Remove Dead Cells & Purify Yourself

Detoxifying Massage

Eliminate Accumulated Toxins in your Body with a Gentle Detoxifying Massage at River Day Spa in Chennai

Our Expert masseurs in Chennai apply gently but firm pressure on your body activating the functioning of the lymphatic system. The massage techniques relieve congestion from the tissues and drains accumulated fluids and toxins in the lymphatic system. This stimulates the natural cleansing system of the body.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Full Body Detoxifying Massage at River Day Spa

Over the years our body begins to accumulate different toxins as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, improper food habits, lack of exercise and stress and tension. These toxins disturb the flow of the energy within the body and create an imbalance in our system. This leads to several lifestyle diseases such as obesity, insomnia, depression and lethargy.

Leave the Session Feeling Cleansed, Lighter and Refreshed

Full Body Detoxifying Massage to flush out the Toxins from our System

Combine regular full body detoxifying massage sessions to increase the rate of weight loss and achieve an overall slimming effect. It is recommended to undergo several frequent detoxifying massage sessions to shed weight easily.

Flush out the toxins accumulated in your system and feel refreshed and lighter with a full body detoxifying massage. Restore the feeling of clarity and balance to your mind. Purify your body by flushing out toxins. To remove dead cells and cellulite from your facial muscles choose a facial Detox massage.

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