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Body Wrap Treatment and its Benefits

October 13, 2018


Body Wrap treatment is the latest and most popular service that every spa in Chennai provides today. In case you are not sure about what a body wrap is and how useful it is for your skin, here is some information that might throw some light on why you should go for one of these. A body wrap as the name indicates is like a cocoon that does wonders to your skin.

The body wrapping process involves the exfoliation process during which the dead cells in the body are removed thus revealing the beautiful skin underneath. A scrub which has dirt removing properties is used during the exfoliation stage. After the exfoliation process, various oils and other ingredients are applied all over the body. Now the entire body is draped with a wrap sealing in the healing properties of the oils and herbs that have been applied to the body. This process has so many benefits apart from exfoliation, it also detoxes skin.

Here are some of the major benefits of using body wraps:


Most of the body wraps use elements that are rich in detoxifying properties. Natural items such as seaweed, algae, clay or mud have the property of removing the dead skill cells and opening up of the pores in your body and face,


One of the most important minerals your body needs is adequate supply of water to keep the skin hydrated. After removing the dead skin cells present in the body, nourishing the skin cells takes precedence. Body wraps gives you supple and smooth looking skin in no time.

Lose Some Weight

This could be another reason why body wraps are so much in demand. As the wraps eliminate toxins present in the body, it is possible for the person to lose weight. Therefore, Body wraps make for an excellent way to remove excess water and toxins present in the body. It also leaves you with brighter skin and a more toned look.

Relaxing and Soothing

Apart from the health aspects of the body wraps another point that ticks boxes is that it is very relaxing. With everyone’s life becoming stressful by day, our body definitely needs some time to unwind and relax. Body wraps provide just that. Each and every step of the treatment makes you feel so calm and relaxed that you float away from what’s bothering you real life.

Different Types of Wraps

There are many types of body wrap in chennai such as hydrating body wraps in which a scrub is applied aroud the entire body to get rid of dry skin. Slimming wraps as the name suggests is aimed at losing pounds temporarily. A detox wrap that gets rid of the toxins present in your skin is also a good choice for getting a more glowing look.

There is also an algae wrap that can be used for the detoxifying properties. It is applied in the form of a paste and then the body is wrapped using a blanket or foil. Algae wraps helps in getting rid of stubborn fat or cellulitis.

To sum it up, wraps are a great way to relax as well as provide your body with the necessary nutrients and a shortcut to get glowing skin. It is definitely something to try the next time you decide to pamper yourself.

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