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Benefits of sports massage

October 12, 2020

Benefits of sports massage

Every athlete should embrace sports massage for one kind of injury or another as their body is overused or stressed. Due to repeated aggressive movements the muscle tends to become stiff leading to pain. Spa Chennai Focuses on sport massage and it is growing in popularity as it helps in balancing your fitness regimen. It is during pre-event to cut down on recovery time and maximize performance before and after the event. Sports massage can offer benefits like flexibility, endurance, reducing fatigue and preventing injuries. When compared to other regimens, sports therapy helps in targeting the muscle tendons. It is researched that even a 30 second massage can improve hip and flexion range of motion.

People participating in sports activities must undergo massage therapy on a weekly basis to add endurance to their regimen. Professionals in the field can help you plan the right program to increase your activity level and cut down on injuries.Those taking part in physical activities regularly need to consider massage therapy at periodic intervals of at least twice a week. A combination of the best therapy within your budget is the right choice.

Spa Treatment In Chennai Elaborate On Benefits Of Sports Massage

The Journal of Sports Sciences informs that bodybuilders recover quickly after training sessions with sports massage therapy. While the Wale’s Cardiff Metropolitan University says that there is no marked difference after a sports massage. Despite the contrast there is no doubt that a massage can definitely make you feel relaxed and stress free following a workout. The massage benefits can be divided into two: Psychological benefits and physical benefits.

Psychological benefits

  • It helps in relaxation
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Improves scar tissues
  • It improves blood circulation
  • Helps in mitochondrial development

Physical benefits

  • It improves the overall flexibility of the body. The deep tissue massage helps the muscles to expands in all directions adding a greater impact on the muscular sheath enabling relief from stress.
  • It increases the permeability of the tissues; the pores enlarge promoting easy movement of essential nutrients and fluids easily. It also makes it simple for the waste like lactic acid to be eliminated from the body thereby increase the access to nutritional requirements and oxygen promote quick recovery.
  • The micro blood flow is improved in the body. The massage improves blood circulation to the muscle tissues. It also helps to dilate the blood vessels by allowing nutrition and fresh air to pass through easily.

Physiological benefits

  • Sports massage helps to contain pain. Stress and waste in the muscles can lead to pain. The massage spa makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated since not just the anxiety but the waste products are also eliminated from the body, thereby stimulating the release of endorphins.
  • The massage creates heat in the body improving the circulation of the blood and making the body flexible. The physical receptors are stimulated leaving your body relaxed and rejuvenated.

Luxury Spa In Chennai Offers Sports Therapy Session

The sport therapy session includes warming up and relaxation getting your body ready for more intense work out. The compressions, rubbing create both longitudinal and latitudinal friction, this clubbed with slapping and cupping makes it a complete therapy to relieve stress from the muscles. There are some soft tissue methods like stretching, soft tissue release and myocardial methods that help in enhancing the flexibility of the body.

Cost Of Sports Massage Therapy At Professional Massage Center

A private trainer can be appointed on a part time or full time basis depending on the need for therapy. The therapist is certified, skilled and experienced to make a difference in the flexibility of your body. Organizations like Sports Massage Association have created a standard for membership. Before finalizing on a massage therapist look for credentials, insurance, experience and indemnity coverage. You can also talk to some of their clients to know more about their expertise and commitment to the job. The cost of the therapy depends on the skill of the therapist and the time spend with the athlete

Sports massage therapist often focuses on the most affected areas in the body. For a runner it is the hamstring love and for Cross Fit expert it is the back and shoulders. There are many techniques used to manipulate the muscles, the therapist uses the right services to offer intense pressure to the body by getting deep into the muscles and offering instant relief from pain.

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