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Deep Tissue Massage

Relax And Lose Yourself - Indulge In The Best Deep Tissue Massage In Chennai At River Day Spa

Deep tissue massage is an effective exhaustion reliever. In this massage technique, the therapist applies intense strokes and pressure on various trigger points on your body relaxing the deepest tensions buried deep inside your body. Flush out toxins from your body and free your mind and body from all exhaustions and worries.

Reach out to muscles that retain tension and pain in the back, shoulders, neck and legs with a penetrating deep tissue massage.

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Put an end to your painful migraines and headaches with our specially designed deep tissue massage that relaxes your frayed nerves and makes you feel peaceful and calm.

This treatment reaches out to muscles below the skin and helps to promote the flow of oxygen and nutrients freely throughout the body. Natural Pain Relieving herbs are applied in specially made compress packs on the sore regions of the body alleviating pain and aches.

Bid Adieu to Chronic Pains and Aches

Reap the Delightful Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Discuss your ailments with our skilled massage therapists in Chennai and personalise a customised treatment package that focuses on specific areas on our body that suffer from chronic pain.

Reduce and eliminate pain and aches from your body with subsequent sessions. It is highly recommended that you book for a session with the same therapist who knows your condition to effectively reduce your aches and ailments.

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