Your Body Feels Relaxed and Flexible.

Thai Body Massage

Indulge in a Traditional Thai Body Massage at your Favourite Massage Centre in Chennai - The River Day Spa

Do you wish to have a massage but feel uncomfortable using oils on your skin?

Then you can choose the Thai Massage or the Dry Body Massage in Chennai where no oil is applied on your body. At River Day Spa all our therapists are highly trained to deliver an efficient massage targeting the right muscle groups.

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Feel the flow of positive energy reverberating throughout your body as you systematically relax in a calming environment.Get relieved of the stress related aches and pains in your muscles.Experience a full body Thai massage and feel energised and rejuvenated both physically as well as mentally.

Watch your Stress Melt Away

Come Experience for Yourself the Amazing Benefits of the Traditional Thai Body Massage

Enjoy a rhythmic stretching and pulling of various muscle groups and feel the tension uncoil in your body. Lie on the floor on a mat and stretch your body into various yoga positions at the guidance of your therapist. You do not lie passively on your back during this massage as in other massage treatments. Your trained therapist stretches and bends your body into different positions all the while applying firm strokes to your body.However your body does not feel tired like in a workout rather at the end of the session your body feels relaxed and flexible.

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