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Guide To What To Do Before, During & After Your Spa Treatment

October 16, 2016

Guide To What To Do Before, During & After Your Spa Treatment

Who doesn’t like to indulge in a bit of self-care? Most of you out there would love to get some time off to take care of those hurting backs, tired legs and aching arms. The problem with a lot of people is that they never find time to take out for themselves. Of course, there are a hundred suggestions regarding how to apply face packs, how to get a pedicure or manicure at home itself if you just click on the internet. Honestly speaking, doing all this on your own is sure to be boring, tedious and far from relaxing. What you really need is a complete break from your routine and trusting the best spa in Chennai to take complete care of you. A visit to the Spa will leave you relaxed in a state of bliss.

What You Must Do, When You Visit A Spa

Type of treatments

The basic spa treatments are Massages, Facials, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair care. You need to talk to the therapist and find out what exactly you will need. You may also be able to book an appointment.

Duration of the treatment

You need to know how long the treatment you choose will require so that you can adjust your schedule. There is absolutely no point in rushing your time and getting the treatment done in half the time. You are there to relax, so make sure you have all the time you need. Spending the required time at the spa is going to give your beautiful results.

What to consider while choosing your treatment

The Spa is sure to have therapists who can help you with any query. People tend to get nervous when they visit the Spa. Just be open to the therapist and let them know what you require. The spa will have a lady therapist if that makes you more comfortable. Speak to her and ask her about the treatments offered. If you are making your first visit to the spa, be sure to let the therapist know where you need help most. There are various treatments which will be discussed as per your need.

What to wear during the treatment

This will be the most difficult aspect which often turns you away from a spa visit. Be assured that all the therapists are professionally trained people and are well aware that clients can feel uncomfortable removing their clothes during a body massage in hotel. You will be provided the required towels and will be well draped. Leaving your undergarments on is completely left to you. If that makes you more comfortable, go right ahead! The therapist will also give you the desired time to undress in private and move onto the massage tables. Similarly, once your relaxing treatment is over, you will be given all the privacy you need to get dressed again.

Getting ready for the treatment

It’s always a warming experience to arrive early at the spa. You can spend a few moments chatting with the therapist confirming your treatment or about anything in general. If you have any queries you need to clear, do it over a cup of relaxing herbal tea or coffee. This relaxes you and gives your mind and body time to adjust from the rush and race you have to involve in daily.

The Spa will have a bath where you can take a soothing hot shower. A hot shower before a massage in chennai will also double the effect of the rejuvenating treatment. For a facial also it’s great if you wash your face gently with warm water before starting the procedure.

Here again, the therapist will be at your service to take you through the entire procedure. Don’t worry if you feel you are asking a lot of questions. They are all perfectly ready to help you out and set your mind at peace. Do feel free to use the washroom and empty yourself of the call of nature too.

As your therapist starts her work, let go of your worries and lists of things to do. Free your mind and let it go blank. Simply absorb each massage and allow your therapist to wipe away all the strain. There is absolutely no problem even if you fall into a gentle sleep.

Be assured that you will leave the spa with a glowing body and a rejuvenated soul.

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