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Bangalore is always booming with lots of new places with activities for people of all ages. Searching for the best spa in the east of bangalore? Tired after a day of shopping in malls? Looking for some serenity beside the BDA Complex in the neighborhood of Indiranagar ?
River Day Spa comes as the saviour.

Indiranagar is not only a hub for food joints & hangouts. It also offers people the unique opportunity to enjoy spontaneous activities such as experiencing the cocoon of holistic happiness and rejuvenation at our spas and massage centres.Professional technicians and therapists cater to every preference with utmost civility and privacy to give you the best spa experience ever!
Take a step into the world of well-being, luxury, and treatment to know a different side of salons and spas!

Escape into a haven of relaxation and serenity at the heart of the city. Immerse yourself in fragrant aromas with relaxing music in the background as our expert masseurs in Bangalore work their magic on your body and relieve stress from your system.

Lose yourself in the hands of an expert masseur and feel lighter and energetic. Our massages are designed to give you long-lasting relief from aches and ailments. You can customize the massage treatments to further serve your requirements. We offer specialized signature massage therapies not only at our spa in Chennai but also in Other locations. Indulge in a variety of massages that target different areas of your body and offer different benefits. Our skilled therapists guide you in choosing the right massage service based on your needs.

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Three burning candles are featured alongside spa accessories like spa towel, garment and herbs at River Day Spa Bangalore.

A Cleansing Body Scrub Or A Refreshing Body Wraps At Indiranagar, Bangalore

Enjoy one of our specially designed Body Scrub or Body Wrap treatments to make your skin radiate with health and to make it soft and smooth to touch. Our Body Scrub and Body Wrap treatments carefully replenish and nourish the skin and lift the dullness from your skin and deeply hydrate it.
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We Bring Out Your

Best with our skin & hair care and hair dressing at our beauty salon in Indiranagar,  Bangalore

Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Look your beautiful best with our uniquely designed Skin Care treatments that end all your skin woes. Enjoy smooth radiant looking skin like never before and watch the years melt away. Groom yourself with the latest styles and trends at the hands of our expert trained and experienced Hair Care specialists who guide you on your journey to looking the best.

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Can I go to the spa while pregnant?

During pregnancy, you should not take up spa therapies that make your body get too hot including hot tub, sauna and Jacuzzi. However, you can soak yourself in a tub of warm water as it is safe and relaxing.

What is Thai massage used for?

Thai massage is useful in improving circulation, reducing stress, restoring balance, increasing the motion, increasing overall flexibility and boosting energy. It also speeds up recovery after an intensive workout session.


What is Balinese body palming?

Balinese body palming has existed for centuries and brings stimulation, clarity and relaxation. The energy of this technique is incorporated into any type of Balinese Massage therapy for the best results.

How Does it Benefit Health?

Foot Reflexology is a foot massage stimulating special acupressure points located on your feet. Notably, these points connect to every organ in your body. When these are stimulated, there will be numerous benefits such as improved circulation.

What conditions is deep tissue/sports massage used for?

Deep Tissue Massage is basically used to treat muscles, sport-related injuries and chronic pain. The sport massage is also used to reduce muscle tension, blood pressure and promote relaxation.

Are there any restrictions during an Ayurvedic treatment?

When you take up Ayurvedic Massage, you should not involve in running, brisk walking, jogging, swimming or other strenuous work or sports. You can go for a walk and listen to soothing music.

Is Body Scrub the same as body wash?

Both body scrub and body wash have different purposes and benefits. A body wash will cleanse the body whereas a scrub will exfoliate the body.

What does a body wrap do?

In a body wrap, strips of natural and herbal ingredients are wrapped around your body to detox your system. This procedure will decrease inches and cellulite and give your skin a tighter look.

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New No : 7A, Old No : 2/4,
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Spa in Chennai

New No : 7A, Old No : 2/4,
1st Floor,
Tamil Salai, Egmore
Chennai – 600 008

Spa in Bangalore

Door No-477, 15th Cross St,
Indra Nagar, Double Road,
Land mark: Next bda Complex,