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Get The Best Natural Fruit Body Scrub In Chennai

If you think that the daily stress is eating you up, you are right. The busy world is quite selfish in soaking up your positivity and energy leaving you burdened with mental agony. It is time that you give your mind and body a break from all the routines, and you can do it at your convenience too. We at River Day Spa, exist only to provide you with the goodness that you deserve.

Our Fruits body scrubs are designed so as to give you the benefits of nature. Knowingly and unknowingly our skin is exposed to a multitude of harmful chemicals on a daily basis, so it is required to treat them to pure vitamins which are plenty in fruits. This sweet scrub is guaranteed to repair your skin and free it from toxins.


We have a wide variety of fruit body scrubs which can be customized to suit your needs all you need to do is come visit us. Skilled experts at our best Spa in Chennai would identify your requirements and customize a fruit body scrub just for you. We guarantee in making you feel completely relaxed as we treat you to the best aromatic fruit therapies.

Treat Yourself To The Goodness Of Fruits

Fruit scrubs are an excellent way to bring back the glow in your face, as the natural properties are rich in antioxidants. Do you need to impress a loved one? Are you a soon to be bride? Do you just want to feel good? If you are any of the above, fruit body scrub is just for you.

Get Benefited From Nature, Come To River Day

Is there anything better than the nature herself? She has all the remedies required to elevate your senses and making you look radiant. We realize how effectively fruits could be utilized in solving all your skin problems. Be it sun tan or a skin blemish, our professionals would give you treatments to rejuvenate your skin, making you look no less than a celebrity.

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