Effectiveness Of Massage Therapy To Cure Back Pain In IT Professionals

Effectiveness Of Massage Therapy To Cure Back Pain In IT Professionals

Today, we hardly find any IT professional who has never experienced or complained of a backache. It is such a common problem that it’s almost like, the word ‘IT profession’ and ‘backache’ are inseparable. Professions which demand continuous hours of sitting are sure to cause back pain for the workers. No matter how much you concentrate on your posture or use suitable support, if you are into such a profession, the chances are that you will experience back pain issues at some point of time or other.

Back Pain May Be Due To Any Of The Following Reasons:

Strained muscle in back or neck

Muscle strain can be caused by continuous sitting in front of the computer system for prolonged hours. A sudden fall, lifting of a heavy object may also cause strain to muscles. The excess stress may lead to inflammation and spasms causing severe pain and difficulty in moving. Professional massage therapy helps to remove spasm and provides relief to pain.

Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis(Spine)

Both Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis of the spine are medical conditions which may have back pain as their symptoms. IT professionals are more prone to medical conditions like these due to the sedentary nature of their work. Massages, however, are effective in providing relief for both. Diagnose your exact issue by approaching a doctor and choose the best type of massage for you according to his advice.

Did you know that massage therapy can help you, especially if you are a professional working in the IT sector? Massage techniques are of different types such as sports massage, relaxation massage, etc.

Being subjected to constant stress affects the tissues of the neck, as well as those at the back. So, instead of a soft and gentle massage, a deep tissue massage is the one that is ideal for you. Sports massages are part of deep tissue massages concentrating on particular areas of your body. If you have never heard of sports massage or have never tried it at least once as a solution for your backache, then you have missed something important. Don’t worry! Here is the right help for you. It is better late than never! Continue reading to find out what it is and what are its benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a risk-free, non-intrusive method to solve the daily wear and tear that our muscles go through. This is why it is preferred by many. Sports massage is fast paced and includes a lot of stretching. It is done on the stressed out or injured areas of your body by applying pressure on the layers of muscles. Professional therapists will the ones doing them, so you can be sure to avail all the sports massage benefits. A Swedish massage is also good for neck and back pain. It involves long strokes and kneading motions which increase overall relaxation and circulation.

There are chances for you to feel a slight bit of discomfort during the massage session, as the therapies are designed to target the muscles which hold the most tension. But it will gradually reduce after the massage. A typical treatment requires at least one therapy session in a week. It varies depending on the type of massage you choose.

The therapists in the massage centre will also be able to guide you. You can check with them what is a sports massage, what are the other massage therapies available, the effectiveness of each, etc.

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy does not just offer relief from your back pain and neck pain alone. It is an overall package which helps your body and mind in numerous ways. Let’s see how!

Enhanced circulation of blood- More blood flow brings vital oxygen and required nutrition to the muscles and tissues thereby recovering it from soreness and injury.

Lessens muscle tension- Pain is caused mainly due to stressed and tight muscles. Massage therapy helps muscles to relax which will lessen your pain.

Increased flexibility- Regular massage sessions help to improve flexibility which decreases the current injury to your tissues and prevents further ones.

Reduces blood pressure and steadies the heart rate- High blood pressure is not a good medical condition. Massage treatment helps in maintaining blood pressure at ideal levels.

Promotes better sleep- The overall effects of massage treatments on your body and mind helps in eliminating sleep disorders.

Increased levels of mood regulators- Massage therapy results in the increased production of endorphins which are mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain. They lower your depression and anxiety and helps in your emotional stability.

Now that you are aware of the benefits, you need not hesitate. Make a wise decision and choose the best for you!

Relevance Of Personal Grooming In The Modern Workplace

Landing your dream job or getting married to the man of your dreams does not mean that you can slack on your grooming habits. In fact, you need to even step it up a bit more to show your dedication to your new role.  Personal grooming includes staying clean and hygienic throughout the day. Body odour can be a huge deal-breaker in many situations. So the next time you lose out on a promotion, check whether you have been skipping your grooming routine in an attempt to finish off work.

Let’s take a look at a couple of reasons why personal grooming needs to be at the very top of your list:

As time goes by, more and more people realize the difference that a smart appearance can make to any kind of meeting, be it personal or official. Personal grooming has become one of the first things that you need to give attention to if you are planning on making a mark in this world. The current generation is obsessed with selfies, which is just an example of how looking good has become critical to impress anyone. Interestingly, this trend has brought on another trend in the form of spas and parlours. It is no longer considered a luxury to visit a spa in chennai or a parlour these days. Rather it has become a necessity in these times of looking perfect.

Visual appeal plays a major role in giving you an added advantage in the modern workplace whether you like it or not. After all, who doesn’t like a pleasing face that goes along with a pleasing personality? Looking good is the number priority for everyone and makeup helps you achieve that goal. However, makeup comes in different forms and shades, making it difficult for a novice. There are plenty of brands that offer safe alternatives for sensitive skin. If your skin has a tendency to break out very quickly, it would be best to choose organic or natural makeup that doesn’t contain any chemicals.

There is a fine line between looking natural with makeup and having an overdone face. You need to be very careful in achieving the natural look with makeup and not look too dramatic, as it can be a tad too much for the workplace. After all, your intent is to impress, not scare away your colleagues.  It’s no wonder that knowing how to use different makeup products to enhance our features is another aspect of personal grooming. There are thousands of products in the market today that makes the same promise.You can get suggestions from experts  to choose the right products for your skin. Especially consult people like professional bridal makeup artist in Chennai – Skulpt, Dr Renita Rajan – famous dermatologist and cosmetologist in Chennai and so on. Getting an expert advice will help to avoid any side effects that could be caused due to some makeup products.

If you are still on the fence about the importance of personal grooming, think back to all your colleague and friends who have gotten promotions, more responsibilities at work, etc. You will notice that they all seem to be well groomed. So not that you have discovered the secret to success, own it and turn yourself into a well-groomed articulate person that you would like everyone to see you as. A few visits to a nearby spa along with some advice from experts will set you the right path of achieving this dream after all, looking good is the best gift to give yourself.

Your Hands Beautiful Forever at Spa in Chennai

Your Hands Beautiful Forever at Spa in Chennai

Nail art design and craze is gaining more popularity every passing day. Ladies, it’s high time you start realizing how important the appearance of your nails is and how they count in enhancing the beauty of your hands. Let’s take a look at a few simple steps to give you glowing hands with fantabulous nails.

Use a milky hand wash

Do not go for a very clear handwash. These may dry out your skin. Always choose a handwash that has natural ingredients like tea tree oil and eucalyptus.

Never put your hands in hot or icy water

Avoid situation when you have to immerse your hands directly in hot water and also icy water. While hot water takes away sebum and makes the skin dry , cold water causes constriction and further dilation of the capillary vessels, also leading to redness.

Protect with sunscreen with best nail salon

Similar to your face, hands can also be affected by too much exposure to the sun. Apply sunscreen on your hands too to protect them from UV rays.

Try anti-aging face cream

To maintain the elasticity of your hands, apply an anti aging cream to the back of your hands. It’s best to do this at night just before going to bed. This will help to rejuvenate your hands after a long tiring day. Acrylic nails, though pretty to look at are always not the best option. So always go in for natural and good looking hands.

Slather on a mask

This is a secret tip for all you pretty women. Slather on a fruit extract mask onto your hands, wrap in plastic covers and them place a warm towel on them. The heat penetrates the mask into your skin and gives you fresh and energetic skin.

Tips for beautiful nails

The Spa centre in Chennai will advise you to keep your nails clean and healthy. The best looking nails are always the cleanest. Forget about using artificial nails when you can have the best looking nails naturally.

Be gentle with your nails

Do not use metal nail tools .Avoid too much scrubbing also as your nails are delicate and gentle.

Trim and neat

Trim your nails regularly and keep them neat. Check how your nails respond to the trimming and how fast they grow back. Keep them short and healthy-Long nails are beautiful if only there is no breakage or snaps. It is always better to start out by growing them short with rounded edges. When your nails are healthy, uniform and without snaps, they look prettier than long nails.

Take care of your cuticles and keep a nail file handy

Cuticles serve as the base of your nails. Be very careful when you cut the cuticle as this may break the seal of protection. You are likely to get infected if this happens.

Disinfect your nail tools

Always keep your nail tools clean and germ free. You need to wash them with soap and water. Dry them and wipe them with alcohol. Emery boards need to be displaced too.

Always apply the base coat

Never leave out applying the base coat while painting your nails. This will help to protect the nail from being stained and also give the coat a more saturated look. Applying an extra layer of gloss will also improve the appearance and give more protection.

Read the labels

Make sure you know what the ingredients that go into your nail polish are. Do not use products with chemical toxins like dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde. All these toxins contribute to cracking, brittleness and splitting.

Stay away from gel treatments at Chennai Spa centre

Moisturize and give your nails a break

Try out the above tips for a few weeks and watch your hands begin to glow with radiance!

How to manage the summer season for waxing our expert will guide you

How to manage the summer season for waxing our expert will guide you

With the summer time months come sunshine, lengthy days on the beach, and other aspects, for lots of us, the urgent rush to remove any unwanted hair that’s collected over the much fewer heat months, before donning our swim suits.

And at the same time as some are happy to use a razor and address the protection that includes shaving, many ladies prefer the smoother result  they get with waxing (plus love the reality that they’re hairless for a lot longer!) Wrap treatments in Chennai.

In case you’re a waxing beginner but have taken into consideration giving it a try, here is a list of waxing FAQs to assist placed your thoughts comfortable so you may be hair-free all summer season lengthy.


There’s an oft-shared myth that hair elimination, which includes waxing, reasons hair to develop back dark and dense, however, this couldn’t be similarly from the reality.

Hair removal not often affects the pigment and the thickness of the hair when it grows returned, as those factors are common genetic and hormonal—consequently unique to everyone. Whilst shaving could make the hair seem thicker because of the angle the hair is sliced, waxing removes the hair from the root, consequently heading off this problem.

Some other bonus of waxing is that hairs will grow back slower which means much less maintenance and smoother legs for longer! Wrap service in Coimbatore.


Every person’s pain tolerance is one of a kind; however, the general public experienced a touch discomfort at some point in a waxing session. To reduce any pain and help reduce sensitivity, skip tea, and coffee five hours before getting waxed; caffeine restricts the blood vessels and stops the skin from getting the blood float it needs growing sensitivity. Wrap services in Trichy.

HOW should I put together FOR A WAX?

Firstly, make certain your hair is of a very good length to be waxed. Preferably, this is approximately an eighth to 1 / 4 of an inch long. The wax needs plenty of hair to grip onto, so it is able to remove it at once from the root.

Also, be sure to exfoliate your pores and skin one-two days before your appointment to take away any dead skin cells and ensure your skin is nicely hydrated. When the skin is dry, hair is probably to interrupt off when waxed.

Just earlier than your appointment, do not follow any of your products to the pores and skin because it has to be absolutely herbal as now not to intervene with the wax. Waxing in Chennai.

Can I SHAVE between WAXING periods? Best Waxing service in Chennai.

It’s excellent to avoid shaving altogether while you’re waxing regularly (a regular wax has to arise every four-six weeks). As noted, while you wax you slow down and reduce hair growth and the hair that does develop again is less difficult to remove. You furthermore might need hair to be at a positive length to look the advantages of your wax, so shaving them before the wax is counterproductive.

In case you shave in between waxing periods, you also run the chance of irritating your hair follicles which could result in painful and unpleasant ingrown hairs.

HOW quickly can I exercise AFTER I’ve WAXED?

It’s possible your skin can be sensitive post-wax, so it is quality to keep away from tight-becoming clothing—particularly gym clothing. We recommend looking forward to at least 24-hours earlier than you work out as friction and trapped sweat can also serve to irritate the skin causing redness. Also, avoid deodorant in case you’ve had an underarm wax.

WHAT SHALL I put on FOR MY session?

Keep away from any tight-fitting or awkward clothing with a purpose to cling in your skin. Loose smooth clothing will assist the skin to breathe while pores continue to be open.

lots of people sense daunted with the aid of the prospect of baring interested by a bikini wax, but our practitioners are professional, and we offer disposable underclothes if requested, that will help you experience at ease.

How many DAYS earlier than I am going ON holiday should I book MY WAX?

To avoid any redness or swollen legs while you pop in your bikini for the first time of the year, it is a good concept to plan a wax for two or 3 days before you jet off on your holidays. In case you’re going someplace warm, allowing the skin to loosen up again will prevent it from becoming super infected, simply make sure you put on a suitable things.

Can I cross in the SWIMMING POOL after I’VE WAXED?

You could simply take your easy legs into the pool once you have waxed, but we’d recommend expecting at least 24-hours. That is to save you any chlorine or different substances from coming into your newly opened pores, which may additionally lead to irritation, infection, or simply general redness.


Waxing can in reality lighten the skin, due to the fact you are effectively eliminating a layer of dead pores and skin cells, revealing a fresh layer of skin under. At the equal time, because of the truth, you’re removing any fine, darkish hairs while you wax, your pores, and skin will routinely look lighter.

In case you’re waxing earlier than your holiday, this should not be a problem as you’ll have lots of possibilities to get a fresh tan, don’t forget the covering the places!


Once your hairs start to grow back, the fine way to prolong the clean put up-wax feeling is to exfoliate and moisturize frequently. We just like the Spa enjoy Argon and Milk body Scrub and hydrate your skin every day with either a body oil or a nourishing cream, consisting of Spa enjoy Black Pomegranate body Lotion. Best Scrub service in Chennai.

Exfoliating allows save you ingrown hairs, if this is something you’ve been having a problem with, ask us about our Sea Salt Scrub that’s enriched with intensely soothing, hydrating, and healing ingredients that could help reduce hair increase and fight ingrown hairs.

If you’re prepared to try out clean and professional waxing, test out or Spa enjoy waxing packages, which might be kind on skin, however tough on pesky hairs! Best Scrub in Coimbatore.


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A couple of benefits of body Spa: massage and therapy

Many strategies of body massages have been used because of the historic times for the nicely-being of the body. They had been improvised over the time frame into various spa massages and treatments. In our present-day stressful lives, it’s far difficult to move for a holiday once in a while. These healing procedures successfully act instead to recharge and re-energize the body and mind.

The muscle tissues and soft tissues of the body are worked upon. It enables you to relax and rejuvenate your external as well as internal self.

Following are a number of the numerous benefits of those spa treatments:

Fights against illnesses

It acts as a reliever for people affected by continual pain. Those encompass sciatic, arthritis, muscle spasms, and lower back pain. Different conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, and so on. Are established to have decreased because of spa healing procedures.

Assists in weight loss

Various techniques of massage were utilized in weight loss packages. A simple soak inside the hot bathtub will drop the ones few more pounds on you.

Relief from Muscular body pain

Treatments also work at the acupressure points of your body. Muscle pains, joint pains, cramps, and so forth. Are cured via those treatments. It’s far enormously recommended to sports activities people who carefully workout every day.

Best stress Buster

Everyone needs their personal time out from working and socializing of normal lives. Spa massages in Coimbatore comes up with a few quality “me-time” to get into your own world. This especially reduces the pressure levels enhancing your mental well-being.

Enhances the skin

It receives rid of the pollution in your body. The oils and creams used inside the therapy enhance cell regeneration. It additionally cleanses the pores of the pores and skin and offers an amazing glow to the skin. 

Self-belief Booster

Those treatments launch serotonin in your body. It sends high-quality vibes to your brain. Increase your self-belief via pampering yourself.

Body spa treatments in Chennai work wonders for your body. Take pleasure in body spa in T.Nagar cures and rejuvenate yourself.

“Spa therapies you need to try!”

Why You Deserve a Spa Day

Why You Deserve a Spa Day

Once in a while it is able to be difficult to pamper yourself or permit yourself time to relax. You cannot experience such as you deserve a day to yourself. Or you can experience like you’re losing valuable time that might be spent doing something more efficient. Even as there is usually an issue of why you shouldn’t spend too much time relaxing, there may also usually be an argument for why you have to deal with yourself every now and then!

On the River Group of Salon and Spa, we accept as true that everyone deserves a spa day each once in a while. If you have a problem just take a day to yourself or spending a great day at the spa, this blog is for you! We desired to assist push you inside the proper path and encourage you to take the time to yourself. Read directly to learn extra and make certain to agenda your spa services today! Spa in Coimbatore Gandhipuram

You work hard

In case you are constantly pushing yourself in every factor of your life, you deserve a smash. You’re usually jogging round and working difficult to juggle your work, domestic, and social lifestyles. Even in case you enjoy your job and look ahead to spend time with friends and family on your time without work, you continue to want a private break from the whole thing, and a spa day creates the right getaway. Spa in Tirupur.

It’s been sometimes to take the spa Massage in Coimbatore

If it’s been some time since you’ve got pampered yourself or has allowed yourself to sincerely relax, then a spa day is manner past due. While we assume you should deliver yourself time to relax as soon as every week, we know that a few can only make this happen as soon as a month. If it’s been even longer for you, time table your spa day now!

Because you need one

Maybe you deserve a spa day certainly due to the fact you need one! In case you need to spend a day getting a massage, facial, and pedicures, then you definitely have to do simply that. You don’t want to do something massive to deserve a unique day to yourself, so move in advance and treat yourself!

Schedule your spa day at the River group of Salon and Spa and allow you to relax and be pampered for a few hours!


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5 Hidden Benefits of a Good Massage

Could there be anything sweeter than a good massage session? Massage is one of the less talked topics in life when it comes to decadent pleasures.

A perfect cup of coffee after a tired and stressful day!! How does it feel?? If you have had it, now you know what a perfect massage at Riverday spa can offer you. It’s better than your hot coffee sip.

Massage therapy has been a trend for centuries and its reason is very simple. It gives you relaxation, pleasure, and good emotional satisfaction. Have you had a massage from an expert masseur at least a foot rub? If yes you will agree with us. Don’t wait, book an appointment at River day spa and massage center for the best experience of your first massage.

Apart from the fact that a good massage gives you a good feeling. Let's check out some hidden benefits massage from Riverday Massage center – One of the best center for massage in VelloreMassage in TirupurMassage in Coimbatore and other major cities provide you.

Time to reveal the secrets of Riverday Massage ….

Are you suffering from recent lower back pain episodes? – this means you have to stress those muscles that haven’t seen any regular activity in the recent past. So you may have a sore feeling though you will be doing everything right.

Once your therapy starts at Riverday spa with dry heat and followed with massage before exercising helps you loosen the tight and sore muscles. The knots in the muscles break up with the gentle touch and massage of our professional masseurs.

Lymphatic massage is a type of massage or lymphatic drainage that revives the lymphatic system. This reviving therapy offers enhanced metabolism, removal of wastes, and toxins from your body, and promotes your immune system.

Lymphatic massage is a great choice for breast cancer or patients who have undergone various surgeries. It is a gentle massage along with deep tissue or Swedish massage. It also helps sports injury and is a great sports massage too.

Fighting emotional problems, stress, low energy, sickness, or unhealthy immunity? The right time to book an appointment at a spa in coimbatore hotels.  During your massage sessions at Riverday spa, our masseurs exert gentle pressure and pumps in the direction of lymph nodes on your entire body. A mix of beep thumb pressure and Swedish style helps you relax your body. Our therapist focuses on the area in your body that requires attention and also covers complete body workout.

All of you must be having unavoidable stress in today’s fast-paced world. If you are fighting tension headaches, tight feeling in shoulders, stomach pains, and assorted pains these are signs of piled-up stress. Come here to Riverday massage center- we will help you succeed in this fight.

Check out for “ Massage centers near me” and visit our spa in trichy hotels too to relax and give time for your body to feel ease and enjoy a sigh of relief. When you breathe in and out, you will be able to visualize your stress and tension subsiding just as a dark cloud is chased by the wind.

The warmth you would feel after our masseurs finish the massage is just like the sun rising with life and energy in every part of your body

If you have impaired vascular function or less mobility, according to experts regular massage will give you numerous benefits, particularly it improves your circulation. If you have any physical injury, choose our massage session for improved blood flow and better vascular function.

AS our masseur begins the massage session at Riverday spa, you will feel the difference in your body right there lying on the table. If you are fair-skinned, your skin will turn to pink as evidence of better circulation. Step into one of the best massage centers in Chennai and other major cities for relaxing and relieving all your pain.

Healing Power


One of the highlighting benefits of massages is the healing effect it gives your body after surgery. Tired and stressed of surgeries for leg, cyst and tumor removal? No worries, book your appointment at Riverday Spa and salon and our therapeutic massage sessions will alleviate your pain and help your body heal better.

Any injury or overworked muscles can be soothed by our gentle touch massages. Our therapist takes care of the amount of pressure they give and release your tensed muscles, ease your stiffness, and relieve your body from all discomforts.

Final Word

Many of you may think a massage is just to make you feel better only during the massage session. However, the reality is there are various combined benefits a massage can give you when you opt for the best massage centers in your city. It helps you rejunivate and rejoice after the seesion. You sleep better and your energy is boosted up with a good massage.

Why wait ?? Book your massage session and feel relaxed from this hectic daily routine life.

We at Rainday Salon and Spa give you quality massage service to reap all the hidden benefits of massage.


5 things to do before you get an Ayurvedic Massage to get the full benefit

Ayurvedic massage has a great effect on your complete body system rather than just your skin. This is the main reason we advise you to choose our ayurvedic massage at our various massage centers- Spa in EgmoreMassage in Porur, Spa in T.nagarMassage spa in CoimbatoreMassage spa in Chennai.

Abhyanga can be done every day for everyone especially for old age people and stressed people. It enhances your eyesight, nourishes your muscles, increases your lifespan and skin complexion.
Alright, hope you are already all set to check out “ Spa near me” and visit us to rejuvenate yourself. Before that let’s give you a few tips to get ready for an ayurvedic massage to reap its complete benefits.

• Choose the right time

Generally, it is recommended to get your ayurvedic massage done in the early morning before bathing.
Especially if you have a body pain that worsens with work, then early morning is the ideal time as in the morning the pain will be in its control and after the massage, you can have a quite comfortable day.
Divide the day into three parts, the last part evening is filled with Vatadosha which is perfect for an ayurvedic massage. When you get an oil massage in the evening, it is advised to apply hot fomentation after the massage as it helps you in avoiding stiffness and coldness. The warm improves the absorption and assimilation of the oil and herbs.


Always fix your appointment with us for an ayurvedic massage 1 hour before or after taking food. When you eat food and digestion begins, Kapha becomes dominant. Massage is done to balance VataDosha so it is not ideal to get a massage done when Kapha is dominant.

• When choosing ayurvedic massage - Pain-related

Ayurvedic massage is a relaxing procedure to rejuvenate yourself. But if you are walking into our massage spa for relief from some pain here is what we promise you:
When you suffer a fresh muscle or tendon injury, it begins to inflammation and this is treated with anti-inflammatory medicines and medicines related to the injury- swelling, pain, and many more. It relaxes your muscles and relieves your pain.
Some of you may experience that muscle damage has healed on its own but the pain may recur after many years. Few such recurring pain are-

So now, hope you know for what major problems you can go for an ayurvedic massage. So know your body pain and visit us we shall treat you like nowhere and vanish your pain.


• Know the oil composition

Oils are very essential in an ayurvedic massage in Chennai. So have some knowledge about the oils you are going to get massaged with.

These oils help you in relieving your pain. But there are not the only oils. We have given you a list of major oils that help you fight inflammation.


Herbs and its use

You may think a massage includes just oil but it is a fact that herbs also play a vital role in ayurvedic massage. They help you in relieving your pain and making you fresh.
Here is what the herbs used in our massage can do for you-

Improve the healing and inflammation process. So, ask your masseur to include herbs to the maximum extent possible to reap the best benefits after a massage. Herbs play a major role in the massaging process.


Final Words

So hope you are all set to get your massage- ayurvedic or Thai massage done at our River salon and spa with massage spas in Chennai and other major cities. However, after your massage take rest for at least 10- 15 minutes and get yourself wiped with a cloth dipped in warm water. After that, the masseur may give you Swedana( sweating treatment) or Snana ( hot water shower) according to your treatment plan. Get ready for your relaxing ayurvedic massage and feel relaxed!!!!

5 Reasons You Should Get A Regular Massage

Consider massage as a pro-active routine of preventative medicine just as exercise and healthy food. Generally, our health revolves around the aspects of healthy eating, reducing weight, and body flexibility, and so on. However here we introduce to a tangible aspect which you can easily achieve and it will have an immediate effect on your health for the good. Yes, you got it right take your appointment for an ayurvedic massage at Riverday salon and spa located in various places like – Chennai massage spamassage spa in Trichy, Spa in Vellore, Spa in Ganapathy, Massage in RS Puram, and many more.

Fix appointments for regular massage sessions by checking out “ Riverday salon and massage spas near me”. But why? Here we tell you!!!

Stress Reduction 

Most of us has been compelled to shell out thousands of rupees and spend significant time for relieving from illness. Most of them might be stress-related such as depression, heart ailment, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and cancer. Including regular massage in your everyday health care routine has assured results of reducing stress and keeping away many illnesses.

Doctors have recognized its benefits and usually advise regular massage sessions for patients suffering from stress. Several research has analyzed the stress hormone – cortisol and found it reduced dramatically after regular massage sessions. Cortisol is secreted when you are in stress and it destroys the important cells related to immunity. So, as our massage reduces your stress level and the cortisol secretion, your body is prevented from getting sick. 

Our massages promise you relief from many symptoms related to chronic illness or illness like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and cancer.

Regular massages at the massage spa at Riverday Salon and spa helps you boost the immune system by triggering natural killer cells. As therapeutic massage reduces cortisol that eradicates natural killer cells, your immunity gets strengthened. Raise in white blood cells and natural killer-cell activity gets your body ready to fight against the invading cells. 

Our regular massages boost immunity even in those of you who have severely compromised immune systems like cancer patients.

Are you recovering from any surgery? Step into our massage spa at various localities – massage spa in Chennai, massage in Coimbatore, massage spa in Vellore, massage spa in Trichy, and many more.

Regular massages at our massage spas can help you get back sooner on your feet. Massage enhances blood circulation. When your blood circulation is efficient, oxygen and other nutrients spread across your body easily. This helps in repairing your tissues and hastens the recovery treatment.

Getting regular massages at our Riverday salon and spa has a positive impact on your blood pressure issues. Massage helps in stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps in the regulation of your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. Massage is not your primary treatment, consult your physician, and consider massage as an integrative form of treatment for the betterment of your health condition.

Final Words

Getting a massage regularly is a fantastic way for relaxing your sore muscles. Of course, it is more than just an excuse to get yourself pampered at the spa. Regular massages have a multitude of benefits for your health. We assure you of relaxation !! Come for our massage regularly and exit refreshed daily !!!!

10 Tips for Making a Good Spa Even Better

The number of health and wellness centers in metropolitan cities has been increasing. With more opportunities comes the necessity to achieve customer satisfaction. Running a spa in Chennai successfully calls for following certain strategies.

How to Achieve the Status of the Best Spa in Chennai?

  1. Decide the services and define your vision

The first thing you need to make up your mind about is which service you are going to focus on. Consider offering Massage in Chennai. Decide whether you will offer clinically focused bodywork or spa-focused. There are even other types of massage, for that matter. Chart out a well-planned strategy first.

You may want to try whatever you’ve heard about, but offering fewer services and scaling up when you grow is the best way to grow. Starting with a plethora of services may only lead to confusion and stagnancy. The best Spa in Chennai would focus on fewer services, but be very good at them.

The success of a massage center in Chennai depends on prudent decisions about the service area. You need to ponder and plan the proper spaces for dedicated specialty services. Poor space management might eat up your profits. A compact and conveniently spaced spa in Chennai will enable providing the best massage in Chennai.

Restrict your services to the right number so that you can afford the effort and time needed for each. Customers expect personalized, focused service rather than a range of mediocre services. Moreover, planning your activities around your strong points will help spas to increase their per-client revenue and generate better profits.

To be able to succeed amid competition and sustain, a Massage center in Chennai must add a unique menu that attracts customers. For instance, offering wellness tips and authentic treatment course will bring about great changes.

The primary step in any business, especially service-oriented businesses, is looking around and determining potential customers. Make a survey of the people’s preferences and expectations, based on which you may provide your services. This way, a massage in Chennai becomes a hit.

Diligent management of inventory is instrumental in cutting costs and increasing revenue. In the age of digital technology, managing this using automatic software proves helpful.

Leveraging technology and going digital is a quick way to reach audiences and get spots filled. Make prudent use of digital devices to communicate freely with customers.

Finding and retaining productive and skilled employees is no easy task. Especially in service-oriented business such as massage center in Chennai, getting the best talents is essential.

  1. Keep tabs on your competition

It is essential that you understand what is being offered by other massage centers in Chennai. Keep a close watch on how much they charge and who their customers are.


Running a successful and profitable Spa in Chennai necessitates constant updates and following modern trends. With proper planning and assistance, you can stand apart and makes yours the best spa in Chennai.