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A Step Towards Health at River Day Spa, T.Nagar Chennai

When you are at the shopping hub of the city in Chennai you keep moving from shop to shop looking for the things you need and then you realize you just over stretched your limit and you need to put up your feet up and relax. At T. Nagar in Chennai River Salon and Day Spa services is a place where you can relax after all the running around you have done. Book an appointment with us for a massage or beauty treatment and relax in our ambience and let your senses cool down the heat they have gathered in the hustle and bustle of the city. The soothing environment of the place is a makeshift Oasis which soothes the tensed muscles and nerves.


Lie down on the massage table and allow the body to receive the therapy with an aromatic oil and let your senses drool with its impact. The body lightens and feels flexed with the massage and the scrub helps in exfoliation so you look fresh and young. To beat the Chennai heat we use different wraps and scrubs which will bring down the effects of the UV rays of the sun.

Our therapies help in washing away the effect of age and takes away the wrinkles. You will love yourself, as you gaze at your reflection a much younger and enthused you will talk back to you. If you are planning a trip to T. Nagar and want to get away from the heat of the city and take care of your looks while you relax then River Salon and Day spa is definitely the place for you to go. Enjoy yourself in a luxurious ambience and get the latest nail art and hair treatment done and look heavenly.

To look beautiful, one needs to be primarily healthy which will constitute a healthy-looking skin and hair. All skin tones look beautiful if they are hydrated and glow with shine and health. To look healthy one of the things of importance is the stress management of an individual and how much do you pass it on to your body. We have many customers who look all ruffled due to the stress factor at work and in daily life. The skin takes the stress and starts looking lifeless. To pull the looks back to life we help you with our massages and scrubs at our River Salon and Day spa in Chennai at T. Nagar.

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Our Wide Range of Massages, Body Wraps and Scrubs Just for You and Your Friends

Feel the energy seep in your body as the expert hands knead your muscles and put you in different yogic positions to flex your nerves and tone up your shape. We identify all pain points and give special attention to them when we give you a full body massage.

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Massages and Beauty Treatment at T.Nagar

River Salon and Day spa services have made our presence felt all over Chennai and in other cities as well. People come to us with varied kinds of problems relating to their looks, skin and hair. Many clients treat us as a one stop shop for their beauty needs. Many come to us for their regular treatment and they love the ambience of the spa due to which we are their favourite pick in the city. We are located amidst the hustle and the bustle of the city at T. Nagar.

River Salon and Day spa attracts customers from T. Nagar, Kodambakkam, Mylapore, Anna Nagar, Koyambedu, Vadapalani, Marina beach, Nungambakkam, Velachery, Saidapet are some of the places from where we get regular customers to our outlet at T.Nagar.

We are extremely conscious of the hygiene factor at all our outlets. All our clients get individual and personalized attention. The massage rooms give privacy to the customers. The salon has qualified and sensitive staff members. We always work towards client satisfaction which is of primary importance to us. At River Salon and Day spa client satisfaction is our award.

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140, 3rd Floor, Habibullah Rd, above ibaco ice-cream, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017

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Thousands Of Happy Clients

  • River day spa is a place to go with modern and aesthetic surroundings I got my solution to many problems which I was going through. I usually went to them for haircuts however I had serious issues regarding the quality of my hair. They helped me to get rid of the problem with a hair spa and suggested a balanced diet to enrich its upkeep. I regularly visit them for a hair massage which has enriched my hair growth. The stylists are knowledgeable and understanding

    Sai Pawan
  • I visited them a while ago when I wanted to go for a pedicure and nail art. We were supposed to go to a party and we wanted to do some basic cleanup for the purpose. The beauticians were understanding and they saw to it that we both could take the session together. The nail art portfolio with them is great and if anyone is looking for these services, I will recommend them to come to this place.

  • I have always enjoyed myself whenever I visited their outlet near my home. Their massages and facials are just great experiences. I chose an aromatic oil that suited my skin and a massage suitable for my age. They use organic products so you can rest assured about their quality.

    Dhruv Shashidharan
  • My bridal package was something I was actually worried about. However, all my thoughts were put to rest when I went to River day spa. My special day was so beautiful absolutely like a dream sequence. I have never been happier. I was admired for my looks by all members of my family specially my better half loved the way I looked. Their packages are good value for money.

    Nandini Sharma
  • I have two grand children and I like to color my hair and get my hair styled. I go for massages regularly. People can hardly guess my age. When I tell them I have grandchildren they are surprised. River day spa helped me to locate my style I have my favorite hairdresser and she attends me regularly. You will feel truly at home being with them.

    Sheetal Godhra
  • I have gathered problem with my skin. My face had frequent eruptions of acne and pimple. I have been going for facials regularly and have been able to treat the skin problem effectively. I now have a membership program with them and I am able to get rid of the frequent skin eruptions. The people working with River day spa are friendly and helpful.

  • I have to rush around the globe for my business. I have to work at odd hours and I am usually jet-lagged and tired with my schedule. I tried the massage at River day spa and it helped me with my sleep schedule and overall relaxation. Now I am on a wonderful routine with them and it is helping me to relax along with my work.

  • I have been to this place many times. I have tried their massages and scrubs. They are all made of organic stuff and I have got a lot of benefit from their treatment. I was suggested a massage and scrub according to the kind of skin and the problems I was facing. I have benefitted a lot from their association.

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