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Get Rid Of Your Allergies With A Massage At A Spa

July 28, 2016

As the temperature in Chennai soar to the peak, skin problems and allergies rise up as well. Allergies related to the skin are caused by various factors. Some of the allergies are itchy, cause eyes to redden, block the nose and cause sinus pain. This continues even during the peak summer period. Anyone who has allergy must be looking for ways to avoid or overcome them. Massage therapy does not address only joint paint or body pain it also has many other benefits. The allergy relief that you are looking for might be achieved by undergoing a relaxing massage. There are so many spas that offer massage in Chennai. There are many benefits that a massage can offer. Let us discuss them.

Allergy Relief Through Massage Therapy

You might be thinking how a massage can probably relive something that is not at all related to like allergies. One thing is that massages cannot stop you from getting allergic reactions that some people get when exposed to allergens. However, it can help in reducing the effects of allergy. Some of the other health benefits of a massage are reducing stress, better immunity and improved blood circulation. Many types of research have shown that reduction in stress levels will have a great impact on the allergy symptoms. Massaging reduces the secretion of histamines which is higher when a person is stressed out. This is also the reason for allergic reactions. Some of the fatal allergic reactions that have been are closely associated with the person’s stress levels. A recent study was conducted to test the effect of allergies when a person is stressed and when they are not. The results proved that people under stress showed more allergic reactions.

During the year 2008, a study was conducted by Dr. Wright at Harvard Medical school regarding the allergic reactions. It was observed that the stress levels influence man immunity related issues including asthma. This also increases the person’s risk of being allergic and the reactions may be both physical and mental. When a body is in a relaxed state, the physical symptoms were found to be lesser. Even when a person sneezes, parts of the body such as ribs, shoulders, neck and spine are involved. Therefore, there is a chance of spraining one of them when a person sneezes or coughs. When a person suffers from cold or any discomfort, it is subjected to severe changes physically first.

Therefore, undergoing massage, especially during the peak summer season can help in improving blood circulation and a stronger immune system. It’s not that spa in chennai therapy is not advisable during other times. But undergoing them when you are prone to allergies can help in minimal allergic reactions. This gives the person a certain comfort level to do various tasks in everyday life. Since massages cover the entire body, it triggers different points that release the tension or any compression in the body muscles. This goes a long way in reducing the way your body reacts when exposed to allergic conditions and soothes the muscles.

Getting a massage can boost your immune system to fight against any discomfort your body is experiencing. By doing this regularly, you eliminate the need to take medications for your allergic reactions. Massages can also be directed at specific areas such as and neck to relieve any stress and also clear mucus in nose and throat. Other pressure point techniques such as Shiatsu or acupressure can also have a similar calming effect. Not only do these relieve the body of any congestion, it also encourages the body to maintain a chemical balance that improves its overall function.

Combating Allergies Naturally

Apart from massages, there are also some natural techniques which, when followed can show improved results. It is not advisable to stop medications while following these techniques. It will be a good idea to check with the doctor whether you can do so. Hot spices such as pepper, cayenne help in reducing allergies due to sinusitis. Herbs such as Licorice root is good at increasing natural steroid levels that help in fighting against histamines that are released during the allergic reaction. Being on a diet void of any foods that cause allergy and also healthy eating contribute towards reducing your allergies. Water is also one of the important components that hydrates the body and keeps it healthy by flushing away any toxins.

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