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June 27, 2022

Skin, our dermal layer needs to be protected and cared for as this is the first thing which is exposed to the outside world. The skin texture and its maintenance send many kinds of messages to outsiders regarding our personality and upkeep. People judge us by the way we look and present ourselves. However, in today’s world which is extremely conscious about worldly appearance, keeping a semblance and balance of the skin is not only difficult but also an art. Most people silently suffer when they are faced with a challenge, however, after consulting specialists people can have an action plan in place to fight this difficult situation.

Exfoliation of the skin

The dead dermal layer makes the skin look dull and unattractive. The process of removing the dead layer of the skin can be done with the help of a massage, by using a natural body scrub or by using a body wrap. Any of these methods work well on the skin. The skin needs to get massaged in all the three processes which removes the dead cells and allows the softer skin to shine out. Any beauty product when used will be no good if the exfoliation of the skin is not done well. Post the cleansing of the skin all kinds of treatments reach the skin deeply. Young people who are exposed to the dust and the heat tend to get clogged pores and most people are seen with a burst of acne on their face, arms and the neck. A regular and timely exfoliation of the skin is good for an even skin tone, blood circulation and helps in the lymphatic drainage.

Use of sunscreen

The sun, its heat and the dust forms a thin film of dust and tan which makes the skin look darker and older. The tan is a natural response mechanism of the skin to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays. Therefore when we use a sunscreen lotion to protect the skin, the dermal layer is blocked from the harmful effects of the sun and a tan can be prevented. UV rays can lead to sunburn and even in certain cases skin cancer.

Glowing Skin With Minimal Makeup

Minimal Makeup to Protect Your Skin

Use of minimal makeup

Makeup, lotions, talc and different kinds of cosmetics is the love of all young at heart. The use of different kinds of cosmetics looks beautiful and artificially increases the shine of the skin. However in the long run it tends to make the skin abrasive with extra oil production by the skin pores and the skin gets covered with acne and pimples. The skin in the summer is over stressed due to the heat and the sweat. A minimal make up in this season means no foundations or concealers; just the beautiful skin with a lotion which enhances the skins shine and also provides it with necessary hydration.

Face mist

A face mist is a part of the self-care routine. A mist has a cooling effect on the skin and helps in the hydration process. Many mists contain antioxidants like Vitamin C & E and Ferulic acid which are good for the dermal layer. In a heat wave when the skin is under stress due to the heat and the excessive pouring of the oil through the pores, the skin feels cool with the use of this cosmetic product. This product usually helps in tightening the pores and setting the makeup on the face. Since it contains antioxidants it helps in providing skin with the needed nourishment.


Women taking Hydration to protect the Skin.

Women take water to Hydrate body during the summer.

Drinking water in summer is extremely important for the hydration of the body and the skin. Hydrated skin has fewer chances of acne and pimples as the body is continuously washing away the toxins from the body. A hydrated skin tends to look younger and avoids wrinkles. Hydration of the skin is not just limited to the drinking water it also includes taking the right hours of sleep, limiting caffeine and alcohol content and eating a diet which is rich in essential fatty acids.

Protecting the skin in summers

The skin is a delicate part of our body which needs to be protected in the broad daylight when the heat is blistering and tends to burn the dermal layer. With the current condition of rush in people’s lives, avoiding the sun is completely impossible. It is necessary that the skin should be protected with the help of a sunscreen to avoid the harmful effects of UV rays. Try avoiding the sun in the afternoon and if the need arises try wearing a hat when you step out. The UV rays and the high temperature has an adverse effect on the eyes and the delicate skin around it. It is good to wear sunglasses while moving out of the house after 10 in the morning.

Sunbathing is a tradition and fun among the young crowd these days. However the harmful effects of the sun can be avoided by avoiding the suntan routine on the beach. The skin not only gets dry and scaly it can bring in dangerous diseases like skin cancer and other skin infections.

If you are one of those who is extremely conscious about the skin type and its overall condition, visiting a spa and salon definitely makes sense. A timely massage, body wrap and scrub works wonders on your skin tone and elevates the tonal quality making you look younger and attractive to the eye. To get advice on ways on skincare this summer get in touch with our experts at River Salon Day Spa. Our beauticians will help you look your best with the help of their therapies and advice on skin care. Visit our website and spot one of our Best Spa near your home.

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