Rigorous Sports Massage

Gain the Benefits of a Rigorous Sports Massage at the River day Spa in Chennai

More vigorous and intensive than our traditional massage techniques, sports massage helps you build muscle mass and gain flexibility by improving blood circulation to different parts of the body. Cure sports injuries with an orthopaedic massage at our day spa centre in Chennai. Our physiotherapists have detailed knowledge on the different techniques to be used for different sports injuries. Also marathon runners, casual joggers and running enthusiasts can relieve calf pain and other aches and ailments with specially customised sports massage therapies.

The Role of Sports Massage in Boosting Energy and Maximising the Efficiency of the Sports Person is Unmatched.

From the professional sportsperson to the casual jogger, everyone can improve flexibility and efficiency with a sports massage here at River Day Spa at the hands of experienced therapists who are highly trained to handle various types of requirements.

Personalised to Suit Your Requirements

Consult with Our Physiotherapist to Design a Sports Massage Specially

Several leading sports persons in different field vouch for the effectiveness of a rigorous sports massage. It is recommended that you take the sports massage before the sporting event to improve flexibility and efficiency. Also schedule another session after the sporting event to help you wind down and relieve aches and injuries. Subsequent sessions can be booked to completely eliminate pain and to feel relaxed so that you can continue to practise for the next event.

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