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Why Take Body Mask Treatment?

November 23, 2020

A body mask is about applying the creamy ingredient all over your body for enjoying a therapeutic effect like hydration, demineralizing or detoxification. The main focus is that just as your facial skin gets benefited from facial mask done at the best spa in Chennai, your body skin also gets benefited from body mask.

What is a Body mask treatment at the spa?

A spa, a body mask is done by beginning with some type of exfoliation, actually, a body scrub is a perfect way to get away the flaky dead cells from your skin. At times spa will alternate a dry body brushing which although feels great, isn’t a great choice. A body scrub is a premium as it is a therapeutic mask which penetrates into your skin deeply.

Next to exfoliation, the mask is covered on either side of the body. At the spa, you are generally wrapped using a plastic sheet or a blanket along with body wrap. The products penetrate and continue to act your skin. At times, few best international spas or best spas in Dubai, best spas in Chennai have an infrared lamp for giving you warmth feel but is occasional and rare.

One signal of the best facial is when the therapist gives you company at the room while covering you with body mask or body wrap. The therapist generally gives you a scalp massage or foot massage which gives you a more heavenly experience. Facial masks are tailor-made at few best spas in Tamil Nadu to suit your skin type and skin condition. In case your skin red or inflamed, the body mask at the spa must be calm and soothe. In case you have oily or congested skin the facial mask helps you in extracting the impurities accumulated in your skin.

Body Mask Ingredients

The body usually come with few active ingredients as follows:

• Clay or mud which is great detoxifiers. They aid in extracting the oil and impurity accumulated on the surface of the skin. Clay, Kaolin or bentonite are few best ingredients for body mask that helps in tightening of the skin.
• Seaweed or algae are the best ingredients for body wraps as they help in remineralizing.
• Aloe vera helps in soothing particularly sunburned skin.
• Shea butter or body creams are rich body wrap ingredients and helps in moisturizing.

There is usually a mix of components like French green clay and algae blended with water, body oils and essential oils. Usually, spas manufactured these body masks on a commercial basis. So there are chances of including synthetic elements which you may not appreciate. Glyceryl stearate and PEG 100 stearate holds water and oil as a bond which is also known to be an emulsifier. Dimethicone a polymer from silicone. Spas offer ayurvedic body mask as well so you may choose the best ayurvedic spa for such treatments.

DIY Body Masks

You can make your preferred body mask but it isn’t easy to get a body mask done all by yourself just as other home spa treatments such as body scrub or face masks. The key components for body masks such as bentonite clay and algae are a few rare ingredients and difficult to find. They are also quite expensive and messy to make a blend.

At best spas in Chennai, you get this treatment done in a wet room which has showers, tiled flooring and drains so that all the used ingredients flow down and the space is clean for next use. They unroll plastic on the massage table and give warm ambience for you’re to relax and wrap you completely. Also, your therapist will run through their fingers on your scalp and massage you thoroughly and this gives a quick run for time. As you relax on the table, your body’s circulation is enhanced and detoxification is triggered. Both go hand in hand giving you a relaxed and refreshed feel.

Enjoy a Therapeutic Bath

A simple option to get the benefits of body mask at home is to get a complete body scrub and get a warm shower using bets products used in the International spa. A therapeutic bath helps in enhancing slimming and detoxification. It nourishes your skin with necessary minerals and other vital elements.

Few best ingredients to use for the therapeutic bath are slimming lotion, sea salt, seaweed, lemongrass, algae, essential oils and coconut butter. These are easily available ingredients which aren’t too pricey too massage in Chennai

Seaweed has the best detoxification agents and remineralising attributes. Get a body scrub after a body wrap and take a warm shower using the essential oil and complete the therapy using coconut oil with lemongrass which is the best combination of organic hydrator.

Relax get wrapped and unwrap the refreshed You!!!

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