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What Is Lemongrass and what are the Benefits of Lemongrass Scrub

November 2, 2020

What is lemongrass?

Lemongrass is a herb that is available across many regions of the world. It originated in the native parts of Southern India and Sri Lanka.  Lemongrass stalks are generally a part of Asian Cuisine whereas the leaves are then brewed to prepare tea.

Lemongrass has the aroma of lemons slightly. It is also blended in tea, desserts and other dishes as flavor agent when lemon is not available or when real lemon may give bitterer flavor to the dish. Chinese and Thai dishes usually have lemongrass in them. Just like other grass variety this raises high and spreads faster. As it is easy to cultivate and there is always a demand for lemongrass, it is usually sold in decent cost in both organic and mainstream shops best couple massage centre in Chennai

I looks similar to many seagrasses as it has lengthy leaves. Around 55 species of lemongrass are available at present but the ones grown in East and West India is only included in foods and drinks.

Why use lemongrass as a Scrub?

Lemongrass does wonders if you have oily or acne-prone skin. It helps in cleaning and detoxifying the skin just as the natural lemon aroma filled deodorant. Too much oil in your skin can result in acne. When you use lemongrass for scrubbing it helps in eliminating the extra oil on your body that causes acne. Lemongrass also helps in tightening the pores and smoothening the skin. Your wrinkles also get reduced making it a perfect skin toner Spa in Chennai

Exfoliation using lemongrass is ideal for enhancing the circulation in your skin and to maintain a perfect skin tone. This aids in maintaining a resilient and supple skin by increasing the collagen secretion spa and massage centre in Chennai

Due to the aging process, cell development tends to reduce. When the body is unable to create new skin cells and wear off its dead skin cells quickly the skin begins to get a duller look and also tends to become dull and rough. The accumulation of dead skin cells leads to clogging of pores and building up excess oil which results in acne and blemishes in the skin.

When you exfoliate on a regular basis, the surface of dead skin that gets clogged in the pores can be cleansed which will give you fresh surface of new skin cells. So other moisturizers can be applied to penetrate within the skin surface. In short, exfoliation must be part of your daily routine especially with lemongrass for a good looking and healthier skin massage centre in Chennai

Why use Lemongrass as massage oil?

Lemongrass is available in tropic parts. Its essential oil can be made from the leaves of the plant and the stalks. Its special aroma with citrus scent makes it a perfect raw material for soap and other cosmetic products.

Lemongrass essential oil is manufactured by steam distilling the lemongrass after it is dried.  Its eassential comes with citral, geraniol, citronellal, limonene, geranyl acetate, mycrene, neral and nerol.

Lemongrass as a essential oil is mainly used for the purpose of relation and best aromatherapy massage. It is soothing aroma can be easily smelled in many best spas in Chennai and other cities. According to study. The massage done with lemongrass essential oil can bring down the individual’s diastolic blood pressure without having any effect on their systolic blood pressure or pulse. It gives a relaxing feel to the nervous system.

This essential oil is also considered as one of the best natural first aid for wounds and scars. It can help in quick recovery and reduces the infection risk in the individual. It is known to act swiftly against bacteria that are drug resistant such as strains that lead to blood infection, intestinal infection, skin issues and pneumonia.

Lemongrass oil can help in raising your confidence, mental stability and self-esteem. It helps in fighting against depression and lifts your spirit high. Therefore it is used many spas in Trichy, Spas in Coimbatore, Spas in Chennai and other cities in Tamil Nadu for the wellbeing of the customers. A lemongrass massage can help you in fighting again depression and anxiety. If you suffer from acute depression and is in rehabilitation due to an acute shock, lemongrass can help you in recovery if taken in a systematic way.

Uses of Lemongrass aroma

The fresh, citrus aroma from lemongrass oil is generally perfect for aromatherapy at spas for beauty and wellness. The main purpose of this aroma is it relieves headache, sets right indigestion and decreases inflammation. Ideally, it is blended with few other oils, body oil and hair and skin wellness ingredients. At times it is used as a mere inhalant too best spa in Chennai

Citral is one of the primary element of this essential oil. It is an element that has antimicrobial attributes i.e. it can kill bacteria and fungi and also delay the microorganism spread. Another major element is limonene which aids in bringing down inflammation and also fight infection caused due to bacteria.

As the skin absorbs the essential oil or as you inhale the aroma, the brain’s limbic system receives messages which triggers motivation, emotion, learning and memory. Aromatherapy therapist state that this essential oil helps in enhancing the breathing, blood pressure, heat beat rate, immunity and stress level.

Lemongrass oil is generally applied for reducing acne, and to bring down excess sweat. It also helps in correcting athlete’s foot and it is a great remedy for muscle aches, headaches, digestive issues and anxiety.

The aroma of lemongrass is a natural air freshener and it is a perfect insect repellant. Apart from pain relief and stress reducing feature, it has these special features too.

Final Words

Lemongrass essential oil is quite advantageous for every part of our body. It is filled with vitamins, minerals and other nutritious content. When smeared on the head, it can resolve scalp issues. When smeared on the skin your wrinkles vanish and your dead skin sheds off. It is a great remedy for excess oil secretion in skin and guards the skin from any damages. It is also useful in regulating various internal organs in our body. If you suffer from any muscle pain or aches similar to it, lemongrass oil is the best remedy to easy your pain. If you are stressed and tired, its aroma is the best boost for your mind. It scent can also help in fighting against depression and anxiety

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