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How Facial Massage is used for skin glow

February 20, 2021

“Your face has a glow” Who wouldn’t love to hear such a compliment? A key to getting that glowing and youthful-looking skin is a facial massage. A facial massage involves gently massaging the facial skin using our hands or a tool. This procedure cleanses the skin, increases the blood circulation in the face, removes the dead cells, clears the pores and hydrates and nourishes the skin. All of this translates to a radiant and glowing face body massage Chennai

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While the term facial massage sounds fancy and something which you get once in a while in a Spa, the truth and the good news is that you can do this multi-step simple facial at home too and, even better, get the exact same results. All you have to do it set aside some time every day and follow these steps to pamper yourself at home

a. First and foremost make sure hands are washed properly. Clean your face to remove any makeup or dirt. Then apply some olive oil or serum of your choice on your face to keep the skin hydrated.
b. Tap all over your face with your fingers or gently press the regions of your face. This will soothe and relax the facial muscles
c. Take a small amount of face massage cream in the tips of your fingers and start massaging from the middle of your forehead and work in an upper, outward circular motion towards the temples. Always use upward motion as it helps to lift up the skin and make it firm. Massage the forehead about 8-10 times. Doing so helps the tensed muscles in the forehead to relax, smoothens the frown lines and clear the pores.
d. Using your thumb and the first finger gently knead and pinch your eyebrows starting from the outer corners and move to the inner corner. Press down firmly on the space between your eyebrows for a few seconds. Apply pressure on these points helps in blood circulation and helps you relax and unwind Spa in Chennai
e. Next is the area under the eyes. Since the skin is delicate, thinner and fragile under the eyes be extremely careful while massaging here. Take a little moisturizer on your ring finger and massage under the eyes in a ‘U’ pattern. Doing so increases the blood circulation in this area and reduces puffiness if any.
f. Then using your fingers apply mild pressure from the chin towards your cheekbone muscle in an upward motion. This improves the blood circulation in that area and also gives it a pink hue.
g. Drop one level lower and with all your fingers rub across your jawline in a downward motion. Use light, vertical strokes to massage the skin from your chest, up to your neck and the jawline. This will reactivate the lymphatic system and flush away all the toxins from your face. It will also smoothen out any fine lines in this area. Repeat this a couple of times. Book an appointment at Riverday Best Spa in Chennai to get a professional facial massage

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