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Will Sports Massage Help Dancing Professionals? Read This!

October 12, 2020

Will Sports Massage Help Dancing Professionals? Read This!

Sports massage for dance professionals? Are you rolling your eyes at this idea? You will change your opinion by the time you reach the end of this blog. Dancers are a group of people whose issues are often overlooked by rest of the population. It is a known fact that dancers face many physical issues, some of which seem similar to the ones faced by professional athletes. Immense hard work is there behind them remaining in shape. Injuries are very common and are a part of their job. Hence massage deals are important to dancers as much as they are to athletes.

If you are a dancer, you should never ignore caring for your body, especially if dancing is your only means of livelihood. Muscle strain due to long and continuous practise sessions is a common issue for dancers. An excellent massage therapy gives relief from muscle strain, helps in recovery from injuries and prevents degeneration of muscles. Let us go into the details.

njuries which are common in dancers

Just like athletics, dancing also involves running, jumping and other such high energy-consuming and muscle-straining activities. A few minutes of performance on stage requires intense practice for several weeks. Moreover, the costumes of the dancers may not be as comfortable as those of athletes. Clothes and accessories may be heavy depending upon the type of the performance, which could potentially increase the strain on their ligaments, muscles and joints. Arms, legs, neck and back are the most common areas of stress.

The area of injuries varies depending on the type of the dance form. For example, Latin dances such as Salsa and Rumba involves a lot of hip shakes, twists and turns of the upper body, lifts and jumps, etc. which put upper part of the body at risk. While in Jive, Quickstep, etc., legs and feet are the parts which are in constant motion and hence they are stressed the most.

Make use of the magical words- “Massage near me”!

Some dance companies have professional therapists to take care of their dancers. You can make use of them if your dance troupe offers such service. You need not worry even if you are not a member of any such prestigious troupes. Technology has advanced, and you can get any help with just a few clicks. Do an online search for excellent massage centres in chennai and make use of their services.

Massage techniques for dancers

Sports massages are common and will be provided by most of the centres. They are deep tissue massages focussed on the problem areas of your body. They are the best ones to deal with strain and injury in particular area. Sports massage techniques keep your muscles toned and speed up the healing process in case of injuries. Simple and short-duration massages, such as a calf massage can be used as a warm up before performances and to detoxify and relax after the program. This will keep you to remain flexible and fit, consequently improving your performances.

In addition to sports massage, Pilates and Yoga are also excellent techniques which can help in improving flexibility and coordination. Pilates involve specific exercises and stretches which can strengthen your core muscles. Yoga helps in improving your focus and concentration. An excellent overall massage such as a Swedish massage can also help you relax and feel good. But care should be taken that a relaxing massage should not be taken on the days of your performance as it may negatively affect your coordination and balance. Go for relaxation massages only when you take a long break between performances.

There are many excellent spas where you can get all these services along with an impressive ambience. Check for ‘massage spas near me’ using google search and find out the best ones near you so that you can visit them frequently as and when required.

A precaution!

Certain conditions such as hairline fractures, broken ribs, severe muscle tear, etc. should be ruled out before undergoing massage therapy. As these are common issues for dancers, they should be routinely examined for such hidden injuries. If you doubt any of these injuries, get it cleared by a doctor.

Concluding note

Dancing requires constant practice. Even a small break in the career will lead to loss of stamina and flexibility, as well as self-confidence. Massage therapy helps in overcoming all this. So, make use of the available services, take care of your body and be at your best always!

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