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Book a Partial Massage at River Day Spa in Chennai Target Specific Areas That Suffer From Chronic Pain and Aches

Who is it suitable for?
  • It is recommended for clients with aches and pains in different parts of the body and hence can’t indulge in a full body massage.
  • Also recommended for people recovering from surgeries and other minor injuries.

Your therapist massages only the parts of the body in pain and works on different techniques to reduce and remove the pain. You can either sit on a lounge chair or lie on a spa bed depending on the area to be massaged.


There Is Nothing Partial in the Role of Rejuvenating Yourself With a Partial Body Massage

It is highly effective as the therapist focuses entirely on target areas and you can enjoy quick relief within minutes of beginning the session.

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Consult Our Skilled Therapists to Personalise Your Partial Body Massage to Suit Your Requirements.

General Well-Being Benefits

Enjoy relaxation and experience pain relief at the hands of expert therapists at our best massage center in Chennai. It is highly recommended that you schedule subsequent massage sessions with the same therapist who knows your condition and can guide you in complete recovery.

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