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Moroccan Bath - Relief your stress and provide refreshment and relaxation in River Salon and day Spa.

Have you ever known about the bath of Morocco? You will now get it on your doorstep to get a relaxing and complete refreshing experience in River Salon and Day Spa.

Introducing the most knowable bath in the period followed and associated by the Turkish and Roman cultures. It is a unique experience and knows the Traditional Moroccan Hammam bath. First, it has displayed way of "Bathhouse" by Roman Empire to build and establish public hygiene.

Later it emerged in different countries like North Africa and many foreign countries. Mainly it will display peculiarly in Islamic Moroccan Culture with some modifications and uniqueness in the way of an ancient bathhouse. Moroccans are stationed near Mosques because they cleanse their soul and body before praying.

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This bath treatment will provide stress relief, and you gain the benefits of deep cleaning and scrubbing your whole body with the Moroccan bath soap. It will nourish yourself and increase the toxic level, improve the skin glow and so on.

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Gain the Benefits of MoroccanHammams Bath - 
River Salon and Day Spa. 

Moroccan Hammams bath while getting after it provides the feel of a new person in and outside of yourself. The benefits of the Moroccan bath process will provide cleansing to your body and soul. The bathing process promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety and stress, improves skin glow and hygiene, and helps in deep sleep.

Moroccan Hammam bath thoroughly helps you feel a body relax and muscle pain relief like a deep massage. The therapeutic use of traditional Moroccan hammam soap and products nurtures your skin, improves its glow, and makes you feel refreshed. It keeps your skin young and deep glowing. Moroccan bath fights acne and dead skin. While taking a bath of Moroccan, it exfoliates and removes dead skin, helping to decrease the toxins from the skin, control skin oils, reduce acne and provide a hydrated skin glow.


Visit River Salon and Day Spa to get an experience of relaxation and refile through a Moroccan Hammam bath. However, you believe that by the end of the Moroccan bath, you will have gained health benefits and will be able to continue your visit to the Centres of Bangalore, Katpadi, Tirupur.

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