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6 Spa Massage Therapies That Will Make You Forget About Stress

May 13, 2022

As the week draws to a close it seems as if the body has been sucked out of life and the stress is harping on each nerve end. It becomes difficult for people to understand how to reinstate life and energy in the body. Most people try to get their body back into shape by sleeping through the weekend which in most cases does not charge up the body for the coming week. Many try to go for a picnic in some green lush area to get the freshness back into the system. Everyone has their own recipe for detox. However, the best one is the one which has been used for ages. Massage therapy has various benefits which cannot be countered by any thinker. It has a proven track record which does not need any new introduction to people.



Best Aromatherapy massage

This therapy is famous among people because it is not just a detox but also an age-proven medicinal therapy which takes away the stress and the pain from the nerves in the most relaxing manner. The essential oils used for the massage are all full of aroma and medication which relaxes the mind and soothes the tensed nerve ends. The massage strokes are a technique which is mastered by the therapists and have been learnt by them over a period of time. Each oil used for this has a different effect on different parts of the body. It is curated overtime for the medicinal value it imparts on the body. The nerves get decongested and the spasm which has been rocking the body comes to an end.

Balinese massage

It is a high-pressure massage which works on the theory of pressure of the palm on the body to relieve pain and stress from the body. The pressure of the palm and the gentle strokes of the handwork in an arhythmic manner along with the essential oil generate energy in the body. This enhances the blood flow in the body and generates stress-free nerves which are good for the mind and body.

Swedish massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Relaxation

Swedish massage is a massage which is basically a wellness massage which works on the blood circulation of the body with the help of the technique of stroking, gliding, kneading and various other techniques which make it a part of an individual’s wellness program. It helps in throwing out the toxins of the body and relaxing the tight and tensed muscles of the body.

Hawaiian Massage

The Hawaiian massage also called the Lomi-Lomi massage is good for relieving the stress of the body with the help of massage therapy. Palm oil, coconut oil and various other moisturisers are used to make the massage therapy effective. It smoothens out the overall texture of the skin and works to nourish the skin with nutrients to bring back the much-needed glow and health of the dermal layer.


massage therapist

Foot Reflexology massage

It is a pressure-based massage which works on the entire body right from head to toe. The pressure given to the body gives a calming message to the body which asks the nerve ends to balance out the pressure in the body and signals the nervous system to calm down and release the tension and pain in the process.

Hair Spa

Hair Spa

Best Hair Spa treatment

This is again a process of massage and cleansing of the overall body. The stress and the pollutants in the air make the hair sticky and the nerves tense. In the hair spa process, the beautician puts the hair through a treatment in which the head is massaged so that the hair follicles open up and the sweat glands get cleansed. The hair is then cleaned with the best natural shampoos and conditioners to get a bouncy and wavy hair which everyone notices.

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