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Spa in Porur Offers the Best Rejuvenate

In times of mental and physical exhaustion, everyone seeks solace from various sources in life. Everyone needs a safe space to talk about their physical pain and receive compassionate care. At River Day Spa, we assist clients in relaxing. One of Porur's top massage spas is the River Group of Salon and Spa. The Grand Residency Hotel Porur is where you can find it. The River Salon and Day Spa operate a Spa in Porur at the Grand Residency Hotel on Arcot Road's spa.

Within our serene, aesthetically pleasing, and fragrant environment, we let you experience the peace you seek. As you receive therapy from the skilled hands of our healers, let all of your stress fly out the window.

After Delivery Masssage
Personalized Pampering: Tailored Messages for Your Unique Relaxation

While receiving a massage, gently apply pressure to the muscles, relieving the pain caused by overstressed muscles. The body benefits from releasing endorphins in the blood, which the massage facilitates. It aids in rejuvenating the person's immunity and decelerates the ageing process. Serotonin, which increases the feel-good factor in the body, also increases blood circulation.

River Day Spa offers various massages, each focusing on the body pains in the different parts. The therapist assists the client in wisely selecting the massage of their choice based on their needs. The massages boost energy levels in the body and provide long-term relief from pain and muscle cramps, which can be crippling. Every person has a different pain point, so the therapist tailors the massage to the customer's needs.

People from all over the city continue to flock to our spa services. We have customers from Valasaravakkam, Vadapalani, Virugambakkam, Alwar, Thirunagar, and Saligramam. River Group of Salon and Spa wishes to be your one-stop centre for complete wellness care, offering holistic services that blend with your ideas of massage and beauty services provided under one roof.


Unwind Your Senses Where Wellness Meets Wonder

We'll reduce stress and calm your agitated nerves with our ambience and surroundings. Relax, allow your thoughts to a calm atmosphere, and soothe your body from the tension and pain and feel a sense of pain decreasing. As we serve you and help you feel at home, your anxiety and stress will leave your door. It's a perfect spot for family members to schedule appointments, as we are a family-friendly Spa and Salon.

For newlyweds, couples have less time to spend together. We offer a lovely couple massage where you can spend time together while improving your health. Couples who want to spend time together should try our Couples Spa services. Choose the services for a healthy time with a loved one.

At River Day Spa, we operate to provide the best result. We let you offer recommended massage as per your needs and our service based on your preferences in an expert manner. We strive to enhance your natural beauty, a gift from nature.

We want to greet every client who comes to us from all over the city, even though we are housed in a hotel. Our customers from all over the city relish our spa services and feel rejuvenated. We are located near DLF, Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Ramapuram, and other significant landmarks in the city. Our body massage and spa services are outstanding for your self-care in Porur. Come to our spa to unwind and feel the peace wash over you.

We'll reduce stress and calm your agitated nerves with our ambience and surroundings. Relax, allow your thoughts to a calm atmosphere, and soothe your body from the tension and pain and feel a sense of pain decreasing. As we serve you and help you feel at home, your anxiety and stress will leave your door. It's a perfect spot for family members to schedule appointments, as we are a family-friendly Spa and Salon.

Cherish Your Glow, Illuminate Your Look In Riverdayspa.

We always protect your natural beauty; the beautician understands your needs. Keep a keen eye on your look; we always serve you to enhance your natural beauty with our spa services at our Porur outlet.

We bring the best beauty treatments in Porur, Chennai. For all your special occasions, it is a destination for all. Our services include facials, scrubs, hairdressing, manicures, and pedicures. You can book a package with us so we can begin working on your skin and hair before the big day and decide on the type of makeup and style you would be comfortable displaying on various occasions. Our Bridal Services are among the best in town. Get the best packages for an elegant look.

River Group of Salon and Spa offers the best massage spa in Chennai. Allow yourself the rich experience of promoting flexibility and health. Allow our beauticians to work their magic and let their fingers do all the talking while you look at the beauty. Enchant your partner with your style and appearance.

Rejuvenate Yourself With Our Massages, Scrubs And Natural Body Wraps

Feel the softness of your skin as it exfoliates and shines. Your skin will exude health, care, and the therapist's expertise. Participate in our expedition focused on health and fitness.

Our massages will completely revitalise you and relieve any stress you have experienced. Our body scrubs and wraps contain natural ingredients to rejuvenate your body and skin. Feel excited about being part of the River Day Spa wellness appointment for wellness.

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All Under One Roof At River Salon & Day Spa

We treat each of our clients uniquely. All packages are unique and designed to meet the various needs of our customers. Our therapy lets our clients see their pain melt away before their eyes. Feel and appear youthful. Age is just a number, after all. Our styles and trends are appropriate for people of all ages. Join the bold look and show the world your fashion and style. Our experts will guide you to the new you.

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We are located at the northern part of Lord Muruga temple at Palani. It is a posh locality with some of the prominent film stars staying in the area. There are many known film studios in this area. The people staying in this area visit River Salon and Day Spa which is close by. It just takes 33 minutes to reach us we are just 9.9 km away from your location.

St.Thomas Mount

A neighborhood set at the foot of a beautiful hillock arresting place of St. Thomas, Jesus Christ’s twelve apostles which is a tourist area. This area has MRTS and Metro rail systems so the area sees many people in transit. River Salon and Day Spa @ Porur is at a distance of 20 minutes from the St. Thomas Mount. We have many customers visiting us from this area. Discover the bliss of our services by visiting us. We are located 6.7 km from St. Thomas and it takes 23 minutes to visit us.


The international airport Meenambakkam is a place which has a heavy footfall due to the airport and travelers flocking the area. Meenambakkam is just half an hour away around 11 km from River Salon and Day Spa at Porur. Get the sense of ultimate relaxation at our spa in Chennai.


Guindy is an industry center and is busy with transport bustling around in the area, this place is 29 minutes away from River Salon and Day Spa @ Porur around 9.7 km away. Get a redressal for your stress and busy lifestyle at River Salon and Day Spa

Thousands Of Happy Clients

  • River day spa is a place to go with modern and aesthetic surroundings I got my solution to many problems which I was going through. I usually went to them for haircuts however I had serious issues regarding the quality of my hair. They helped me to get rid of the problem with a hair spa and suggested a balanced diet to enrich its upkeep. I regularly visit them for a hair massage which has enriched my hair growth. The stylists are knowledgeable and understanding

    Sai Pawan
  • I visited them a while ago when I wanted to go for a pedicure and nail art. We were supposed to go to a party and we wanted to do some basic cleanup for the purpose. The beauticians were understanding and they saw to it that we both could take the session together. The nail art portfolio with them is great and if anyone is looking for these services, I will recommend them to come to this place.

  • I have always enjoyed myself whenever I visited their outlet near my home. Their massages and facials are just great experiences. I chose an aromatic oil that suited my skin and a massage suitable for my age. They use organic products so you can rest assured about their quality.

    Dhruv Shashidharan
  • My bridal package was something I was actually worried about. However, all my thoughts were put to rest when I went to River day spa. My special day was so beautiful absolutely like a dream sequence. I have never been happier. I was admired for my looks by all members of my family specially my better half loved the way I looked. Their packages are good value for money.

    Nandini Sharma
  • I have two grandchildren and I like to color my hair and get my hair styled. I go for massages regularly. People can hardly guess my age. When I tell them I have grandchildren they are surprised. River day spa helped me to locate my style I have my favorite hairdresser and she attends me regularly. You will feel truly at home being with them.

    Sheetal Godhra
  • I have gathered problem with my skin. My face had frequent eruptions of acne and pimple. I have been going for facials regularly and have been able to treat the skin problem effectively. I now have a membership program with them and I am able to get rid of the frequent skin eruptions. The people working with River day spa are friendly and helpful.

  • I have to rush around the globe for my business. I have to work at odd hours and I am usually jet-lagged and tired with my schedule. I tried the massage at River day spa and it helped me with my sleep schedule and overall relaxation. Now I am on a wonderful routine with them and it is helping me to relax along with my work.

  • I have been to this place many times. I have tried their massages and scrubs. They are all made of organic stuff and I have got a lot of benefit from their treatment. I was suggested a massage and scrub according to the kind of skin and the problems I was facing. I have benefitted a lot from their association.

Awaken Your Senses Discover the professional massage treatment at River Salon and Day Spa