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  Best Sports Massage Therapy at River Day Spa in Chennai

The sports people tend to be on a heavy routine of exercise and controlled diet which helps them to build muscle mass and gain a flexible body. Our sports massage helps sports people to strengthen their body and gain strength. The improved blood circulation helps in keeping them healthy. Sports injuries can be overcome with the help of an orthopedic massage or a sports massage which is available at our River day spa in Chennai. The therapists working at our spa are trained on the art of giving such massages to people visiting us. It helps in curing old ailments or freshly acquired injuries during the process of practice or during a game. Calf pains are seen to be common between people going for morning jogs, new running enthusiasts, or athletes. We help them get rid of pain and muscular spasms which engulfs people after doing a heavy workout. We customize our therapies and massages according to the pain and injury expressed by the customers


The Role Of Sports Massage In Increasing Energy And Maximizing The Efficiency Of The Sports Person Is Unmatched.

From the professional sports person to the regular jogger, everyone can enhance flexibility and efficiency with a sports massage here at River Day Spa at the hands of experienced therapists who are well trained to handle various types of requirements.

Personalized To Suit Your Requirements

Our therapist would design a sports massage for your need

Sports therapists have recommended for an effectiveness of a rigorous sports massage on a regular massage for picking up speed and flexibility of the body. To increase the strength of the body and to increase the overall stamina of the body it is recommended by many sports people to go ahead and take massages to strengthen the muscle and ligaments of the body. As people tend to get worked up with the sporting event on the day the match is played. It is advised by competent physiotherapists to take an unwinding massage which helps them to relax post the event. At River day spa we have trained therapists to help you build strength in muscles and ligaments for major sporting events. Visit our Best Spa in Chennai.

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