When should I do a reservation for spa services?

It is highly recommended to book in advance for the spa services. This helps you to experience all the spa therapy you require. Guests can also book an appointment to one month in advance of their timing. Some therapy would not be available daily. Call to the reservation agent or directly to the spa centre to book your appointment for health, fitness, and spa. Walk-ins are accommodated according to the therapist’s availability. Make sure to reserve your appointment in advance, to make the best for your relaxing time.

What should I tell my therapist?

At Riverday spa, all the guests can openly communicate with the therapist, hair stylist, aesthetician about the service during the treatment. Any personal preferences, special expectations about the treatment can be addressed directly to the therapist during the treatment sessions. You can request for the special treatment to make it more relaxing and enjoyable with soft music, dim lights, a lighter or heavier touch, extra blanket, etc. Do not hesitate to ask about your personal desires. You have the responsibility to let the therapist know about health-related conditions that cause you harm or discomfort during the treatment. This includes pregnancy, injuries, recent surgeries, heart conditions, high or low blood pressure, etc.

What clothing should be worn for the spa treatments?

The things that are provided at the spa for your convenience are a robe, locker, and slippers and you can wear the robe from your room. You need to shower before the treatment and you must disrobe for the spa services. After the treatment is complete, you can redress to the robe. The therapists are experienced in proper draping method for your comfort. You can also receive spa services in your bathing suit or undergarments. Before visiting the spa, please remove all the jewelry. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing for salon treatment or reflexology and Thai yoga massage.

What happens if you are late or unable to keep the appointment?

When the spa session is reserved for you, it is better to notify them if you need the time or date change of your appointment. Provide a 24-hour notice for the spa services to be canceled or changed. Arriving late can limit the time for the treatment. Thus making effectiveness and pleasure lessen. You are also charged full payment for the appointment. When you arrive late for the service then advance payment is needed and you are asked to reschedule for a later time or date.

Can we choose male or female therapists for the spa session?

Please inform the receptionist while at the time booking an appointment about your gender preferences. There are separate men’s and women’s locker rooms along with rejuvenating dry saunas and steam rooms. There is also a lounge area where you can relax freely. Basically, you need to feel comfortable and relaxed, which is the motive of attending the spa. So, make sure you choose the right therapist, be it male or female for the therapy to get the right experience you desire.

Can I visit the spa if I’m pregnant?

Your physician can better advise on what treatments are safe on you. It is suggested to avoid treatments with heat and deep pressure. Some of the massage types that are not recommended are the Himalayan Salt stone massage, Warm detox wrap, Soothing agave ritual, Bee perfect body wrap, Ultimate redefining wrap, Adobe lavender cocoon, Vibrational sound therapy or Brazilian blowout at any time in Pregnancy. Table Thai Yoga is not advised in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Are there some rules of etiquette in the spa?

Respect the surroundings with silence as it provides a lot of relaxation and peace of mind. Remember that your spa session will finish on time such that the next guest will not be delayed. Usage of mobiles, electronic devices and cameras are strictly prohibited in the spa. Arrive on time for the spa services and get enough of relaxation time. Also, you should not feel shy about the spa therapy as you will not be able to enjoy the experience and get the relaxation of the spa session as you expected if you do not know the etiquette to be followed at a spa.

Can we buy the products which are used in treatments?

If you are looking to buy the spa products, the spa centers will supply you as per your requirements. We can purchase a full array of spa products so that we can double the benefits at home. You can also ask for shipping the products directly to you after reordering from home. Many spa massage centres have experts who are experienced in designing and developing customized spa products. They customize the products under the private label.

Whom should we inform about special health issues?

Inform the spa receptionist at the time of appointment if you are presently on special medical consideration or under doctor’s care. Please notify the therapist about health issues prior to the treatment, so that they can inform you of the treatments which are not recommended. It is not limited but includes allergies, recent surgery, fungal infections, cold sores, pregnancy, and cancer. When you have a sudden cold, fever or illness before 24 hours of the booking date, please call before the appointment and stay back at home until you are well.

How to choose which facial suits for your skin?

The therapists at the Riverday spa are trained well to customize for facial treatment through skin analysis. This means that you may not receive the facial treatment which you are reserved but get the one which suits your skin type. Remember that if you choose the wrong type of facial, then you are sure to face some issues. For instance, if you have dry skin, then you should avoid choosing fruit facials as it will dry your skin further. Instead, you need to choose a type of facial that will supply your skin with ample nourishment to keep it supple.

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