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Benefits of foot Reflexology

October 12, 2020

The Origin Of Reflexology Treatment

Massaging reflex zones can relieve tension and there are many type of reflexology but the most popular is foot reflexology. The concept is simple, every organ in the body have pressure points on the foot. It is an ancient Chinese practice dating back to 3000 years that creates a Chi balance. A little force can enhance the Chi in the body to bring relaxation to your body and mind. Spa packages in Chennai focus on foot massage to improve the vitality of your body. Foot reflexology is used to prevent health disorders and promote a psychological balance in the body. The primary goal is to channelize the energy in the body.

Massage in Chennai – Schools of foot reflexology

The foot reflexology can be broadly classified into four.

  • The most popular among them is the Chinese concept of medicine involving five elements of wood, fire, earth, water and metal.
  • American school is modern reflexology devised by Eunice Ingham American physiotherapist
  • The Thai school practices reflexology using wooden object. The feet is massaged using the wooded object increasing blood circulation penetrating deep into the tissue.
  • The South African school of reflexology is based on freeing up emotions. It helps to channelize your emotions

The foot is a conglomeration of nerves associated with various parts of the body. The massage enhances blood circulation and strengthens the immune system and helps in improving lymphatic drainage. Best Spa Center in Chennai understands the value of foot reflexology and pampers you with time tested massage techniques.

Exclusive Massaging Center for foot reflexology – Health Benefits

Only a skilled foot reflexology practitioner understands the pressure points on the foot and detail a body map on how to treat the aliment by applying pressure on the meridian points on the foot. The internal organ sensory nerves are present on your foot. The pressure sends energy to the trouble areas and enhances psychological and physical health. A foot massage can evoke psychological well being of the body and mind. According to Brighton University study, patients after bypass graft surgery experience high levels of calm after receiving foot massage going to prove it is an effective tool for post operative stress.

Harvard Medical School reveals that foot massage improves circulation, reduces muscle stiffness and relieves tension. In addition it helps to check out if you have any corns, bunions, blisters and toenail problems.

Any symptoms of heel pain can be addressed with foot reflexology at a Luxury Spa in Chennai. The massage gives immediate relief from planar fascia area, these are tissues on the sole of the foot. It causes pain especially when overstretched or overloaded. A good foot rub can give instant relief. There are many benefits that come with foot massage practices. Spas in Chennai can improve your life by giving you freedom from pain, stress and depression.

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