms causing severe pain and difficulty in moving. Professional massage therapy helps to remove spasm and provides relief to pain.

Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis(Spine)

Both Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis of the spine are medical conditions which may have back pain as their symptoms. IT professionals are more prone to medical conditions like these due to the sedentary nature of their work. Massages, however, are effective in providing relief for both. Diagnose your exact issue by approaching a doctor and choose the best type of massage for you according to his advice.

Did you know that massage therapy can help you, especially if you are a professional working in the IT sector? Massage techniques are of different types such as sports massage, relaxation massage, etc.

Being subjected to constant stress affects the tissues of the neck, as well as those at the back. So, instead of a soft and gentle massage, a deep tissue massage is the one that is ideal for you. Sports massages are part of deep tissue massages concentrating on particular areas of your body. If you have never heard of sports massage or have never tried it at least once as a solution for your backache, then you have missed something important. Don’t worry! Here is the right help for you. It is better late than never! Continue reading to find out what it is and what are its benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a risk-free, non-intrusive method to solve the daily wear and tear that our muscles go through. This is why it is preferred by many. Sports massage is fast paced and includes a lot of stretching. It is done on the stressed out or injured areas of your body by applying pressure on the layers of muscles. Professional therapists will the ones doing them, so you can be sure to avail all the sports massage benefits. A Swedish massage is also good for neck and back pain. It involves long strokes and kneading motions which increase overall relaxation and circulation.

There are chances for you to feel a slight bit of discomfort during the massage session, as the therapies are designed to target the muscles which hold the most tension. But it will gradually reduce after the massage. A typical treatment requires at least one therapy session in a week. It varies depending on the type of massage you choose.

The therapists in the massage centre will also be able to guide you. You can check with them what is a sports massage, what are the other massage therapies available, the effectiveness of each, etc.

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy does not just offer relief from your back pain and neck pain alone. It is an overall package which helps your body and mind in numerous ways. Let’s see how!

Enhanced circulation of blood- More blood flow brings vital oxygen and required nutrition to the muscles and tissues thereby recovering it from soreness and injury.

Lessens muscle tension- Pain is caused mainly due to stressed and tight muscles. Massage therapy helps muscles to relax which will lessen your pain.

Increased flexibility- Regular massage sessions help to improve flexibility which decreases the current injury to your tissues and prevents further ones.

Reduces blood pressure and steadies the heart rate- High blood pressure is not a good medical condition. Massage treatment helps in maintaining blood pressure at ideal levels.

Promotes better sleep- The overall effects of massage treatments on your body and mind helps in eliminating sleep disorders.

Increased levels of mood regulators- Massage therapy results in the increased production of endorphins which are mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain. They lower your depression and anxiety and helps in your emotional stability.

Now that you are aware of the benefits, you need not hesitate. Make a wise decision and choose the best for you!

Opt For A Therapeutic Massage For Astonishing Health Benefits

Apart from relaxation and rejuvenation, a full body massage can provide a galore of significant positive effects. It can relieve stress and sore muscles. A massage therapy focuses on enhancing circulation within the body. It provides a peaceful sleep routine, improves immune functions and alleviates the discerning headaches.

A massage contributes to an abundant flow of vibrant energy. It eventually improves the vigor and vitality of the body. Not only these, but there are several other astounding reasons to schedule an appointment right away with the finest Spas in Chennai. Now let’s have a sneak preview into the numerous benefits of a massage therapy.

An in-depth insight into massage therapy

The manual healing that operates on your delicate skin and tissues is often referred to as a massage. A massage has the power to heal. It reduces muscle tension, depression and pain. These days, massage is considered as a necessary indulgence. You can treat yourself to a massage whenever possible. It relaxes and revitalizes the self.

Most importantly, massage offers a bounty of benefits to the mind, body and the soul. It elevates your mood and helps you to perform better. On a collective note, a massage improves the functioning of the nervous system by diminishing the muscle atrophy. It can reduce blood pressure by regulating the flow of blood.

Effects of a massage

It can have a proactive effect on arthritis, migraine, diabetes and heart disease. It amplifies the muscle tone, stimulates the functions of organs and maintains health. It eliminates the accumulated toxins and improves the functions of the skin.

A massage can sedate the body to relieve stress, headache, spasticity and muscle tension. On utilizing the right massaging techniques, your body can perform swiftly by supporting all the essential connective tissues and muscles. It enables better stretching of muscles during physical activity.

Healing properties of massage therapy

A massage provides countless benefits that add immense value to your life. The healing attributes of a spa in chennai are divine. Your body can be nurtured with the right touch. In today’s sophisticated world that brims with stressful experiences, a therapeutic touch is certainly essential. The healing touch of a massage can be compared to the comfort that a mother provides to soothe her crying child. It has immense power.

The power of a healing touch allows you to thrive in the urbane world. A massage thus provides a positive vibration. When being touched, you can get rid of your anxiety, depression, and stress. The right strokes also offer an array of therapeutic benefits to the body.

Therapeutic attributes of a massage

While there are a swarming number of massage in chennai modalities, a few of them that have gained prime importance. They are trigger point therapy, myofascial release, reflexology, shiatsu, connective tissue release and a lot more. A therapeutic massage can provide relief to a particular health issue. A massage can hasten the recovery period by healing injuries quickly.

Nowadays, several health care professionals prescribe a massage therapy for relieving stress, anxiety, and many other related conditions. Always opt for a trained therapist for obtaining the maximum benefits of a therapeutic massage.

Scientific evidence to support massage therapy

With the mounting research studies on the effects of a massage therapy, there is more hope to heal. A study published in the records of internal medicine suggests that a massage can enhance the blood flow to various parts of the body. It can be an effective remedy for chronic back pain. The stress that majority of the desk workers face today is posture related. Due to prolonged sitting, a sharp pain arises in the neck and in the spinal which end showing as weakness in the lower back area. A massage can significantly correct the postural stress by counteracting the imbalance that sets in the body.

The International Journal of Neuroscience provides evidence to support the therapeutic effects of a massage. A therapeutic massage reduced the anxiety and depression in women during the treatment procedures of breast cancer. Human touch is thus safe and curative. It allows you to feel better and functions efficiently.

It is now time to include a massage therapy into your wellness regimen to stay hale and healthy.

Your Hands Beautiful Forever at Spa in Chennai

Your Hands Beautiful Forever at Spa in Chennai

Nail art design and craze is gaining more popularity every passing day. Ladies, it’s high time you start realizing how important the appearance of your nails is and how they count in enhancing the beauty of your hands. Let’s take a look at a few simple steps to give you glowing hands with fantabulous nails.

Use a milky hand wash

Do not go for a very clear handwash. These may dry out your skin. Always choose a handwash that has natural ingredients like tea tree oil and eucalyptus.

Never put your hands in hot or icy water

Avoid situation when you have to immerse your hands directly in hot water and also icy water. While hot water takes away sebum and makes the skin dry , cold water causes constriction and further dilation of the capillary vessels, also leading to redness.

Protect with sunscreen with best nail salon

Similar to your face, hands can also be affected by too much exposure to the sun. Apply sunscreen on your hands too to protect them from UV rays.

Try anti-aging face cream

To maintain the elasticity of your hands, apply an anti aging cream to the back of your hands. It’s best to do this at night just before going to bed. This will help to rejuvenate your hands after a long tiring day. Acrylic nails, though pretty to look at are always not the best option. So always go in for natural and good looking hands.

Slather on a mask

This is a secret tip for all you pretty women. Slather on a fruit extract mask onto your hands, wrap in plastic covers and them place a warm towel on them. The heat penetrates the mask into your skin and gives you fresh and energetic skin.

Tips for beautiful nails

The Spa centre in Chennai will advise you to keep your nails clean and healthy. The best looking nails are always the cleanest. Forget about using artificial nails when you can have the best looking nails naturally.

Be gentle with your nails

Do not use metal nail tools .Avoid too much scrubbing also as your nails are delicate and gentle.

Trim and neat

Trim your nails regularly and keep them neat. Check how your nails respond to the trimming and how fast they grow back. Keep them short and healthy-Long nails are beautiful if only there is no breakage or snaps. It is always better to start out by growing them short with rounded edges. When your nails are healthy, uniform and without snaps, they look prettier than long nails.

Take care of your cuticles and keep a nail file handy

Cuticles serve as the base of your nails. Be very careful when you cut the cuticle as this may break the seal of protection. You are likely to get infected if this happens.

Disinfect your nail tools

Always keep your nail tools clean and germ free. You need to wash them with soap and water. Dry them and wipe them with alcohol. Emery boards need to be displaced too.

Always apply the base coat

Never leave out applying the base coat while painting your nails. This will help to protect the nail from being stained and also give the coat a more saturated look. Applying an extra layer of gloss will also improve the appearance and give more protection.

Read the labels

Make sure you know what the ingredients that go into your nail polish are. Do not use products with chemical toxins like dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde. All these toxins contribute to cracking, brittleness and splitting.

Stay away from gel treatments at Chennai Spa centre

Moisturize and give your nails a break

Try out the above tips for a few weeks and watch your hands begin to glow with radiance!

5 Hidden Benefits of a Good Massage

Could there be anything sweeter than a good massage session? Massage is one of the less talked topics in life when it comes to decadent pleasures.

A perfect cup of coffee after a tired and stressful day!! How does it feel?? If you have had it, now you know what a perfect massage at Riverday spa can offer you. It’s better than your hot coffee sip.

Massage therapy has been a trend for centuries and its reason is very simple. It gives you relaxation, pleasure, and good emotional satisfaction. Have you had a massage from an expert masseur at least a foot rub? If yes you will agree with us. Don’t wait, book an appointment at River day spa and massage center for the best experience of your first massage.

Apart from the fact that a good massage gives you a good feeling. Let's check out some hidden benefits massage from Riverday Massage center – One of the best center for massage in VelloreMassage in TirupurMassage in Coimbatore and other major cities provide you.

Time to reveal the secrets of Riverday Massage ….

Are you suffering from recent lower back pain episodes? – this means you have to stress those muscles that haven’t seen any regular activity in the recent past. So you may have a sore feeling though you will be doing everything right.

Once your therapy starts at Riverday spa with dry heat and followed with massage before exercising helps you loosen the tight and sore muscles. The knots in the muscles break up with the gentle touch and massage of our professional masseurs.

Lymphatic massage is a type of massage or lymphatic drainage that revives the lymphatic system. This reviving therapy offers enhanced metabolism, removal of wastes, and toxins from your body, and promotes your immune system.

Lymphatic massage is a great choice for breast cancer or patients who have undergone various surgeries. It is a gentle massage along with deep tissue or Swedish massage. It also helps sports injury and is a great sports massage too.

Fighting emotional problems, stress, low energy, sickness, or unhealthy immunity? The right time to book an appointment at a spa in coimbatore hotels.  During your massage sessions at Riverday spa, our masseurs exert gentle pressure and pumps in the direction of lymph nodes on your entire body. A mix of beep thumb pressure and Swedish style helps you relax your body. Our therapist focuses on the area in your body that requires attention and also covers complete body workout.

All of you must be having unavoidable stress in today’s fast-paced world. If you are fighting tension headaches, tight feeling in shoulders, stomach pains, and assorted pains these are signs of piled-up stress. Come here to Riverday massage center- we will help you succeed in this fight.

Check out for “ Massage centers near me” and visit our spa in trichy hotels too to relax and give time for your body to feel ease and enjoy a sigh of relief. When you breathe in and out, you will be able to visualize your stress and tension subsiding just as a dark cloud is chased by the wind.

The warmth you would feel after our masseurs finish the massage is just like the sun rising with life and energy in every part of your body

If you have impaired vascular function or less mobility, according to experts regular massage will give you numerous benefits, particularly it improves your circulation. If you have any physical injury, choose our massage session for improved blood flow and better vascular function.

AS our masseur begins the massage session at Riverday spa, you will feel the difference in your body right there lying on the table. If you are fair-skinned, your skin will turn to pink as evidence of better circulation. Step into one of the best massage centers in Chennai and other major cities for relaxing and relieving all your pain.

Healing Power


One of the highlighting benefits of massages is the healing effect it gives your body after surgery. Tired and stressed of surgeries for leg, cyst and tumor removal? No worries, book your appointment at Riverday Spa and salon and our therapeutic massage sessions will alleviate your pain and help your body heal better.

Any injury or overworked muscles can be soothed by our gentle touch massages. Our therapist takes care of the amount of pressure they give and release your tensed muscles, ease your stiffness, and relieve your body from all discomforts.

Final Word

Many of you may think a massage is just to make you feel better only during the massage session. However, the reality is there are various combined benefits a massage can give you when you opt for the best massage centers in your city. It helps you rejunivate and rejoice after the seesion. You sleep better and your energy is boosted up with a good massage.

Why wait ?? Book your massage session and feel relaxed from this hectic daily routine life.

We at Rainday Salon and Spa give you quality massage service to reap all the hidden benefits of massage.


Benefits of getting an Ayurvedic Massage

Massages are relaxing. But to be a bit specific – which type of massage makes you feel chill down your spine? It’s an Abhyanga – Ayurvedic massage that gives a little soothing pain with deep tissue massage. 

Abhyanga aka Ayurvedic Massage

Abhyanga is an ayurvedic massage or oil massage that gives you physical benefits like relaxing muscle tension, lymphatic drainage, and nourishes your skin completely. Its uniques, when compared to other massages, is that apart from the underlying muscles it focuses on the skin too. With the oils used for circulation –stimulation, it is similar to a facial massage for your complete body.  

Our therapist here focuses on relaxation and they focus on “Sneha” which is the root word for this kind of massage in Sanskrit which means love. Based on your skin type, Our ayurvedic experts here at our various centers – Ayurvedic massage in Chennai, Ayurvedic Massage in Coimbatore, Ayurvedic Massage in T.Nagar, Ayurvedic massage in Gandhipuram, Ayurvedic massage in Trichy, Ayurvedic massage in Vellore will advise you on performing abhyanga from once a week to once a day.

The specialty of Ayurvedic massage

The extensive use of essential oils and focus on particular energy points in your body marks the specialty of ayurvedic massage. Remember this is not normal massaging – it is a treatment that focuses on manipulating your energy and relaxing your emotional stress than focusing on the kinks in your muscles.

Now Let’s see what benefits your reap

Every part of your body enjoys this massage and it is an ideal way to relieve stress. 

Check out what you get when you complete your massage at our Riverdayspa and step out!!!

For your Complete Body-

For Scalp

For Feet

Apart from benefiting specific body parts, ayurvedic massage in porur also helps your complete health system to relax, rejoice, and feel good. Few such benefits are- 

Various medical ailments get treated with ayurvedic massage. This massage also helps your body in relaxing when you are suffering from stress due to any sickness. Ayurvedic massages are known to treat arthritis, paralysis, and spondylosis.

This massage helps in rejuvenating your body. It induces sleep, boosts immunity, and increases your lifespan. It is the perfect massage for your complete wellbeing.

This is a massage treatment that is ideal for your sleep disorders and to reduce your stress. Anxiety and depression are now very common in this fast pace world, relax with our professional masseur.

We also offer synchronized massage with a steam bath that enhances your skin complexion. This massage softens your skin texture and keeps away your aging problems. 

Are you puzzled about how long the benefits of this massage would travel with you?

No worries here we give you a clear picture of “ How beneficial is this massage both on a short and long period.

Though ayurvedic massage requires frequent sessions, the benefit you reap is long-lasting and forever. We have the pride of many customer testimonials who have benefited and have got permanent relief from digestive issues, obesity, anxiety, depression, stress, skin allergies, and doshas in their body. 

On contrary to other medical remedies ayurvedic massage gives long-term effects by balancing the energies in the body and mind. It helps the body to feel energized and calms down your system the entire day. The highlight is it possesses no harmful side effects for your body and is also safe for a long-run practice.

Short Term Benefits

Ayurvedic massage is known to enhance the flow of blood. When the blood circulation is improved your body gets evenly oxygenated. 

After the ayurvedic massage, the blood flow is corrected and life forces are perfect this helps the joint pains to vanish. This is an ideal massage that helps to rest even arthritis at bay.

When you pile up tension it is a major source of pain. So once you get an Ayurvedic massage, your blood circulation is enhanced and your muscles relax which helps the tension in various parts of your body to dissipate. Enjoy this massage in Chennai to keep your body light.

This massage removes your dead skin and makes your skin softer. With the smearing and massaging of medicinal oils, the skin gets nourishes. This gives your skin a renewed glow.

We provide the best ayurvedic massage to rejuvenate your body. Are you suffering from lethargy because of inactivity and improper circulation? No worries, Our ayurvedic massage will fill you with vigor. Feel the instant change after a perfect session.

Long Term Benefits

As your muscles relax you begin to feel light as a feather and fall into a deep sleep. If you have sleeplessness, try an ayurvedic massage at River salon and spa in Chennai and sleep like a just born.

Are you haunted with migraine and headache for many years, a perfect ayurvedic massage is the best remedy. We offer ayurvedic massage with Dhara and Nasyam which relaxes the tissue permanently. 

Today’s lifestyle, food, and drinks have led to the accumulation of toxins in our body. Ayurveda helps you detoxify your body. Take regular massages and purgation and cleanse your body.

When your body relaxes and gets rid of the cramps, your muscles replenish. They get more flexible and toned. The heaviness in your muscles vanishes in no time.

As the medicinal massage calms your body and nerves, you tend to feel active. With every session at our spa, you walk out with all the stress melting away. The right flow of blood helps the brain function efficiently and makes you sharper and meticulous.

Final Words:

It is not necessary to be an ayurvedic believer to take up abhyanga massage. All you need is an open mind and acceptance to get benefited from this wonderful therapy. Abhaynfa is generally called glowing massage and the glow comes from within. Depressed, Stressed, feeling heavy, suffering glowless skin? No worries Check out for Massage spa near me – and walk into our River Salon and Spa in your locality

Why do we recommend Hot Stone Massage?

Why do we recommend Hot Stone Massage


 Hot Stone MassageMassage CenterStone Massage

BlogStone Massage

Are you looking for effective alternative medicines or treatments? Look no more! Massage therapy is the answer you are looking for! Here are some of the great benefits of obtaining hot stone massage:

Assists relieve muscle pain and tension

To alleviate muscle pain and tension, heat has been used for a long time. It assists in improving blood circulation to the distressed area. Moreover, heat also increases range of motion, flexibility and reduce muscle spasms. In the same way, cold therapy helps in relieving inflammation. According to your symptoms and pain, cold and hot stones will be applied alternatively during the massage session at the spa massage center in Chennai.

Reduces anxiety and stress

American Massage Therapy Association declares that massage treatment is effective for pain and stress relief. A study conducted in 2001 demonstrated that a 10-minute massage enhanced cardiovascular responses like stroke volume. A 1997 study had already proved that performing on-site massage for about 15 minutes in the workplace reduces a high level of stress compared to giving a 15-minute interval without massage. Another study was conducted in 2015, and it revealed that people who endured colorectal surgery experienced less tension, pain, and anxiety after getting a post-operative massage.

Helps in relieving signs of autoimmune diseases

The best part of hot stone massage therapy is it helps in relieving painful medical conditions like Fibromyalgia. It is a condition that causes extensive chronic pain. As per the study conducted in 2002, people affected with Fibromyalgia were given massage therapy for about 30-minutes. It helps them to experience a few trigger points, slept longer, and also reduced stages of substance P than the people with the same condition who obtained relaxation therapy. Substance P is involved in conveying pain signals.
However, more research is required to support the fact that massage therapy is the best treatment for Fibromyalgia. A study was conducted in 2013 with people who had rheumatoid arthritis. It proved that moderate pressure massage like hot stone massage benefits them in a significant way. After 30 days of massage therapy, the participants experienced a great range of motion, excellent grip strength, and also experienced less pain.

Promotes sleep

A literature review conducted in 2006 found that massage therapy is the best alternative for adults who takes sleeping pills for insomnia. It also demonstrated that back massage assists and promotes sleep and relaxation. A study that was conducted in 2001 demonstrated that infants who experienced sleep issues were offered a 15-minute massage. It helped them to sleep faster. The infants were also more active, alert, and position while awakening. The massage therapy helps in offering a restorative and relaxing sleep though the reason is not entirely understood.

Boost immunity

Massage therapy offers a boost to your immune system. As per the 2010 study, obtaining Swedish massage therapy (single session) helped in an acute and positive impact on immunity. The researchers examined by taking blood samples after and before the massage session and found a drop in arginine-vasopressin. It is a hormone that helps in regulating water retention and blood pressure.

Decrease cancer symptoms

Three-Year research was performed regarding how massage therapy helped stress, fatigue, pain, depression, and nausea in 1290 patients affected with cancer. The study was published in the Symptom and Pain Management Journal. It showed how massage, specifically Swedish Massage, enhanced cancer symptoms to patients even with extensive symptoms. The researchers found that human touch serves comforting, and it plays a vital role in relaxation.
If you are experiencing a severe condition that is causing pain, book an appointment at Riverday Spa today and choose a hot stone massage to relieve you from all those long impending pains and woes.

Massage Etiquettes: What You Need To Know Before A Spa

Be A Model Client For A Spa Massage

Without an iota of doubt, massages and spa have become quite popular in recent times. Each massage centre in Chennai stands testament to it. More and more of them are popping up each day. While the increasing demand for a spa is definitely a boon, there is a bane attached to it. Fewer and fewer people are aware of the etiquettes a spa centre demands.
Yes, a massage is all about pampering the body, but that doesn’t entail eschewing of all primary and fundamental manners. Therefore, to help those who are unaware of or going for a massage for the first time, here are some etiquettes to keep in mind.

Spa Massage: What To Do And What Not

Try to bear in mind that the massage therapist is meant to reduce your stress and tension, not add to it. Every little thing helps achieve the goal.

Come Clean To A Spa Massage, Always

Most often, a therapist will ask the client a few questions, such as:

Always be honest with your answer. You don’t want an allergic reaction to flare up mid-way during the therapy. Moreover, if you tell the therapist of any medical condition, they can advise you on a massage that heals it.

Without an iota of doubt, massages and spa have become quite popular in recent times. Each massage centre in Chennai stands testament to it. More and more of them are popping up each day. While the increasing demand for a spa is definitely a boon, there is a bane attached to it. Fewer and fewer people are aware of the etiquettes a spa centre demands.
Yes, a massage is all about pampering the body, but that doesn’t entail eschewing of all primary and fundamental manners. Therefore, to help those who are unaware of or going for a massage for the first time, here are some etiquettes to keep in mind.

Spa Massage: What To Do And What Not

Try to bear in mind that the massage therapist is meant to reduce your stress and tension, not add to it. Every little thing helps achieve the goal.

Come Clean To A Spa Massage, Always

Most often, a therapist will ask the client a few questions, such as:

Always be honest with your answer. You don’t want an allergic reaction to flare up mid-way during the therapy. Moreover, if you tell the therapist of any medical condition, they can advise you on a massage that heals it.

Ayurvedic Skin Care Secrets That You Should Know

Ayurveda is an ancient form of natural medicine that originated in the Indian subcontinent and evolved over two millennia. It is believed that Ayurveda grew into an exact science during the Vedic era. Sages and learned men in those simpler times were keenly attuned to nature and developed an intrinsic knowledge of healing herbs and practices that will ensure a long and healthy life of any individual. After all, Ayurveda literally means Knowledge of Life!

What Is Your Dosha?

The basis of Ayurveda is the three doshas or biological energies associated with the human body. It postulates that the three doshas – vata, pitta, and kapha – have to be kept in balance or samyatva to ensure good health. Any imbalance among these three elements results in illness. The treatment prescribed by Ayurveda for any disease is thus focussed on bringing these energies back into balance.

Every Modern Massage Spa Uses Ayurvedic Principles!

Skin, being the largest organ in the human anatomy and its most external, has a special place in Ayurveda. Some of the ancient practices proposed by this natural science for maintaining healthy skin are being practiced all the way now in modern times too. Several spas are offering Ayurvedic massage in Chennai.

Inside Out

Ayurveda shows that human skin is at its glowing when the body is free of toxins. So clean the body from inside on out with a healthy diet. Water-rich fruits and vegetables have a way of flushing out unwanted wastes and toxins from the body. Nuts and seeds are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids and other skin-nourishing components.

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy Is Great For The Skin

Massage Your Way To Great Skin

Ayurveda also introduces many natural herbs and with healing powers, which when infused into essential oils and massaged into the body do wonders for your skin. It talks about srotas or channels that transport fluids all over the body and how oil massages and fomentation help in opening them up and regulating flow through them. Aromatic oils are thus a crucial component of Ayurvedic massages and treatments. Be it a head massage or a full body deep tissue massage therapy, these treatments leave a lingering positive effect on the body and mind. Modern spas make extensive use of aromatic oils and body wraps to condition and nurture the skin.

Regular Exercise

Keep yourself active with an exercise or fitness routine, at least for 30 minutes, three times a week. Improved blood circulation and sweating during physical exertion are another excellent way to get rid of the toxin buildup in your body. Your skin will thank you for it!

Stress can play havoc on your skin – pimples, rashes, and hives are often triggered by it. So, incorporate some breathing exercises into your fitness regimen too. Deep breathing techniques calm your body, mind, and soul, and keeps harmful stress at bay.

Sound Sleep

There is a reason why beauty sleep is called so. Having uninterrupted sleep of at least seven hours a day is a must for healthy, glowing skin. Your body needs the downtime to replenish, repair and rejuvenate its skin cells and leave you looking fresh and healthy in the morning.

Go For An Aromatic Massage In Chennai!


We can thus see how relevant Ayurveda still is today when it comes to skin and beauty treatments. It is no wonder that most spas in Chennai have picked on those benefits and have started applying them to their beauty and skin care techniques. Step into your nearest massage spa In Chennai and enjoy an Aromatic massage today!