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4 Amazing Health Benefits of Scalp Massage Treatments!

December 18, 2018

Scalp Massage Treatments Have Always Been A Part Of Our Lives!

Scalp massages are an integral part of growing up! Most of us have fond memories of sitting at our mother’s knees, squirming a little, listening to their stories as they massaged a copious amount of warm, fragrant coconut oil into our hair. Our mothers and grandmothers knew the many health benefits of the inevitable scalp massages of our childhood.

As we grew up and moved out of our homes, however, our hair grooming habits changed too. Scalp massages at home became a luxury a lot of us did not get a chance to go back to. But thanks to many a body massage centre in Chennai, professional scalp massages are catching on in the city!

Check Out the Awesome Health Benefits of Scalp Massage Services In the City!

Root of the Matter!

A well-nourished scalp makes for strong, healthy hair! Not surprising, since the scalp is where you will find the hair roots. Regular oil massage of the scalp before a hair wash acts a conditioning exercise and helps to loosen dead skin cells from the scalp, keeping it clean, nourished and moisturized. Hair loss is often the result of a dry, unhealthy scalp. So take time out to have a hair massage from the best spa in Chennai for long luxurious hair!

Blood Booster To the Scalp

Scalp massages improve the circulation of blood to your head and face. Nothing nourishes the hair follicles like a good old oil massage! The pressing of the scalp enlarges the tiny blood vessels close to its surface and hence making pure oxygenated blood to flow freely through the hair roots and strengthening them. Professional scalp massages concentrate not just on the scalp but also the neck and shoulders and temples to get the blood flowing! The improved circulation also removes heat from the scalp and blissfully cools you down!

Scalp Massage Treatments Are Not Only Good For Your Hair, But For Your Body and Mind As Well!

Stress Buster

Scalp massages are just what doctors should order for stress relief! You may walk in with the weight of the world on your shoulders. But a nice, long scalp massage in the expert hands of a professional should help you practically breeze out of there!

Stress hormones have a way of messing up your body. Prolonged stress can lead to serious health problems down the line, not to mention its immediate effect of hair fall. Scalp massages increase the production of serotonin in the body – that magical hormone that regulates our mood. So, get rid of stress the scalp massage way!

Sleep Inducer

It is virtually impossible to put into words the blissed-out feeling you get after a scalp massage. You just want to climb into the nearest bed and have the sleep of your life. It is that relaxing to the mind and body! So, the next time you have sleeping problems, head over to the best spa around to get yourself a scalp massage!

Now that you know the many health benefits offered by scalp massages, you should make it a regular habit! Book a standing appointment at an excellent spa to get one every week! See the world of difference it makes!

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