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7 Benefits of Thai Massage?

September 12, 2020


Thai massage is a traditional healing process, which is followed for more than 2500 years. This massage is a blend of acupressure, ayurvedic techniques, and different yoga postures. Created by Buddhist monks, the Thai massage emerged in India. There are many Riverday salon and spa that offer – Thai Massage in RS Puram, Thai Massage in Gandhipuram, Thai massage in T.Nagar, Thai massage in Egmore, Thai Massage in Porur Chennai, Thai in Vellore, Thai massage in Trichy, Thai massage in Coimbatore, and many other localities.

Thai massage is ideal to lower your stress level, boost energy, and improve your athletic performance. On contrary to other massages in Thai massage in Chennai you cannot lie passively, you are expected to lie on the floor and participate actively throughout the treatment. The complete body massage takes around 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Let’s check out what benefits you get after spending those 90 minutes to 2 hours of massage…

  • Mindful Rest

Lying calmly on the dim-lit room, the key commitment of a massage is to surrender yourself and allowing your body and mind to slow down. The methodical movements of the massage lull you for a rest in a centered state. Get disengaged from the hubbub surrounding you and the sensory burden of your life with a professional Thai massage. It gives space and time to relieve stress and strains. This meditational therapy helps you in experiencing the “present” in a liberated way that resonates with your complete well being. Visit our River day salon and spa for a Thai Massage and enjoy the deep transformation.

  • Relieves Muscle and Joint Pain

The power of touch is exceptional especially for your emotional and physical wellness. One of the immediate results of relaxing at our Riverday Salon and spa is our masseur’s kneading, rocking, and static pressure that works as therapeutic magic on your tired and aching muscles. It alleviates your tension in joints and fascia. At the end of our Thai massage, your mobility gets improved, muscles get stretched. Your muscles and joints feel lighter and your pain definitely vanishes.

  • Energy Releasing

One of the common misnomers regarding Thai massage is that it lulls you to be fatigued. Either you choose foot or complete body massage in chennai the focus is to relax and energize you at the same time we aim in making you feel lighter and less sluggish. We work on the sen lines for the energy to move around your body so that any accumulated flow is let to flow through chakras that are similar to the traditional acupuncture points and trigger points.

Our Thai massage touch helps you stretch, and form pressure as a source of maintaining internal balance and connecting the body and mind. Thai massage gives you complete mental harmony by releasing energy throughout your body.

  • Yoga Inspired Wellness &Customized therapy

The fitness imparted by yoga in our health is an age-old theory. Thai massage and yogic movements are inter-related. Our Thai massage therapist at Riverday salon and spa move your body in yogic postures, create stretch for flexibility, and to extend the range of motion. All of this without seating out at your yoga class. Perfect right??

It is ideal if you are physically limited because of an injury or illness. If you are a fitness freak then our Thai massage can complement your exercise schedule by lessening your muscular pains.

Generally, Thai massage in chennai is done after you lie on you back and our therapist begins from your foot before you turn and continue with some movements on your side before you flip. Our well-trained masseurs will focus on your body parts that require more attention. They differentiate the strength and touch based on the body parts for deep tissue massage. They give you the demanding stretches which are key to feel relaxed and comfortable at the end of your Thai massage at Riverday Salon and spa.

  • Restful Slumber

You can book your appointment at our Riverday salon and spa at any time of the day and many massage lovers step in usually during the sunset to unwind their energies. A massage before the night is a perfect way to guide your mind and body for deep restorative sleep. It gives you a healing night’s sleep that helps your body to rejuvenate and feel fresh.

  • Circulatory & Boosting of Lymphatic System 

When your body’s energy is realigned your blood pressure lowers and the circulatory system and lymph drainage also benefit. Higher oxygen and better detoxification improve mental clarity, raises energy levels, and bring a raft of health benefits for you like reducing strain on the cardiovascular system.

A Thai massage is the right antidote after a long travel or tiring day. It also helps you to combat the effects of tropic heal. So why wait, visit our massage spa in Chennai if you are tired of our summer heat and pollution.

  • Positive Emotions

Our Thai massage gives you mindful relaxation and movements making you get a deeper relaxation. With our Thai massage, you will experience a release of the pressure valve of pent-up emotions too. You will feel the negative thoughts shedding away and your cortisol level reduce and your serotonin neurotransmitters raise. Your body gets packed with feel-good hormones as the stress dissipates after our massage. Also, the tension in your muscles fades adding to the sense of well-being. Take your time and walk into our massage spa to pamper yourself.

Final Words

Most of us go to spas for relaxing our minds and body. Thai massage is trending across the world for its numerous health benefits. Enjoy our relaxing Thai massage at Riverday Salon and Spa and feel rejoiced.

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