7 Benefits of Thai Massage?


Thai massage is a traditional healing process, which is followed for more than 2500 years. This massage is a blend of acupressure, ayurvedic techniques, and different yoga postures. Created by Buddhist monks, the Thai massage emerged in India. There are many Riverday salon and spa that offer – Thai Massage in RS Puram, Thai Massage in Gandhipuram, Thai massage in T.Nagar, Thai massage in Egmore, Thai Massage in Porur Chennai, Thai in Vellore, Thai massage in Trichy, Thai massage in Coimbatore, and many other localities.

Thai massage is ideal to lower your stress level, boost energy, and improve your athletic performance. On contrary to other massages in Thai massage in Chennai you cannot lie passively, you are expected to lie on the floor and participate actively throughout the treatment. The complete body massage takes around 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Let’s check out what benefits you get after spending those 90 minutes to 2 hours of massage…

Lying calmly on the dim-lit room, the key commitment of a massage is to surrender yourself and allowing your body and mind to slow down. The methodical movements of the massage lull you for a rest in a centered state. Get disengaged from the hubbub surrounding you and the sensory burden of your life with a professional Thai massage. It gives space and time to relieve stress and strains. This meditational therapy helps you in experiencing the “present” in a liberated way that resonates with your complete well being. Visit our River day salon and spa for a Thai Massage and enjoy the deep transformation.

The power of touch is exceptional especially for your emotional and physical wellness. One of the immediate results of relaxing at our Riverday Salon and spa is our masseur’s kneading, rocking, and static pressure that works as therapeutic magic on your tired and aching muscles. It alleviates your tension in joints and fascia. At the end of our Thai massage, your mobility gets improved, muscles get stretched. Your muscles and joints feel lighter and your pain definitely vanishes.

One of the common misnomers regarding Thai massage is that it lulls you to be fatigued. Either you choose foot or complete body massage in chennai the focus is to relax and energize you at the same time we aim in making you feel lighter and less sluggish. We work on the sen lines for the energy to move around your body so that any accumulated flow is let to flow through chakras that are similar to the traditional acupuncture points and trigger points.

Our Thai massage touch helps you stretch, and form pressure as a source of maintaining internal balance and connecting the body and mind. Thai massage gives you complete mental harmony by releasing energy throughout your body.

The fitness imparted by yoga in our health is an age-old theory. Thai massage and yogic movements are inter-related. Our Thai massage therapist at Riverday salon and spa move your body in yogic postures, create stretch for flexibility, and to extend the range of motion. All of this without seating out at your yoga class. Perfect right??

It is ideal if you are physically limited because of an injury or illness. If you are a fitness freak then our Thai massage can complement your exercise schedule by lessening your muscular pains.

Generally, Thai massage in chennai is done after you lie on you back and our therapist begins from your foot before you turn and continue with some movements on your side before you flip. Our well-trained masseurs will focus on your body parts that require more attention. They differentiate the strength and touch based on the body parts for deep tissue massage. They give you the demanding stretches which are key to feel relaxed and comfortable at the end of your Thai massage at Riverday Salon and spa.

You can book your appointment at our Riverday salon and spa at any time of the day and many massage lovers step in usually during the sunset to unwind their energies. A massage before the night is a perfect way to guide your mind and body for deep restorative sleep. It gives you a healing night’s sleep that helps your body to rejuvenate and feel fresh.

When your body’s energy is realigned your blood pressure lowers and the circulatory system and lymph drainage also benefit. Higher oxygen and better detoxification improve mental clarity, raises energy levels, and bring a raft of health benefits for you like reducing strain on the cardiovascular system.

A Thai massage is the right antidote after a long travel or tiring day. It also helps you to combat the effects of tropic heal. So why wait, visit our massage spa in Chennai if you are tired of our summer heat and pollution.

Our Thai massage gives you mindful relaxation and movements making you get a deeper relaxation. With our Thai massage, you will experience a release of the pressure valve of pent-up emotions too. You will feel the negative thoughts shedding away and your cortisol level reduce and your serotonin neurotransmitters raise. Your body gets packed with feel-good hormones as the stress dissipates after our massage. Also, the tension in your muscles fades adding to the sense of well-being. Take your time and walk into our massage spa to pamper yourself.

Final Words

Most of us go to spas for relaxing our minds and body. Thai massage is trending across the world for its numerous health benefits. Enjoy our relaxing Thai massage at Riverday Salon and Spa and feel rejoiced.

5 Reasons You Should Get A Regular Massage

Consider massage as a pro-active routine of preventative medicine just as exercise and healthy food. Generally, our health revolves around the aspects of healthy eating, reducing weight, and body flexibility, and so on. However here we introduce to a tangible aspect which you can easily achieve and it will have an immediate effect on your health for the good. Yes, you got it right take your appointment for an ayurvedic massage at Riverday salon and spa located in various places like – Chennai massage spamassage spa in Trichy, Spa in Vellore, Spa in Ganapathy, Massage in RS Puram, and many more.

Fix appointments for regular massage sessions by checking out “ Riverday salon and massage spas near me”. But why? Here we tell you!!!

Stress Reduction 

Most of us has been compelled to shell out thousands of rupees and spend significant time for relieving from illness. Most of them might be stress-related such as depression, heart ailment, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and cancer. Including regular massage in your everyday health care routine has assured results of reducing stress and keeping away many illnesses.

Doctors have recognized its benefits and usually advise regular massage sessions for patients suffering from stress. Several research has analyzed the stress hormone – cortisol and found it reduced dramatically after regular massage sessions. Cortisol is secreted when you are in stress and it destroys the important cells related to immunity. So, as our massage reduces your stress level and the cortisol secretion, your body is prevented from getting sick. 

Our massages promise you relief from many symptoms related to chronic illness or illness like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and cancer.

Regular massages at the massage spa at Riverday Salon and spa helps you boost the immune system by triggering natural killer cells. As therapeutic massage reduces cortisol that eradicates natural killer cells, your immunity gets strengthened. Raise in white blood cells and natural killer-cell activity gets your body ready to fight against the invading cells. 

Our regular massages boost immunity even in those of you who have severely compromised immune systems like cancer patients.

Are you recovering from any surgery? Step into our massage spa at various localities – massage spa in Chennai, massage in Coimbatore, massage spa in Vellore, massage spa in Trichy, and many more.

Regular massages at our massage spas can help you get back sooner on your feet. Massage enhances blood circulation. When your blood circulation is efficient, oxygen and other nutrients spread across your body easily. This helps in repairing your tissues and hastens the recovery treatment.

Getting regular massages at our Riverday salon and spa has a positive impact on your blood pressure issues. Massage helps in stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps in the regulation of your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. Massage is not your primary treatment, consult your physician, and consider massage as an integrative form of treatment for the betterment of your health condition.

Final Words

Getting a massage regularly is a fantastic way for relaxing your sore muscles. Of course, it is more than just an excuse to get yourself pampered at the spa. Regular massages have a multitude of benefits for your health. We assure you of relaxation !! Come for our massage regularly and exit refreshed daily !!!!

5 Steps To Have Mental And Physical Happiness

Are you knocked down with low blood pressure, headache, low immunity, stress, or sleeplessness? Get relieved with our one-hour session at River spa and massage center in Chennai. Massage is a natural therapy, that can help you get relieved from all your physical and mental problems. It can relax your tensed muscle and tissue to give you complete mental and physical happiness.

Our spa offers Ayurvedic massages that systematically and scientifically manipulate your body tissues with our masseur’s hands to relive your pain and swelling. Various massages such as Thai massage, Swedish massage are offered at most of our spas like the Spa in T.nagar. Spa in Coimbatore, Spa in Vellore to relax your muscles and heal your strains and sprains. 

Our professionals provide manipulation that includes light or hard stroking, Compressions such as kneading squeezing, and friction and percussion i.e striking of the edges of hands in fast alternation.

Massage is known to provide many benefits to your health. Let’s find out its benefit for our physical and mental happiness. 

Relieves Pain

 It is a medically proven fact that massage helps in pain relief. The massages at River salon and spa stimulate endorphins production, which is the primary hormone in making your body feel good. Problems like Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, back and neck problems, and many other health disorders can be resolved with massages. Regardless of the cause, our Ayurvedic massages relieve your pain to an extent that your body no more needs any pain-killing medication.

Massages enhance the blood circulation in your body, improves the nutrient supply to every cell in your body, and improves the waste material removal process in your body cells. When the circulation in your body improves, you are blessed with healthy, clear, and soft skin. The skin gets nourished with nutrients and oxygen once our masseur completes your massage.

The lymphatic system has to healthy to avoid any illness and to increase your body’s capacity to heal on its own. Our Ayurvedic massages enhance the stimulation of the lymphatic system, boosts your body’s immunity and natural defense capability.

Are you suffering inflammatory problems such as arthritis, tendinitis, and bursitis – walk into our massage spa in Chennai and other cities to get treated. Massage here loosens and relax your muscles. Frequent sessions enhance the flexibility of your joints and improve your movements. 

Have you just recovered from surgery or trauma? – walk into our massage center at River salon and spa to recover and rehabilitate. Our post-operative massage therapy helps you recover from pain and stress soon. 

The Ayurvedic massages at our massage centers in across many cities help you break down extra fat underneath your skin. This helps you lose weight and removes cellulite in your body.

Cortisol is a type of hormone that is released during massage sessions in your body. This hormone reduces the stress levels of your body and increases your body’s capability of healing on its own. 

The blood pressure reduces and the body breathes better and anxiety reduces with frequent Ayurvedic massages . Massage satisfies the body’s fondness for touch. Regular massage enhances emotional wellness by making you feel nurtured. It reduces your stress and anxiety. Also, our masseur’s expert massage sessions make you feel relaxed and calm and improve your focus and concentration. So walk out of our massage center at River Salon and spa with a creative and productive mind. We help you understand your body and identify what your body needs.

Many of you may suffer from anxiety, depression, or any other problem that may deprive you of good sleep. Take an appointment for our massage sessions and relax your body and mind. It is your best and the first step to take immediately to get your body ready to shut down at the night. Sleeping helps your body heal, rebuild, and refresh so a lack of sleep may result in various problems like irritation, lack of concentration, and fatigue.

Final Word 

Many of us face stress every day. The stress locks tension in different parts of your body and leads to the deterrence of your body and mind. Our massage therapy gives your body the much-needed rest and helps your reap, not just physical but psychological benefits too

Massage therapy has been around us for thousands of years and is a part of many cultures across the world. It helps in Rebalancing your body and detoxify your system. Haven’t you taken your appointment for a massage at Rive Salon and Spa – Do it immediately and look forward to a relaxed and relieved body and soul. We look forward to serving you!!!

A Complete Guide to Find the Right Professional Spa

The trend has been catching up. There are numerous spas and salons out there. It makes choosing the best Spa in Chennai that suits you a daunting task. You may be visiting a spa on a one-time basis or regularly, but considering the various pros and cons before zeroing in on a specific spa is important. Here’s a comprehensive guide that helps you to choose your kind of Spa in Chennai that provides the expected results and beyond.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Spa in Chennai

The recent boom in the wellness and health industry has fueled the growth of numerous spa centers in major cities. Selecting a Massage in Chennai that specifically caters to your unique needs can only be achieved by understanding the various characteristics of these emerging spas in Chennai. Below is the list of guiding factors, when considered diligently, enable you to make your pick perfectly:

  1. Decide about the location of the Massage in Chennai

The location of a wellness center where you are going for unwinding and refreshing is crucial. Weather conditions, ambiance, and the surrounding environment play a significant role in getting yourself pampered and treated well. The temperature prevailing in the location, the scenery, and the general setting of the premises in the spa in Chennai must suit your taste and purpose.

Wellness break can be planned for the duration of your choice and depending on the time available. If you want to gain the maximum benefits out of your spa, you must need to decide how many visits you can afford, and how long each visit could be. These factors are significant in choosing your massage in Chennai.

Make up your mind on what you want to achieve by your spa visit. Is it just a relaxation that you need – a relief from tension? Or is it for any specific type of pain that you want to get rid of? Set your goals first, so that you may get a better idea about which Massage center in Chennai would suit your needs.

People tend to think of spas as places where one gets to spend the entire time in silence and tranquility. While this is partly correct, there are different types of spas that allow you to reach your way of refreshment and rewinding through an entirely different set of interactions. The ambiance and atmosphere of spas differ significantly. It is up to you to choose the type of spa – whether a serene, silent Spa in Chennai that assures relaxation or tranquility or one with a casual setting that encourages interaction among guests.


All the spas in Chennai aim at providing complete relaxation and rejuvenation to the guests. Depending on your specific tastes and interests, you may choose the one that offers the best massage in Chennai.

10 Tips for Making a Good Spa Even Better

The number of health and wellness centers in metropolitan cities has been increasing. With more opportunities comes the necessity to achieve customer satisfaction. Running a spa in Chennai successfully calls for following certain strategies.

How to Achieve the Status of the Best Spa in Chennai?

  1. Decide the services and define your vision

The first thing you need to make up your mind about is which service you are going to focus on. Consider offering Massage in Chennai. Decide whether you will offer clinically focused bodywork or spa-focused. There are even other types of massage, for that matter. Chart out a well-planned strategy first.

You may want to try whatever you’ve heard about, but offering fewer services and scaling up when you grow is the best way to grow. Starting with a plethora of services may only lead to confusion and stagnancy. The best Spa in Chennai would focus on fewer services, but be very good at them.

The success of a massage center in Chennai depends on prudent decisions about the service area. You need to ponder and plan the proper spaces for dedicated specialty services. Poor space management might eat up your profits. A compact and conveniently spaced spa in Chennai will enable providing the best massage in Chennai.

Restrict your services to the right number so that you can afford the effort and time needed for each. Customers expect personalized, focused service rather than a range of mediocre services. Moreover, planning your activities around your strong points will help spas to increase their per-client revenue and generate better profits.

To be able to succeed amid competition and sustain, a Massage center in Chennai must add a unique menu that attracts customers. For instance, offering wellness tips and authentic treatment course will bring about great changes.

The primary step in any business, especially service-oriented businesses, is looking around and determining potential customers. Make a survey of the people’s preferences and expectations, based on which you may provide your services. This way, a massage in Chennai becomes a hit.

Diligent management of inventory is instrumental in cutting costs and increasing revenue. In the age of digital technology, managing this using automatic software proves helpful.

Leveraging technology and going digital is a quick way to reach audiences and get spots filled. Make prudent use of digital devices to communicate freely with customers.

Finding and retaining productive and skilled employees is no easy task. Especially in service-oriented business such as massage center in Chennai, getting the best talents is essential.

  1. Keep tabs on your competition

It is essential that you understand what is being offered by other massage centers in Chennai. Keep a close watch on how much they charge and who their customers are.


Running a successful and profitable Spa in Chennai necessitates constant updates and following modern trends. With proper planning and assistance, you can stand apart and makes yours the best spa in Chennai.


4 Amazing Health Benefits of Scalp Massage Treatments!

Scalp Massage Treatments Have Always Been A Part Of Our Lives!

Scalp massages are an integral part of growing up! Most of us have fond memories of sitting at our mother’s knees, squirming a little, listening to their stories as they massaged a copious amount of warm, fragrant coconut oil into our hair. Our mothers and grandmothers knew the many health benefits of the inevitable scalp massages of our childhood.

As we grew up and moved out of our homes, however, our hair grooming habits changed too. Scalp massages at home became a luxury a lot of us did not get a chance to go back to. But thanks to many a body massage centre in Chennai, professional scalp massages are catching on in the city!

Check Out the Awesome Health Benefits of Scalp Massage Services In the City!

Root of the Matter!

A well-nourished scalp makes for strong, healthy hair! Not surprising, since the scalp is where you will find the hair roots. Regular oil massage of the scalp before a hair wash acts a conditioning exercise and helps to loosen dead skin cells from the scalp, keeping it clean, nourished and moisturized. Hair loss is often the result of a dry, unhealthy scalp. So take time out to have a hair massage from the best spa in Chennai for long luxurious hair!

Blood Booster To the Scalp

Scalp massages improve the circulation of blood to your head and face. Nothing nourishes the hair follicles like a good old oil massage! The pressing of the scalp enlarges the tiny blood vessels close to its surface and hence making pure oxygenated blood to flow freely through the hair roots and strengthening them. Professional scalp massages concentrate not just on the scalp but also the neck and shoulders and temples to get the blood flowing! The improved circulation also removes heat from the scalp and blissfully cools you down!

Scalp Massage Treatments Are Not Only Good For Your Hair, But For Your Body and Mind As Well!

Stress Buster

Scalp massages are just what doctors should order for stress relief! You may walk in with the weight of the world on your shoulders. But a nice, long scalp massage in the expert hands of a professional should help you practically breeze out of there!

Stress hormones have a way of messing up your body. Prolonged stress can lead to serious health problems down the line, not to mention its immediate effect of hair fall. Scalp massages increase the production of serotonin in the body – that magical hormone that regulates our mood. So, get rid of stress the scalp massage way!

Sleep Inducer

It is virtually impossible to put into words the blissed-out feeling you get after a scalp massage. You just want to climb into the nearest bed and have the sleep of your life. It is that relaxing to the mind and body! So, the next time you have sleeping problems, head over to the best spa around to get yourself a scalp massage!

Now that you know the many health benefits offered by scalp massages, you should make it a regular habit! Book a standing appointment at an excellent spa to get one every week! See the world of difference it makes!

Indulge In Aromatherapy – Rejuvenate, Relax & Refresh Yourself!


With a varied number of alternative therapeutic treatments on the rise, aromatherapy holds a prominent position. Aromatherapy can be availed at spas, massage centers, parlor settings and in yoga studios too. It has been a trusted therapeutic practice for more than 5000 years. The essential oils used for aromatherapy are made from tons of varied medicinal plants, herbs, flowers, trees and roots that are found across the world. These medicinal plants have been scientifically proven to contain healing properties. They also exert their influential effects on enhancing the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Spa, Chennai is an ideal option to indulge into an enchanting aromatherapy.

The Basics of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is being practiced across different cultures for natural healing. The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of essential oils utilized in aromatherapy contribute to varied functions in the body. The health food stores provide an array of therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils. Classic examples of well-known aromatic essential oils include eucalyptus oil, lavender and peppermint oil.

Popular Essential Oils

These concentrated essential oils are mixed with almond, coconut or jojoba oil while applying to the skin. The popular plants and herbs used for aromatherapy include rosemary, thyme, oregano, lemongrass, fennel seeds, fruit zest from oranges, grapefruit or lemon, flowers such as rose and geranium, cedar wood, pine wood, ginger roots and resin from frankincense trees.

Application of Essential Oils

The essential oils of aromatherapy can be applied to the body through a galore of ways. The essential oils can be diffused in the air either as single oil or as a combination of oils. The oils can be inhaled through the nostrils either from a cloth or from a bottle.

Aromatherapy can be ideally obtained from a massage using these essential oils. Remaining immersed in an essential oil infused bath for a few minutes is another interesting way to obtain an aromatherapy. Applying the aromatic essential oils directly on the skin also helps. Several scientific studies suggest that a direct application onto the skin and utilizing an oil infused bath increases the benefits of aromatherapy.

Astounding Potentials of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy heals both acute and chronic ailments. Clinical studies have proven that these aromatic essential oils from different medicinal plants relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce stress, anxiety, improve sleep, overcome depression, calm sore joints and even battle cancer. It can treat respiratory infections and gastrointestinal disorders.

A soothing aromatherapy can relieve the varied postmenopausal symptoms as well. It offers a remedy for varied skin disorders such as rashes, bites, acne and bruising. It controls blood sugar fluctuations and fights fatigue.

These essential oils have a great fragrance that helps you to relax as well as alleviates stress. Each essential oil has its own unique property and your therapist helps you to choose one depending on your requirements. You can even try a combination of two or more essential oils to reap the benefits of Aromatherapy. These essential oils are not applied directly on your body, rather they are mixed with the regular oil massage in chennai.

Walk-Through of an Aromatherapy Session

Like other massage sessions, you begin an aromatherapy session by discussing your specific requirements with the therapist. The therapist then brings out all the essential oils and asks you to smell each one. You can then decide the oil or combination of oils you need or like, with the help of the therapist.

Then once you begin to relax on the massage table, the therapist asks you inhale the particular blend you have chosen. Inhale deeply and let the fragrance enter your body. Then the therapist proceeds to soothe and relax each part of your body, by applying rhythmic strokes.

Essential Oils & Artificial Fragrances are NOT the Same

Most people make the mistake of considering artificial fragrances available in the market as essential oils. These fragrances are not synthetic and do not have the same healing properties as essential oils. They just have an “aroma” but do not give any benefits.

Book an Aromatherapy session immediately. Forget yourself and indulge in a soothing and uplifting Aromatherapy Massage to Relax, Rejuvenate & Refresh!