Benefits of Threading your Eyebrows

Benefits of Threading your Eyebrows

All You Need To Know About Eyebrow Threading

Body hair growth is a problem which women are facing since time immemorial. When the hair growth is on the face, it further intensifies the issue as it affects your appearance negatively. Threading was first introduced in Turkey as a method to get rid of unwanted body hair. The practice soon gained popularity in other parts of the world including India. At present, threading is the widely followed method in India to remove unwanted eyebrow hair and to shape eyebrows. It is one of the common hair salon services which is sought by most women.

How is eyebrow threading done?
Eyebrow threading is a simple and quick procedure (only if done by trained professionals). In this method, the practitioner twists a cotton thread; its one end is clenched between teeth, and the other end is caught by left hand. The middle part is used a loop by the right hand to hook and pull out the unwanted hair. It can be used as desired to shape the eyebrows.

Now let us move on to the advantages of eyebrow threading!

Visit A Good Eyebrow Threading Salon And Enjoy The Following Benefits!

Your eyebrows play a great role in defining your overall appearance and hence keeping them beautifully is very important. If you never tried eyebrow threading before, then you will be tempted to try the same after reading these benefits!

    • Chemical free – Eyebrow threading does not involve the use of any chemicals on your skin. Chemicals used in waxing and other hair removal methods may not be safe for every skin, and it may bring about side effects such as wrinkles, loose skin, etc. in the course of time. Threading is different from all these methods; it does not trouble your skin at all. All it uses is a cotton thread, and hence you do not have to worry about skin irritation. This method is suitable for people with any skin type.
    • Quick – The whole process takes just ten to fifteen minutes if done by a pro. This makes it preferable compared to other hair removal methods where you have to spend hours. Threading specialists in the hair salons in Chennai usually take just ten minutes for threading both your eyebrows.
  • Long lasting – The result lasts for about four weeks. Threading pulls out hair from its follicle, hence when it is done regularly, hair follicles become weak in the course of time and the density of hair growth reduces. This would help you to further reduce the frequency of your eyebrow threading.
  • Comparatively painless – Threading mainly deals with your hair and barely with your skin. Hence it is less painful compared to waxing and tweezing which pull the top layer of your skin along with the hair. A real expert can do eyebrow threading without causing you any pain at all.
  • Harmless to skin – As threading does not involve any chemicals, it does not disturb your skin. Moreover, it acts upon just the hair and hence causes no side effects on your skin in the long run.
  • Precise results – You can obtain very accurate and precise results by threading. A pro can shape your eyebrows as you like. In methods like tweezing, you can target only one hair at a time and hence it makes shaping difficult and time-consuming. Whereas, in threading, a single hair or a line of hairs, anything can be targeted easily thereby making shaping very easy. Hence you can do whatever you need to make your eyebrows more defined and attractive.
  • Inexpensive – Eyebrow threading is very cheap compared to the other methods of hair removal such as waxing or laser hair removal. You can get eyebrow threading without pain with just a very small amount.

Eyebrow Threading Without Pain- You Have To Choose Specialists For This!

Eyebrow threading undoubtedly provides all the above advantages, but under one condition; the one who does threading should be well-trained and expert in the technique. Otherwise, the whole process may become messy and may cause you pain. Your eyebrows won’t get shaped right, and it may even cause bruises on your skin. So, you must get threading done by experts only!

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