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Scrubbing the skin is one of the most effective methods of cleansing the dermal layer of the skin. It takes away the dead dermal layer and exposes the new live layer of skin which is soft and supple. The scrubbing with the help of aromatic extracts and natural granules helps in the process of exfoliation and leaving behind a heavenly feeling which is soft and silky to touch. The granules are used along with oils which makes the skin feel soft and heavenly. Combining revitalizing aromatic extracts with blend of granules of coffee or sea salt and moisturizing oils helps in exfoliating body with the help of scrub at River Day Spa in Chennai that leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed and soft.


When you feel the skin needs to be restored with its shine and feel revitalized awaken it with the help of our body scrub treatment and lighten the skin tone by removing the dead dermal layer. A visit to our best spa in Chennai will enliven and nourish the mind, the skin and restore the much-needed nourishment for the body. With the help of our aromatic oils, we also indulge your senses and enrich your sense of natural beauty.

River Day Spa, with the help of its competent team of therapists and healers we understand the need of nourishment and cleansing for the skin on a regular basis. We help our aging clients to reverse the wrinkles on the face and other parts of the body with the help of scrubs and massages. See your skin glow with the help of our and see yourself smile ear to ear.

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Body Scrub for A Cleansed and Bright Skin

We at River day spa care to men and women beauty needs. We help them to choose the best treatment for themselves right from a massage, scrub or any specific need they might specify. We help you in working on the tonal quality of your skin. We help you in getting a soft and supple skin with the help of exfoliation, good blood circulation and reducing stress points from your body with the help of massages, scrubs and body wraps.

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Experience The Best Exfoliating Body Scrub to Remove Dead Dermal Layer at River day Spa

A regular care from the hands of the trained therapists of River salon and day spa. Our scrubs have natural moisturizers which gives the skin a silky texture. Let the fingers of our healers and beauticians work magic on your skin. An exfoliated skin absorbs moisturization much better and looks hydrated. We help you in unclogging your pores and getting a healthy skin which is full of vitality and shine. A full body scrub and massage at River day spa will make you fall in love with yourself

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