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Incredibly Clean and Clear Skin with a Best Coffee Scrub in Chennai

The fresh aroma of coffee early in the morning feels like a fresh boost to the lazy bones. People feel revitalized with the fresh brewing aroma and it puts them in an unparalleled frame of mind which is full of energy and vitality. The coffee has much more to offer to you other than the brewing cup you usually find in your hand. Have you ever tried to get a fresh look and cleanse yourself with the help of a coffee scrub at a best spa in Chennai? At River day spa offer you many kinds of scrubs coffee scrub being one of them. A coffee scrub has many advantages and works like magic for exfoliation of the skin and works like magic for sun tans. Specially in summers a coffee scrub is the scrub for you which will help you in cleaning up the sweat, dirt and works on your tan. Coffee Scrubs should be a part of your regular schedule to keep the dermal layer clean and soft.


At River day spa we have a meticulous team of professional healers and therapists who will study skin type and suggest a routine care for you. At times you need the required care from the hands of experts who will help you in taking care of yourself. The person who evolves after the care will be loved by you and your loved ones. Unwind your senses in our care.

A New You With The Best Body Scrubs Massage at River Day Spa in Chennai

The Coffee and Sea salts used by us is of the best variety which gives you a clean dermal layer and the aroma of the essential oils plays with your senses helping you to relax and unwind. The cleansed skin glows and is soft to touch. Our services make you look fresh and young.

Body and Face Coffee Scrubs massage Popular Choice 

Coffee has polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acid which is good for the skin and helps in anti-inflammation. We all are aware that coffee is a natural stimulant so it helps in building up a good blood circulation in the body. Coffee is said to be an anti-depressant and helps in getting a youthful skin. Coffee has anti-aging properties. It naturally takes care of skin eruptions like rashes, freckles and wrinkles occurring with time. Coffee sugar helps in the skin exfoliation process and also helps in the process of moisturizing the skin.

River day spa in Chennai has a Best team of therapists and beauticians who are highly experienced in their field and are known for their world class services. We look after your therapeutic needs through our massages, scrubs and body wraps. Our beauticians follow the trending pattern of the fashion industry and keep you updated with the latest trend. We work hard to make you fall in love with your reflection.
Our range of coffee scrub therapies include:

  • Gentle exfoliating scrub
  • Coffee grounds face scrub
  • Coffee body scrub
  • Coffee sugar scrub
  • Coffee grounds and coconut oil Scrub for cellulite
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